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The Best Outdoor Recliners

Last updated on April 18, 2022

We looked at the top 3 Outdoor Recliners and dug through the reviews from 15 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Outdoor Recliners.

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Our Picks For The Top Outdoor Recliners

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Lafuma Futura Air Padded & Breathable Fabric Outdoor Recliner

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Futura Air Padded & Breathable Fabric Outdoor Recliner

You’ll get extra padding with this zero-gravity chair, which has an ergonomic design to help relieve stress on your joints. The foldable design makes it easy to take along with you, and the AirComfort seat pad helps keep you cool. It has an HLE steel frame to offer extra support and durability.

Overall Take

Cooling FabricThe seat pad of this zero-gravity chair features breathable, padded fabric that helps keep you cool on hot days.

" Comfortable, ergonomic design that features more padding than most zero-gravity chairs. Sturdy, weather-resistant steel frame holds us well to wear and tear. Easy to wash and spot clean. Weight limit of 310 pounds."
"This chair weighs over twenty pounds, so you might need some help when receiving the package or if you plan to bring it somewhere. Also, the cushion isn’t replaceable, so if some damage happens to it, you might need to..."

EVER ADVANCED Extra-Large High-Weight Capacity Outdoor Recliner


Extra-Large High-Weight Capacity Outdoor Recliner

Overall Take

" It comes with a durable steel frame that is easy to fold up so you can transport it wherever you need to take it. Moreover, it has a side table with a cup holder for your convenience. This chair's best..."
"The warranty isn’t specified. Not very sturdy when it comes to wind."

Coastrail Anti-Rust & Folding Side Table Outdoor Recliner


Anti-Rust & Folding Side Table Outdoor Recliner

Overall Take

" Made as an extra extra large chair, measuring 33 ½ inches wide, and boasting a holding capacity of 400 pounds. With an adjustable lombar support, fully-padded seating, bungee-chord support, and a capacity for either upright or fully-reclined seating, this chair..."
"Limited weather resistance. Expensive. Oversize construction may limit storage capability."

Buying Guide

For many, the living room recliner is where they get their rest and relaxation. But after a long day, a little time on your back deck or patio is a better option. The problem is, finding comfortable outdoor seating can be challenging.

Recliners aren’t just limited to indoors, though. You can find loungers that recline and even help you find the perfect position. Some even come with cupholders or attached trays for storing your favorite drink, your phone or any other items you need to keep nearby.

One of the most popular types of outdoor recliners is the zero-gravity chair. This type of chair moves horizontally to help you choose your angle. Some use these chairs for inversion therapy, which has been shown to help those who have back pain. Most importantly, though, this type of chair can help use gravity to take weight off your joints, giving you some relief, especially if you’re seated at a desk or standing on your feet all day.

When you’re looking for an outdoor recliner, though, it’s important to consider exposure to the elements. Many will fold up to store away, but you might not want to leave your chair out full-time. Even if you want to store it, though, it will be exposed to sunlight and humidity when you do use it. Look for a recliner with a frame that resists rust and corrosion to provide the same support year after year.

The material of your recliner also comes into play. While a soft, cushy seating experience may be ideal, that cushioning can complicate things. You’ll need to make sure both the material and the fill can hold up under exposure to rain, snow and direct exposure to sun, day after day. You’ll also have to consider how you’ll clean it. If you can remove the covering and toss it in the washer, that’s ideal when you’re dealing with cloth recliners.

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Our experts reviewed the top 3 Outdoor Recliners and also dug through the reviews from 15 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Outdoor Recliners.

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What to Look For

  • Portability is worth considering if you think you might want to take your chair on the go sometimes. You’ll want a chair that’s lightweight so that you can easily move it. Some more durable chairs have a heavier frame that complicates making those moves.
  • If you plan to sit outside with your partner or an occasional visitor, look into buying more than one recliner. Two matching recliners will take up more room, though, so consider whether you’ll use both before buying them.
  • Some recliners come with a pillow that can serve as a headrest. If you think you might not always want this feature, make sure the pillow is removable. This can come in handy even if you plan to never remove it since a guest might prefer not to use it.
  • Cupholders can come in handy with a reclining lounger. With other types of patio chairs, a side table can serve the same purpose, but in a reclined position, it’s tricky to place an end table where you can reach your items, especially if you don’t always move your recliner to the same level of incline.
  • Many outdoor seating options come in neutral colors, but you can find them in bright, vivid colors, as well. This could liven up your outdoor space or match an existing color scheme.
  • Breathable fabric is important in an outdoor chair. You’ll likely be enjoying it during the warmest days of the year, so ventilation or stay-cool fabrics and fillings can make a big difference.
  • Consider whether you have a shaded area where you can set up your recliner. If not, it might be worth considering a sunshade or umbrella.
  • Zero-gravity chairs support you by evenly distributing your weight across the length of the chair. Make sure the chair is built specifically for this purpose if you’re looking for relief from joint or back pain.

More to Explore

If zero-gravity chairs seem like something from outer space, there’s a reason. The technology was actually initially developed by NASA after observing astronauts on the space station. Images from Skylab, the first space station, showed astronauts relaxing and enjoying the microgravity conditions.

From these observations, NASA identified neutral body position, which is the position a body naturally assumed when gravity is removed from the equation. Since removing gravity is impossible on Earth, NASA set out to find a way to create that position naturally. A zero-gravity chair serves that purpose. It elevates the legs and reduces pressure on the spine, helping alleviate pain while also boosting blood circulation.

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