Companies Are Hiring People To Hunt For White Cadbury Eggs For $60 An Hour


Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids anymore — not when there’s this kind of money involved. Cadbury Egg has officially launched a hunt for its limited-edition White Chocolate Crème Egg, and you could win about $13,000 for finding the very special version of the classic Easter treat.

Just to get this out of the way before you get too excited: the search is only available to those who live in the U.K. You see, Cadbury has planted 872 white chocolate versions of its classic Cadbury Crème Egg in stores across the U.K., and the chances of finding one of them before the May 21 deadline are pretty slim.

So slim, in fact, that companies are hiring people to help them with the search so that their organization can claim the prize money in the end.


While the grand prize will only go to one lucky person, prizes in lesser amounts will also be awarded, and according to the official terms and conditions from Cadbury, the amount of money you win depends on which retailer you purchased the winning white chocolate egg from.

If you’re interested in getting paid to essentially go on a scavenger hunt, you can apply to be matched with a company looking to hire a Cadbury Crème Egg Hunter through a job-partnering website,

Getty Images | Christopher Furlong
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

According to the job posting, the shopper and company will have to work out a term of agreement surrounding pay and the handling of the prize-winning egg, but the job is expected to pay an hourly rate high enough to cover the costs of eight boxes of eggs and travel expenses. There’s also the option to work out an agreement for bonuses should a white chocolate egg be found. Several news outlets are reporting that this could mean earning the equivalent of $60 an hour, all just to spend your time searching for chocolate. It’s like working for Veruca Salt’s dad in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”!

If you apply, you’ll be subject to a background check and must supply a photo ID. Aside from that, the only other prerequisite is that you’re willing to travel to various supermarket locations in the surrounding area.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Apply for the job now and let the search begin!

May the best egg hunter win!

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