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The Best Wooden Headboard

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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AFI Madison Sustainably Sourced Walnut Wooden Headboard

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AFI Madison

Sustainably Sourced Walnut Wooden Headboard

There’s a little something for everyone with this wooden headboard, which comes in a variety of styles and finishes. You can choose from twin, full, queen and king sizes, as well as colors like white, espresso, walnut and gray. The material is sourced from solid hardwood and features a nontoxic finish.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionChoose from more than a dozen styles and five different finishes to find the look that works best with your bedroom décor.

 Runner Up

Prepac Flat Panel Easy Connection Wooden Headboard


Flat Panel Easy Connection Wooden Headboard

Composite wood with a laminate finish gives this headboard a lightweight build while also making it easy to keep clean. The predrilled holes and instruction booklet make it easy to attach this headboard to a wide variety of metal bed frame types. It’s available in multiple bed sizes and finishes, and you can purchase a set that includes a nightst...

Overall Take

Easy Setup Assembly is easier than usual with this wooden headboard, which comes with all the necessary hardware and an instruction booklet.

 We Also Like

Barn Walls Farmhouse Adjustable Height Graywash Wooden Headboard

Barn Walls

Farmhouse Adjustable Height Graywash Wooden Headboard

The minimalist look of this headboard makes it easy to blend into any rustic décor. You can choose from a variety of finishes, including gray, blue and sage. The material is solid wood, so you’ll get a piece of furniture that will last.

Overall Take

Unique Designs Unique color and design options make this headboard one that will stand out in any space.

 Also Great

South Shore Fynn Modern Easy Assembly Wooden Headboard

South Shore

Fynn Modern Easy Assembly Wooden Headboard

Featuring a modern look with plenty of grooves, this headband complements a variety of décor types. Although it was designed to work with South Shore beds, it works with standard metal frames, as well. You’ll get assembly instructions to help you put things together.

Overall Take

Extra Sturdy Built from engineered wood, this headboard is a sturdy option that will hold up with years of use.

Buying Guide

Buying a bed has never been easier. You can choose a headboard, frame and mattress separately, creating the look and sleeping experience that work best for you.

This flexibility makes it easy to put together a bedroom set. Once you’ve chosen a bed frame and mattress, you’ll just need to choose a frame that’s compatible with the size of your frame. Most are made to work with standard metal frames, so you’ll narrow your headboard selection down to those that fit your size, whether it’s twin, full, queen, king or California king.

In addition to compatibility with the mattress and frame, you’ll also want to consider the size of your room. A chunky, oversized headboard might overwhelm a smaller bedroom with low ceilings, while a smaller, more demure headboard might shrink in a larger bedroom with high ceilings.

You’ll need to secure your headboard to your bedframe once you’ve chosen one. The headboard will have slots for this, so it’s especially important to check to make sure the slots are compatible with the frame you have. Measure the distance before you get the headboard home to ensure it will fit.

Also make sure you’ll have the tools necessary to set up your headboard once you find one. Some headboards come with the hardware you’ll need, but you should still have the appropriate screwdrivers. If you want to mount the headboard to the wall, then attach the frame to the headboard, you’ll need the right mounts.

The type of wood is another important consideration. Solid wood can be pricey and tough to move from one place to another. Over the years, engineered woods have emerged as a lightweight, affordable alternative. A headboard made from engineered wood mostly has a plywood core with a veneer that makes it look just like real wood. This gives you the look you want without the price and heft of a solid wood piece.

What to Look For

  • Your headboard will need to be cleaned every now and then. Make sure the material can be wiped off using a damp cloth whenever necessary.
  • Instead of mounting your headboard to your bedframe, you can mount it to the wall, then push your frame up to it. This is what’s known as a floating headboard.
  • Do you typically rest against your headboard, even if you have a pillow for cushioning? If so, you’ll likely need a sturdier headboard. You can find some that have quilting built in to provide even more cushioning.
  • Consider the bedding you’ll use. It doesn’t have to coordinate perfectly with your headboard, but you’ll want a headboard that doesn’t clash.
  • Wood isn’t the only material for headboards. You can find some made of metal, leather and even plant fibers. Consider durability and maintenance while you’re researching all these options.
  • Woods come in different colors, whether it’s natural or enhanced with a colored coating. Consider whether you prefer a darker or lighter wood. You can also find headboards made from distressed or whitewashed wood for a more rustic look.
  • If you’re concerned about safety, look for a headboard with a nontoxic finish. You spend a great deal of time each day in bed, so if you’re conscientious about the air you breathe, this might be something to consider.
  • Some headboards come with instruction manuals to walk you through the process of fastening your headboard to the bed frame. These manuals can vary in helpfulness, so if you’re concerned about assembly, try to get a glimpse of the manual before you buy.
  • If you’re outfitting an entire bedroom, look for a headboard that will let you purchase a matching dresser or night table. You don’t have to match all your furniture, though, so consider going for a similar style throughout your room rather than choosing identical wood types.
  • Airflow is important in your sleeping area. As valuable as a quilted headboard can be for comfort, it can trap warmth, which can become a problem if you sleep hot. Wood and metal will keep air moving freely, especially if you choose a wood headboard that has slats.

More to Explore

Headboards today serve more of a decorative purpose. In fact, your bed could function fine without one at all. But when they first came along, they had a very important use. Throughout much of history, sleepers didn’t have the benefit of insulated bedrooms, which brought the need to block chilly air. Headboards served as a protective barrier between the sleeper and the outside air on the other side of the wall.

But the earliest headboards weren’t just useful. In Ancient Egypt, decorative headboards were a sign of social status. Decorative though they may have been, though, they were typically made of wood and stone, making them less than cozy. Ancient Greeks remedied that by adding a little cushioning to help support sleepers who might lean against it.

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