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The Best Stick-On Coat Hooks

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Stick-On Coat Hooks

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JINSHUNFA Transparent PVC Plastic Stick-On Coat Hooks, 12-Pack

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Transparent PVC Plastic Stick-On Coat Hooks, 12-Pack

These sturdy stick-on coat hooks are made from stainless steel. They are versatile and can be used anywhere, from homes to dorms to lockers. The hooks can attach to many different types of surfaces, including ceramic and metal.

Overall Take

Sturdy ChoiceThese stick-on coat hooks are made from stainless steel.

 Runner Up

GLUIT Waterproof Non-Toxic Stick-On Coat Hooks, 12-Pack


Waterproof Non-Toxic Stick-On Coat Hooks, 12-Pack

These strong stick-on coat hooks have a weight capacity of 22 pounds. They can be used for many different items, such as tools, towels, clothes and more. Note that they should not be used on painted wall surfaces.

Overall Take

Strong and DurableThese stick-on coat hooks have a weight capacity of 22 pounds.

 We Also Like

Fotosnow Brushed Stainless Steel Stick-On Coat Hooks, 4-Pack


Brushed Stainless Steel Stick-On Coat Hooks, 4-Pack

These stick-on coat hooks have a modern vibe. They are made from brushed stainless steel and are rust and corrosion resistant. The hooks can be stuck on many different hard surfaces but painted walls are not recommended.

Overall Take

Modern AestheticThese stick-on coat hooks have a contemporary vibe.

 Strong Contender

Command Damage Free Removal Stick-On Coat Hook


Damage Free Removal Stick-On Coat Hook

This stick-on coat hook is easy to remove without damaging the surface. It doesn’t leave any marks or sticky residue. The hook can hold up to four pounds.

Overall Take

Easy RemovalThis stick-on coat hook doesn’t damage the surface when taken off.

Buying Guide

Those who don’t have a lot of closet space by the front door know how difficult it can be to keep the foyer looking clean, neat and organized. All of the coats, scarves, bags and other accessories need a place to go, but if you don’t have a wardrobe or closet to put them in, you have to look for other storage solutions. In many spaces, stick-on coat hooks are a great choice because they don’t take up a lot of space while helping you organize your things.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for stick-on coat hooks is figuring out what you will use them for. How many coats do you need to hang, and how heavy are they? Do you also need to hang backpacks and purses? How do you plan to store smaller accessories like gloves, hats and scarves? You’ll also want to consider how much space you have for the stick-in coat hooks and how many you can accommodate on the wall.

Be sure to check the weight capacity of the stick-on coat hooks. This is an important factor because it’s vital to ensure to they can hold up what you need to hang. If you hang too much weight on the coat hooks, they will unstick and fall down, taking your coats with them. This may also damage your walls, which may lead to costly repairs.

Some stick-on coat hooks use a type of adhesive which does not damage paint when it is removed. For most people, this is the ideal choice. This way, you can remove the coat hooks easily if you decide you no longer need them without having to repaint or drywall your space.

What to Look For

  • While stick-on coat hooks are meant to be a functional gadget, they can also be stylish and match the aesthetic of your space. From black metallic finishes to shiny bronze to colorful plastic, there are lots of different styles of stick-on coat hooks. If you have a classy and formal look to your space, opt for a metal stick-on coat hook which brings an elegant vibe. If your aesthetic is more casual or playful, wooden or painted stick-on coat hooks are the way to go. They add a unique pop of color in an imaginative way.
  • If versatility is important to you, consider the many ways stick-on coat hooks can be used. While in the entryway is a common space for them, they can also come in handy in the kitchen, for example, holding up aprons, dishtowels or even some kinds of pots and pans. They can also be used in the bathroom for towels and clothes. Some people even use stick-on coat hooks in kids’ rooms where they can hang up costumes, toys and other accessories.
  • Look for waterproof and rustproof stick-on coat hooks, especially if you’ll be using them anywhere there is a lot of moisture. For example, the kitchen and bathroom can be moist spaces, as can the garage and some entryways. Too much moisture can affect the efficacy of the adhesive and can cause it to lose its stickiness.
  • Keep in mind that some stick-on coat hooks have a specific temperature at which they should be used. If the surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold, the adhesive will not work as well. This is especially important if you plan on using the stick-on coat hooks in the garage, shed or similar space.

More to Explore

At what height should you hang the stick-on coat hooks? It all depends on who will be using them and where they are. You don’t want to go too high or too low because they can look odd and not function as well. For example, if you’re using them in the entryway to hold coats for adults, it’s best to hang them at eye-level. This way, they will be high enough so the bottom of the coats won’t drag on the floor. If the hooks are for kids, however, it’s best to hang them at their eye level. This will make them easy for the kids to reach independently.

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