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The Best Oversized Sunglasses

Last updated on August 22, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Oversized Sunglasses

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GRFISIA UV400 Rated Square Oversized Sunglasses

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UV400 Rated Square Oversized Sunglasses

These oversized plastic sunglasses have an angular look with a sleek flat-top design. The lenses are non-polarized with a 400 UV protective coating that provides 100% protection. This pair comes with a storage bag and cleaning cloth.

Overall Take

Angular StyleThese oversized sunglasses have a stylish flat top design.

 Runner Up

LVIOE Polarized Lens Cat Eye Oversized Sunglasses


Polarized Lens Cat Eye Oversized Sunglasses

These oversized sunglasses with a cat-eye shape have a high-quality frame that is sturdy and lightweight. The lenses are partially mirrored and scratch-proof. They're also polarized and protect against 100% of harmful UV rays.

Overall Take

High-Quality FrameThese oversized sunglasses are sturdy, light and comfortable.

 We Also Like

SOJOS Anti-Glare Lens Round Oversized Sunglasses


Anti-Glare Lens Round Oversized Sunglasses

These anti-glare oversized sunglasses filter out sunlight with UV 400 protection. They are made from high-quality materials and have reinforced hinges. The sunglasses come with a pouch and cleaning cloth; get them in several colors.

Overall Take

Anti-GlareTry vintage-style shades that filter out sunlight with UV 400 protection.

 Strong Contender

Dollger UV400 Polycarbonate Lens Square Oversized Sunglasses


UV400 Polycarbonate Lens Square Oversized Sunglasses

You can wear these versatile oversized sunglasses for many activities because they're scratch-proof and non-polarized. They block 100% of harmful UV rays. The sunglasses are made of environmentally-friendly, skin-friendly materials.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceSquare sunglasses with UV 400 protection are ideal for all activities.

Buying Guide

Having the right pair of shades can completely elevate your style. Whether you’re driving around town, hanging at the beach or going for a hike, wearing high-quality sunglasses is a must. They not only work with your outfit, but they can also provide health benefits. Sunglasses that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays can keep your cornea and lens from getting damaged, which can lead to serious conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and more.

Oversized sunglasses have been trendy for decades because they look chic and elegant. Not only that, they give the wearer a sense of mystery about them. But their size is also an advantage: oversized sunglasses means big lenses, which do a more thorough job or protecting your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

When you’re choosing which oversized sunglasses to get, opt for ones which offer the best protection from the sun. Ideally, they should provide 99-100% broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Keep in mind that just because a pair of sunglasses has dark lenses doesn’t mean they will be effective at blocking the sun’s harmful rays. Similarly, price, color and polarization options don’t make a difference in how much your sunglasses block UV rays. It’s important to look for a 400 UV label, which indicates that the sunglasses block wavelengths to the top of the UV spectrum at 400 nanometers.

If you do a lot of driving or activities on the water, you will notice how reflective surfaces can affect the look of lights. To avoid glare from roads and water, opt for oversized sunglasses which have polarized lenses. These lenses do a good job of improving your visual acuity in conditions where there is a lot of reflective light.

Sunglasses lenses can come in different colors other than black or amber, including blue and pink. This look is achieved with a thin metallic coating on the lens. These colors may assist your visual acuity in various situations and can be good for various sports (yellow works well to make tennis balls stand out, for example, while amber reduces glare and red filters out blue light). However, some eye doctors say choosing a color is all about personal preference.

What to Look For

  • Sunglasses with UV protection work well in daily life, but will not protect you properly under certain circumstances. For example, do not use them in a tanning bed (use the provided goggles) or to view a full solar eclipse. In these types of situations, your eyes can be permanently damaged if exposed to harmful UV rays and you can actually lose your central vision. This is why it’s always important to practice sun safety at all times.
  • If the light conditions around you vary constantly, you may want to look into oversized sunglasses with photochromic lenses. These special lenses automatically adjust based on the brightness outside to protect your eyes. On a very bright day they will be darker in order to block more light, and on a cloudy day they will be lighter to block less light. Keep in mind that photochromic lenses aren’t an effective solution for drivers as they don’t work when you’re inside a car. You have be directly outdoors for the lenses to take effect.
  • For those who do a lot of driving, you may want to research oversized sunglasses with gradient lenses. These lenses start off darker at the top and then get progressively lighter at the bottom. This way, they can protect your eyes from the sun while also making it easy for you to see the dashboard display area.
  • Double gradient sunglasses are best for those who do a lot of water sports. They are darker at the top and bottom and lighter in the middle. This enables them to protect your eyes from the sun as well as the reflection off the water, but make it easy for you to have visual acuity while participating in sports.
  • Keep your sunglasses in a pouch or case away from sunlight when you’re not using them. Make sure to clean the lens regularly with a lens-friendly cloth to prevent scratches; many sunglasses come with these items when you purchase them.

More to Explore

Did you know that many of your favorite glasses (and sunglasses) brands are from the same company? Luxottica, an Italian eyewear company, owns a number of popular brands and has licensing deals with different high-end fashion houses. So if you buy sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Ralph Lauren, Georgio Armani, Miu Miu, Michael Kors, Valentino, Versace and a number of other names you know, they’re probably from Luxottica.

Luxottica also runs Lenscrafters, EyeMed, Pearle Vision, Target Optical and Sunglass Hut, so if you care for your eyes properly your money is probably going to this company in one way or another!

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