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The Best Turtleneck For Women

Last updated on February 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Turtlenecks For Women

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Amazon Essentials Lightweight Long Sleeve Turtleneck For Women

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Amazon Essentials

Lightweight Long Sleeve Turtleneck For Women

Available in a range of colors, including neutrals and vivid pastels, this turtleneck is the perfect addition to any cool-weather wardrobe. It’s available in sizes from X-Small to 6X, and the material is a lightweight but durable cotton-modal-polyester blend.

Overall Take

Wardrobe StapleThis lightweight turtleneck is perfect for either layering or wearing alone when it's cold outside.

 Runner Up

VOBCTY Slim Fit Long Sleeve Turtleneck For Women


Slim Fit Long Sleeve Turtleneck For Women

Made from rayon with spandex built in, this turtleneck has a lightweight, stretchy fabric that will help keep you comfortable and warm. The neck can be scrunched, folded or tucked inside for the fit you prefer. It’s available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Overall Take

Dressy but ComfortableThe design of this soft, non-bulky turtleneck makes it suitable for either casual or dressy wear.

 We Also Like

LIYOHON Fitted Short Sleeve Turtleneck For Women


Fitted Short Sleeve Turtleneck For Women

Lightweight fabric and 3/4-length sleeves make this mock turtleneck T-shirt great for wearing on warmer days. The material is a combination of polyester and cotton for softness and breathability. Choose from multiple colors and sizes up to 3X-Large.

Overall Take

Keep-Cool OptionIf you want the coverage of a turtleneck with T-shirt style, check out this 3/4-sleeved mock turtleneck.

 Strong Contender

FASHIONOLIC 200 GSM Rayon Spandex Turtleneck For Women


200 GSM Rayon Spandex Turtleneck For Women

Silky 200 GSM-weight rayon gives this turtleneck a luxurious feel while spandex adds stretch for extra comfort. It's thin, breathable and lightweight, so it works well for layering. You’ll need to hand-wash the sweater in cold water for best results.

Overall Take

Trendy and FashionableFun colors and a form-fitting design make this turtleneck a versatile addition to your winter wardrobe.

Buying Guide

When you dress for chilly weather, you want to make sure every part of you is warm. You can pull on a coat, hat, gloves, well-insulated shoes and even your warmest outfit, but any part of your skin that remains uncovered can let the cold in. A scarf can help, but is of limited use—particularly if you’re playing in the snow.

A turtleneck is a classic winter staple. It can help keep you even warmer by covering your neck without leaving skin exposed between your neckline and your scarf. But that isn’t the only benefit of a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are pretty much made for layering, and layering has been shown to create an insulating effect.

With a turtleneck, the type of material makes a difference. You’ll find turtlenecks in varying material types and thicknesses for versatile uses. For chillier environments, you might want something thicker, with a sweater-like material. Lighter-weight fabrics work for warmer climates or year-round use. Also consider how the material changes up the style. A more casual turtleneck is great for layering, for example. If you plan to wear it outdoors or in active situations, look for something that wicks moisture from the body to help keep you dry while you’re wearing it.

Even indoors, though, you can enjoy benefits from that extra coverage. You might simply want to keep your neck covered for personal reasons, for instance. If you’ve had surgery or suffered an injury that’s still healing, a turtleneck can conceal that area until you’re ready to show it again.

And for many people, a turtleneck simply makes a great fashion statement. You can wear it alone or cover it with just the right jacket, vest, or sweater to create a stylish look. You can also add the perfect piece of statement jewelry.

One of the biggest downsides of turtlenecks (also called polo necks) is that a snug collar can sometimes feel a little stifling when folded over, especially if it has a longer length. The good news is, there are options that provide the look without covering your entire neck. Some turtlenecks slouch or droop low, while others just have a shorter profile. Then there is the mock turtleneck, which simply brings the neckline up a little in a great imitation of real turtlenecks. It isn’t designed to fold over and is generally a bit looser.

You can track down turtlenecks in a variety of colors and prints to find the look that matches your style. Make sure to take note of your torso length and look for petite or plus sizes if those will fit you better.

What to Look For

  • When choosing a turtleneck, it’s important to pay close attention to the potential transparency of the fabric. A see-through shirt might not be as useful.
  • Most turtlenecks are long-sleeved, but you can find sleeveless and short-sleeved options in a variety of fabric types and thicknesses. These are great for warmer weather, but you might also prefer them for layering.
  • If you choose the type of turtleneck that folds over at the neck, you’ll want to make sure you create an even fold all the way around to avoid looking sloppy. The top of the collar should not extend above the top of the neck, keeping your jawline free.
  • Some turtlenecks scrunch rather than folding over. This type generally has a more casual appearance, although you can find some dressy turtleneck sweaters featuring the scrunched neck design.
  • With some turtlenecks, the manufacturer recommends hand washing on cold and line drying or laying flat to dry. If you prefer machine-washable garments, pay attention to the care instructions while you’re shopping.
  • For a little extra stretch, you’ll want to look for a turtleneck with spandex built in. This can also help ensure the turtleneck retains its shape over many uses.

More to Explore

Turtlenecks may make a fashion statement today, but at one time, they served an important function. In medieval Europe, knights wore them underneath their armor to protect skin from abrasians. This same protection was applied to factory workers and athletes when they wore turtlenecks under their uniforms throughout the 1800s. In other words, it remained a strictly utilitarian garment for centuries.

Women didn’t adopt the style — considered a masculine stalwart for its air of self-sufficiency and toughness — until the late 1800s. A photo of the Wellesley College women’s rowing team in the 1890s features the rowers wearing turtleneck sweaters with their skirts. As the 1900s kicked off, women began borrowing their brothers’ turtlenecks.

The style became popular for its look rather than its functionality by the mid-1920s. Men donned it for its air of intelligent rakishness and virility, as illustrated by early adopter Noel Coward, the playwright, and by Clark Gable in the 1930s. The look took off for women in the 1950s, with Marilyn Monroe famously wearing a black turtleneck on the cover of Life magazine.

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