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The Best Wooden Desk

Last updated on March 13, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Wooden Desks

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Coleshom Rustic Modern Metal & Wooden Writing Desk

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Rustic Modern Metal & Wooden Writing Desk

Available in both light and dark wood shades for the top, this low-maintenance desk has a durable frame made of metal. It measures 47 inches long and is 29 inches high to offer comfortable space for your legs.

Overall Take

Durable and ComfortableIf you'd like a sturdy, modern desk that's comfortable to use, consider this option.

 Runner Up

IRONCK Rustic Metal & Wooden Monitor Shelf Writing Desk


Rustic Metal & Wooden Monitor Shelf Writing Desk

Measuring 55 inches long and 33 inches high, this desk has multiple shelves, including an elevated one for computer monitors. The top and shelves are made of wood, while the frame is metal. It comes in white, black and brown shades.

Overall Take

Extra Functional DesignYou'll find this desk useful if you prefer multiple shelves and a way to display computer monitors at a higher level.

 We Also Like

Cubiker Rustic Metal.& Wooden Desk With Computer Shelf


Rustic Metal.& Wooden Desk With Computer Shelf

Coming in black, white and three browns, this desk is compact measuring 40 inches long and 29.5 inches high. The wooden top is sturdy along with the metal frame. It includes a little table and storage bag as extras.

Overall Take

Compact With ExtrasConsider this option if you want a compact desk with some handy accessories.

 Strong Contender

ROCKPOINT Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Writing Desk


Rustic Farmhouse Wooden Writing Desk

Made from wood throughout, this simple desk has a rustic and cozy style and comes in a light brown color with a gray tint. It's 47 inches long and 30 inches tall. You get drawers for convenience.

Overall Take

Simple and StylishThis simple desk is a good option if you like a rustic style and prefer something made entirely of wood.

Buying Guide

If you need a new desk for your home, a wooden one is a popular choice both for the timeless look and durability the material offers. A wooden desk can blend in regardless of your other furniture, and you can choose from many styles ranging from the rustic to the modern. There’s also a lot of variety in the types of desks, wood styles and colors available, so you can find something perfect for your tastes.

You should think about the kind of desk you need since popular options include computer, writing and executive desks. Computer desks tend to be longer to accommodate all your equipment, and they range from simple tables to complex designs with shelves, drawers and a keyboard tray. Writing desks tend to be simple and shorter, and they’ll sometimes include a drawer right under the top. Executive desks tend to run large, look fancier and include more storage space. 

The desk’s size and shape are important since you need something that fits your space and offers the best functionality. While compact wooden desks measure 40 inches long or less, larger options can come close to 60 inches and even have a hutch attached that takes up significant vertical space. Most desks are rectangular in shape, but you might prefer a corner desk if you’re low on space or an L-shaped or U-shaped desk if you need more desktop area.

Consider the materials used for the desk so that you get something that is made to last and fits your budget. Some wooden desks have a metal frame with a chipboard top that features a protective coating to improve durability. These tend to be relatively inexpensive, lighter in weight and easy to maintain. If you want something classic and very sturdy, you might opt for a desk that is made of solid wood, but these tend to cost more.

Lastly, wooden desks can have special features to consider. For example, some are made for use while standing and may even have an electric mechanism to adjust the height. Other desks might include features that help you manage cables, hold certain items such as printers or desktop towers, or elevate computer screens for improved visibility and convenience.

What to Look For

  • While the color brown likely comes to mind when you think of a wooden desk, you can get painted options in colors like white and black tool. There are also different shades of brown that can offer a unique look.
  • If you’d like a convenient, high-tech option, consider wooden desks that include USB ports for charging gadgets or power outlets for plugging in computers and monitors. 
  • Unless you get a desk that adjusts, make sure you pick something with a fixed height that is appropriate for your body. You should be able to sit in your chair with your feet flat on the ground, so make sure the desk isn’t too low for your legs. You should also make sure you can properly position your arms and elbows to use the desk comfortably. You can find desk height calculators online that take your height and offer a recommendation.
  • To protect your wooden desk’s top from scratches, spills and other damage, consider getting a desk pad. 
  • Many wooden desks are easy to clean since you can easily dust them off or use a mild detergent as needed. You should avoid getting the wood too wet since this can cause problems, and you should always dry the desk thoroughly. If you’re interested in using furniture polish, check the manufacturer’s instructions since the polish could damage certain finishes.
  • Research how to assemble your particular wooden desk and which tools you might need. Some models come preassembled, but you’ll more often need to attach the top to the frame as well as install any drawers or shelves included. If the desk is very heavy or you’re just not comfortable building it yourself, you should plan on having another person help you with the process.
  • Make sure your wooden desk includes all the necessary parts before you get started. You can use the manual’s parts list as you inventory everything included in the box.
  • Note any weight limit mentioned for your desk so that you don’t put too much stress on it and end up with a damaged desk or equipment. You shouldn’t have problems having the desk hold typical items like computers and printers, but avoid sitting on the desk or overloading it past the weight limit.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about desks:

  • If you wonder where the word “desk” comes from, it dates back to the mid-1400s. The associated Latin word “desca” referred to a writing and reading table.
  • While desks are commonplace in homes, schools and businesses today, people likely first used them in churches in England. These desks took up a lot of space at the time, and people would later start using smaller writing boxes instead.
  • Wooden desks would see more widespread use in different settings during the 1800s. Not only did offices need desks for their increasing numbers of workers, but schools would request simple desks for their students. The 1900s would see sturdier desks with the invention of the typewriter as well as new desk styles such as the L-shaped design.

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