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The Best Cashews

Last updated on March 27, 2023

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Karma Assorted Flavors Gluten Free Cashews, 6-Packs

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Assorted Flavors Gluten Free Cashews, 6-Packs

Find out which cashew flavors you enjoy eating the most with these delicious single-serving packages. Try healthy nuts in flavors like cinnamon, peri peri chili, sea salt and lime twist.

Overall Take

Healthful and Delicious Keep yourself healthy with these delicious packages of cashews that come in various flavors.

 Runner Up

Fisher Oven Roasted No Preservatives Cashews


Oven Roasted No Preservatives Cashews

Enjoy this container of cashews. It contains more than enough nuts to feed the entire family. Their wholesome and appetizing taste is derived from sea salt and a never-fried promise. They are also preservative-free.

Overall Take

Naturally Flavored TastinessFeel better with these good-for-you nuts that boast no preservatives and delicious sea salt.

 We Also Like

Nut Harvest Whole Lightly Salted Cashews

Nut Harvest

Whole Lightly Salted Cashews

Seasoned only with a light amount of sea salt, this container of natural, whole cashews may be beneficial for your body. These cashews have only a few simple added ingredients and can be used in your favorite recipe or eaten as a protein-packed snack.

Overall Take

Container of Natural SnacksDo something that benefits your body when you add this container of lightly salted nuts to your snack lineup.

 Strong Contender

Jiva Organics Unsalted Raw Organic Cashews

Jiva Organics

Unsalted Raw Organic Cashews

You can feel good physically and have peace of mind with this bag of organic and raw cashews. Perfect for eating plain, cooking or baking, these nuts are packed with protein and are heart healthy.

Overall Take

Feel-Good Food ChoiceThese raw, organic cashews have no additives, preservatives or oil, and they taste delicious to boot.

Buying Guide

If you’re shopping for cashews, you probably already know if you like the way they taste. However, manufacturers add many different flavors to the nuts. You can easily find plain nuts or packages with many flavors.

Whether you buy a sampler pack with several flavors, decide on just one flavor profile or go for plain cashews, consider the size of the package and who else in your home might help you eat a flavor you find you don’t prefer. Smaller packages may be less cost-effective, but they may be a better way to try new flavors, just in case you find you don’t like one.

Speaking of wasting food, buying the correct quantity of cashews is important. That way, you won’t run out, but you won’t have to throw any of them away. Nuts do go bad eventually.

Pay attention to the size of the container you purchase. Sometimes, images online can be deceptive, making it appear you’re buying more or less than you think.

How will you use your cashews? If you’re going to eat them as a snack, then you can buy any type or flavor you prefer. But if you’re going to put them in a trail mix or cook with them, you’ll most likely want them to be plain. If you plan to use them in baking, ensure they’re unsalted, too.

Cashews have a variety of vitamins and minerals that have many health benefits. They’re a terrific source of plant protein and heart-healthy fats. They contain copper, fiber, magnesium, and manganate. These essential elements aid in proper digestion and help your brain function properly.

While cashews can be part of a healthy diet, they’re not for everyone. They are high in fat and, if salted, may be high in sodium.

Always consult a medical professional before making any dietary changes. Be careful giving high-allergen foods like nuts to children for the first time, and be sure to break whole or half cashews into smaller pieces for young children.

What to Look For

  • Start small: buy a little package of cashews to gauge how much your family will consume.
  • Branch out: cashews come in all kinds of flavors and with a variety of seasonings. Be adventurous and try something new.
  • You can buy cashews in bulk and portion them into reusable baggies or small to-go containers. That way, you can reduce food and plastic waste.
  • However you store them, make sure it’s in airtight containers to prevent the cashews from getting stale.
  • If you have cashews nearing expiration, look up recipes that call for them. Many Asian dishes require nuts like cashews. You can also try making homemade cashew milk.

More to Explore

Believe it or not, cashews have a long and interesting history. Native to Brazil, Europeans brought them back to India and other parts of the world in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Today, Africa, and in particular, Nigeria, produces the most cashews. The United States consumes almost 90% of the world’s supply.

Cashews are popular in the US for their scrumptious flavor and because American companies have begun using them to make non-dairy cheese, milk and other food items.

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