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The Best Serving Spoons

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Serving Spoons

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HeroFiber Portion Control Sizes Serving Spoons, 8-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Portion Control Sizes Serving Spoons, 8-Piece

If you're on a strict diet or recovering from gastric surgery, these spoons are just the thing you need. They scoop exact volumes ranging from 2 to 8 ounces, with color-coded handles to make identification easy. The long profile makes handling easy, and they hold up great in the dishwasher.

Overall Take

Scoop Precise PortionsGet just the amount you need with these spoons.

 Runner Up

AOOSY Slotted & Solid Stainless Steel Serving Spoons, 6-Piece


Slotted & Solid Stainless Steel Serving Spoons, 6-Piece

This set includes solid and slotted versions, and both have a gentle curve to the handle that makes them easy to grip. It also lends them a touch of class for formal dinners, but they're equally well suited for big buffets. The stainless steel material is suitable for most dishwasher settings.

Overall Take

Elegant Yet FunctionalFor soups or solids, these are go-to set of utensils.

 We Also Like

Pikanty Slotted Plastic Serving Spoons, 4-Piece


Slotted Plastic Serving Spoons, 4-Piece

These spoons are made of a plastic that won't scratch up sensitive pots or pans. Mind you, just because they're soft on cookware doesn't make them flimsy. They hold up well in the dishwasher and are super easy to serve with.

Overall Take

No More ScratchesUse these slotted spoons and treat your pots with TLC.

 Strong Contender

AXIAOLU Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Serving Spoons, 4-Piece


Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Serving Spoons, 4-Piece

All the spoons in this set are a good size for compact buffets. The long handles let them ladle out food without a lot of mess, and the slotted ones have holes that are just the right width for veggies or fruit. They're built to stand up to high-volume dinners, again and again.

Overall Take

Staple Banquet SpoonsElevate your next buffet with this set.

Buying Guide

Most of us don’t think too long or hard about the spoons in our kitchen. After all, they’ve got one job to do: Transport side dishes or soup from the plate to our mouth. Right?

Not if we’re talking about serving spoons. Savvy cooks know there are several types of spoon. At the smaller end, there’s the sugar or tea spoon. On the larger side, there’s the serving spoon, and it does a lot more than serve. These workhorses might be used to stir up food while it’s cooking, clean out containers at a busy buffet, and yes — scoop heavy semi-solids onto a plate. And if you’re hosting a big family dinner, they’ve got to look good doing it all.

Almost all these jobs require one common trait, and that’s durability. That’s the main thing to look for in an everyday serving spoon, and that makes wood or stainless steel two of the most popular materials. (Though silicone and other synthetic spoons are becoming increasingly common.)

Far and away, stainless steel spoons will be the toughest of the bunch. This staple kitchen metal won’t rust, for one thing. If you like big portions, these kind of spoons can handle heaping piles of mashed potatoes and still come back for more. They can also handle the heat, even in the hottest pots of boiling pasta water. On the down side, they can also conduct that heat. They’re also notorious for scratching the non-stick coating off sensitive pots and pans.

That makes wood a solid choice if you’re hoping to preserve that heirloom cookware. Quality wood holds up almost as well as steel when it comes to heavy scooping, and it has a certain homespun appeal that works well in rustic kitchens. Mind you, they do need a little more TLC. Stainless steel wipes clean relatively easily and can go through the dishwasher unscathed. Wood spoons may require scrubbing and even then can hold onto stains from tomatoes or heavier sauces.

The modern choice of silicone is in many ways the best of both worlds. This synthetic material is soft on pots and pans, and it wipes clean in a jiffy. Most silicone can also hold up under heat to the point that you can even leave it in the oven, though quality can vary widely among different brands. It may not have much old-world appeal if you’re hosting a formal dinner, but for everyday serving it’s more than capable. Just make sure you’re not buying standard plastic if you plan to keep it immersed in hot food. Melted serving spoons aren’t just ugly, they’re potentially toxic.

What to Look For

When you’re setting up a buffet, serving spoons can be some of your most crucial utensils. If you’ve got a variety of food types, make sure you’re stocking both regular and slotted spoons. Slotted spoons have “slots” or angular holes that let liquid pass through when pasta or other solids get scooped up. Perforated spoons are another variety that have smaller holes — but they essentially do the same thing. They can be a little harder to clean but they’re a must-have for side dishes.

More to Explore

Most of us have a few different kinds of spoons in our kitchen, but a few wasn’t enough for Paterson, New Jersey resident Bertha Schaefer Koempel. She traveled extensively with her husband and collected spoons from all countries all over the world including Germany, Egypt and Japan. By the time of her death in 1966 she had amassed more than 5,400 spoons. They were donated to the Passaic County Historical Society, making their headquarters at Lambert Castle in Paterson the world’s largest spoon museum.

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