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The Best Satin Skirt

Last updated on October 19, 2022

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LYANER High Waist Mini Satin Skirt

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High Waist Mini Satin Skirt

With a length of 15.75 to 17.25 inches, depending on the size you choose, this miniskirt is designed to fall at the upper thigh. It’s made from 80 percent polyester mixed with 15 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex for extra comfort. The invisible zipper and high waist make it great for day or night wear.

Overall Take

Trendy and FashionableShow off your style with this miniskirt, which pairs well with a wide range of tops and sweaters.

 Runner Up

Soowalaoo Elasticized Waistband Midi Satin Skirt


Elasticized Waistband Midi Satin Skirt

Machine washable with an elasticized waist, this midi skirt is both comfortable and easy to maintain. The material is a polyester-satin blend and the leopard print makes it versatile enough to wear with a variety of tops. The elastic waistband is designed to hold up over many washes without losing its integrity.

Overall Take

Dressy but ComfortableFalling at mid-calf, this midi skirt features soft material, giving you a dressy look while still keeping you comfortable.

 We Also Like

Keasmto High Waist Midi Satin Skirt


High Waist Midi Satin Skirt

If you’re looking for a skirt you can dress up with a blouse or dress down with a T-shirt, this skirt is a great choice. It’s designed to fall just below the knee with the high waist that’s all the rage today. You can choose between a floral or leopard print design, and the material is silky smooth to keep you comfortable.

Overall Take

Whimsical PatternsChoose from a flowers or leopard print with this midi skirt.

 Also Great

Arjungo Zipper Back A-Line Mini Satin Skirt


Zipper Back A-Line Mini Satin Skirt

A polyester-rayon blend gives this miniskirt silky softness with a little spandex thrown in for stretch. Sizes are available from XS to XL and you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. The zipper is in the back and located high on the waist to keep you comfortable.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionChoose from a variety of patterns, colors, and even styles to find exactly the look you want.

Buying Guide

Skirts have been top fashion choices throughout history, but styles and cuts have varied. One of the biggest shifts has been hemlines. Over the decades, skirt lengths have gone from the upper thigh to the knee to the calf to the ankle and back up again. Designers even have terms for the lengths: mini when it comes to the thigh, midi for mid-calf and maxi for skirts that go all the way to the ankle.

The waistline also varies by the decade. Waist-height hemlines are often popular, as are waistlines that fall all the way to the hip. Of course, waistlines have fallen everywhere in between those two extremes. Fashion aside, you may also choose a skirt that’s compatible with the majority of tops in your closet.

Once you’ve determined the cut you prefer, pay close attention to fabric. While cotton and denim have come and gone in popularity over the years, satin skirts have become a timeless classic. Often overlooked, satin is a lightweight, breathable fabric that feels good against the skin. Today’s satin skirts are often made from a polyester blend that reduces wrinkling and even, in some cases, is machine washable.

Satin isn’t a type of fabric. The word refers to the weave of the material, not the fabric itself. A satin weave features four or more threads going over one thread, made on a loom. The result is material that is soft and shiny on one side while being duller on the other. Satin weaves are used to make everything from bedsheets to scarves to clothing due to its comfortable feel and attractive appearance.

Because of its texture, though, satin can be more sensitive to laundering. You might find your satin skirt is marked “hand wash only” or you have to drag it to the dry cleaner every time you wear it. If you prefer a no-fuss wardrobe, keep that in mind while you’re looking around for a satin skirt.

What to Look For

  • The length of a skirt can change with size. For best results, measure the length of a similar skirt in your closet that fits you well and compare that to the length of the skirt you’re considering.
  • Most skirts close with a zipper. Check to ensure your zipper won’t show while you’re wearing it and will be comfortable. Your smooth, shiny satin skirt won’t become your favorite clothing item if the zipper is pinching or scratching your skin when you wear it.
  • Most satin skirts are made with a polyester blend. You may find a small amount of cotton or rayon mixed in, as well as a little spandex to give you that stretch you want.
  • If your chosen satin skirt comes with an elastic waistband, make sure it will hold up over many weeks and months of wear. If you plan to toss your skirt into the washer, be aware that this can affect the elastic in the waistband. You might want to hand wash it to lengthen the skirt’s lifespan.
  • You don’t have to stick with solid neutral colors. Spice up your wardrobe with a pattern that you pair with a solid top or look for a solid-colored skirt in bold, bright colors.
  • Most satin skirts feature X-Small to X-Large sizing, so you won’t be able to get as specific as you can with bottoms that have numbered sizes. The material does have a little flexibility, particularly if you buy one with an elastic waistband or spandex built into the fabric.
  • Consider the time of year you’ll be wearing your skirt. If you need something to pair with boots and sweaters in the wintertime, you may want to look for a thicker fabric. For summertime wear, lightweight fabric with breathability is a great idea.

More to Explore

The desire for a silky-smooth fabric is nothing new. In fact, satin has been traced back 2,000 years to the Middle Ages in China. That’s no surprise, considering Chinese textile artists have long used the fabric to make beautiful robes. The name came from the port town where it was first discovered, Zaitun.

It didn’t take long for satin to make its way across the world. It became one of the top exports during the Middle Ages, with China trading it with the Arab World and Western Europe. It didn’t appear in Italy until the 12th century, but by the 1300s, satin began its crawl across the rest of Europe. It was so expensive, though, it was a while before fabrics made with the satin weave were seen anywhere but on royalty and those of great means.

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