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The Best Men’s Flannels

Last updated on December 18, 2022

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Legendary Whitetails Men’s 100% Cotton Buck Camp Flannels

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Legendary Whitetails

Men's 100% Cotton Buck Camp Flannels

This shirt feels great on its own or layered in colder weather. The cotton material is thick and comforting, and a corduroy lining helps protect the cuffs and collar. The style is perfect for casual outdoor days.

Overall Take

Thick, Rustic MaterialKeep warm and look cool with this thick flannel overshirt.

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Alimens & Gentle Men’s Button Down Plaid Flannels

Alimens & Gentle

Men's Button Down Plaid Flannels

The time-honored patterns on this shirt are the perfect complement to blue jeans and outdoor grilling. The fabric is soft yet somewhat stretchy and the cuffs have buttons if you need extra warmth. The thick material holds up well wash after wash.

Overall Take

Classic Plaid StylePlay it casual with this thick, smooth shirt in a variety of colors.

 Strong Contender

Dubinik Men’s Pearl Snap Western Flannels


Men's Pearl Snap Western Flannels

There's a subtle western look to this flannel shirt, and the material does not disappoint. It's light but still warm on cooler nights and will keep its color in the wash. The snap buttons make it easy to throw on in a flash.

Overall Take

Soft, Lightweight FlannelThis lighter shirt has a cowboy flair.

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CQR Men’s 100% Brushed Cotton Flannels


Men's 100% Brushed Cotton Flannels

This shirt is great for a bit of extra coverage at home or on casual outings. The fabric isn't especially thick but still provides plenty of warmth thanks to the soft cotton. The straight, loose fit works with a variety of body types.

Overall Take

Warm and SlimmingWear this versatile flannel shirt almost anywhere.

Buying Guide

It’s probably fair to say that women plan their outfits more than men do, and generally care more about clothes. But even the least fashion conscious guy has probably got at least one favorite flannel shirt.

And why not? There’s a lot to like about well-made flannel. Thicker shirts of this type can keep you cozy in wind or cold weather, and they’re relatively easy to wash. Thin flannel shirts can be worn open over a favorite t-shirt, and the combo has a casual vibe that can’t be beat.

It’s important to note that flannel is not a material in and of itself. It’s a fabric that can be woven out of many different textiles, though cotton and wool are the most common. The fibers are typically napped, or slightly raised on one side to create a soft and fuzzy feel. And while many flannel shirts seem to come in plaid patterns, that’s more of a tradition than a requirement.

When it comes to what kind of material you want, think about where you’re going to be wearing it. Flannel shirts worn unbuttoned can be perfectly comfortable in the summer months, even in the south, but you’d better be wearing the cotton or polyester variety. Flannel shirts made out of cotton can be thick or thin, and either way they’re usually easier to care for.

If you’re going for wool, keep in mind that it’s going to trap your body heat much more effectively — especially when it’s buttoned up. That can be ideal for Canadian winters, but not so great for hiking in Florida. Wool is also very durable, but will require a little more care when laundering. Try not to wear it for extended period out in the rain, since all that water will soak in.

Next, consider your personal style. Since flannel shirts are often worn untucked and unbuttoned, too many guys don’t give much thought to the fit. Don’t make that mistake, especially if you’re shelling out extra for flannel that will last. If you want that shirt to be versatile, make sure that it can be worn buttoned up without being too tight. When you’re wearing it over a tee, the bottom of the shirt shouldn’t hang past your crotch.

Now, about those fasteners. Even if you don’t use them, buttons or snaps can be a really good indicator of quality. Buttons should be evenly spaced, and you should look for a couple of extra buttons sewn on near the bottom in case you need a spare. Snap fasteners are much easier to deal with, but lower quality ones can rust after too many runs through the laundry.

What to Look For

One of the great things about most flannel shirts is that they’re easy to care for. In fact, you might be able to get away with wearing them as an overshirt for days without having to worry about the laundry.

When laundry day does come, however, do yourself a favor and read the tag. Cotton or polyester blends don’t usually require a lot of extra TLC. To retain the color, you may want to wash them in cold water, especially the first few times. Flannel made from wool is another story. For 100% wool, you may want to wash the shirt by hand to preserve it’s cozy feel. For the most part, though, you can run it through the wash on a gentle, lukewarm cycle with a mild detergent.

More to Explore

Thanks to 1990’s bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, many people still associate flannel shirts with a laid-back, grunge aesthetic. To a certain degree, flannel still has that edge with younger wearers. But that wasn’t always the case: From the late 1800’s to the 1940’s, flannel was a decidedly blue-collar fabric, the durable choice for railroad workers and miners alike. And for a brief time in the 1950’s, grey flannel suits were a mark of professionalism among the business class.

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