This website will send you tons of freebies—but is it worth it?

If you love getting freebies, or even just getting fun little samples of products in the mail, you’re going to want to check out the site

It works a little bit differently than other deal sites, in that it shows you the available freebies right on their site. If you’re interested, you can click on the offer and it will take you to the website of the company that’s offering the deal.

For example, I saw an offer for a free sample of skin cream.

So when I clicked on the “Get this freebie” button, I was directed to the website for the skin cream, where I was able to fill out a form and request my sample.


There are eight different categories from which you can select different coupons, including food, cosmetics, feminine hygiene, health products, miscellaneous, household products, books and magazines and pet products. also has a category for those looking to celebrate their birthday with free stuff, including free meals. However, I’d suggest not waiting until your actual birthday to sign up for these deals, as most of them require you to sign up for various company e-clubs. From there, the company will send you a coupon good for a free treat or meal that can be presented when you’re ready to redeem your treat.

Some examples of birthday offers include a free “Minibon” from Cinnabon, a free Grand Slam meal from Denny’s and a free burger from Johnny Rockets.

And if you’re looking to up your freebie hunting game, the site also offers advice on hunting for free stuff.

The Downside Of Getting Free Stuff In The Mail

While it’s great to get free items in the mail and have your inbox flooded with coupons and offers, the downside of signing up for all of these offers is that you’re usually also signing up for a company’s mailing list. Meaning, it won’t take long for your inbox to fill up with other offers, sales flyers and promotional materials.

You also aren’t guaranteed free samples, despite your efforts in filling out your mailing address and answering questions for a particular company. Most samples are on a first come, first serve basis and, once the samples run out, you’re out of luck. recommends that you sign up for as many samples as possible to help increase your odds.

“Since a good percentage of the samples you request will never get sent due to the sheer number of people requesting them the only way to improve your odds is to request more samples.”

The site also recommends checking out more than one site dedicated to finding consumers freebies, as it’ll also help increase the odds of actually receiving the samples.

So Is It Really Worth It?

That’s something you’ll have to decide. Again, while it sure is fun to receive samples of products in the mail and coupons for free stuff in your inbox, those promotional emails can be overwhelming—especially if your freebie isn’t guaranteed. And all of this despite the time you spent filling out forms.

However, if you set your sights on getting freebies and are proactive when it comes to searching for them, you might just be able to get weeks’ worth of free meals and treats around your birthday, in addition to being the first to try new products that—who knows?—might just become a new favorite!

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