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The Best Women’s Plus-Size Coat

Last updated on November 21, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Women's Plus-Size Coats

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Soularge Women’s Plus-Size Sherpa Lined Detachable Hood Coat

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Women's Plus-Size Sherpa Lined Detachable Hood Coat

Sherpa trim, a cotton shell and a polyester exterior keep you warm and cozy while you’re wearing this plus-size coat. The zipper closure also comes with a button snap placket to help secure it in place and keep the chilly air out. You’ll get pockets on both the exterior and interior to give you plenty of storage for your essentials.

Overall Take

Easy to MaintainThis machine washable plus-size coat makes maintenance a breeze.

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Agnes Orinda Women’s Single Breasted Belted Plus-Size Coat

Agnes Orinda

Women's Single Breasted Belted Plus-Size Coat

This dressy coat comes with an adjustable belt and full lining to keep you both warm and stylish throughout the chilly months. The 100 percent polyester build is lightweight and durable, and you can choose from a variety of colors. It includes slant pockets for storing your keys and smartphone.

Overall Take

Colorful OptionsChoose from a variety of colors with this dress coat, including burgundy, pink and neutrals like black and cream white.

 Strong Contender

London Fog Women’s Faux-Fur Collar Plus-Size Down Coat

London Fog

Women's Faux-Fur Collar Plus-Size Down Coat

A faux fur hood and polyester material makes this a comfortable, warm option for the wintertime months. The longer length makes this coat great for wearing with leggings and sweaters or dress pants and blouses. It comes in gunmetal and black and sizes from 1X to 3X.

Overall Take

Comfortable DesignYou’ll get a soft polyester exterior and a knee-length design for a comfortable wintertime option.

 Also Great

Soularge Women’s Plus-Size Sherpa-Lined Faux Fur Hooded Coat


Women's Plus-Size Sherpa-Lined Faux Fur Hooded Coat

This coat looks great whether you’re dressing up or going casual. It’s made from a 100 percent cotton shell with a filling and lining that are 100 percent polyester. A detachable faux fur hood helps in a wide range of chilly weather conditions. It’s machine washable for easy cleanup.

Overall Take

Warm and CozyProtect yourself against the winter chill with this coat, which has a sherpa lining and detachable faux fur hood.

Buying Guide

Cold weather can be dangerous for those who live in chillier climates, especially if you spend excessive time outdoors. Overall, recent death rates have been 8 to 12 percent higher in winter months than other times of the year. Being dressed for the weather can help.

Whether you’re enjoying a holiday parade, playing in the snow or working outdoors, the right outerwear is essential to staying comfortable and safe. When you’re cold, blood circulates differently, mostly in an effort to ensure your internal organs are protected. That means garments like warm socks, gloves, a scarf and a hat can make a big difference.

Dressing in layers can also help keep you warm. Long underwear will cover you from shoulders to ankle, and you can cover up your feet with two pairs of socks. It’s important to avoid cotton, as soft and comfortable as it is, because it can absorb sweat and moisture and take a while to dry, leading to an unhealthy environment for your skin.

Once you have your warm-weather layers in place, it’s time to top it all off with the right coat. At one time, down was the best insulator, but there are now imitation down products that bring the same warming benefits. The important thing, especially if you’re spending time in the snow or rain, is to make sure your insulation is water-resistant.

That water resistance is also important in the material of the coat itself. You’ll want one with fabric that’s both water-resistant and breathable. If mobility is important, also look at how heavy the fabric is. Polyester tends to be great for helping retain body heat without weighing you down.

Lastly, a hood can come in handy, especially if you don’t normally wear a hat. Some coats come with removable hoods to let you toss it aside when you don’t need it, although you can always simply leave the hood down. A lined hood is great for providing a little extra protection for your face.

What to Look For

  • Pockets are an important feature in a coat. Not only do they give you a place to keep your hands warm if you forget your gloves, but they offer a spot for storing those gloves so you don’t leave them at home. You can also keep valuables like car keys inside. Some coats have both exterior and interior pockets, and some even zip or snap shut to secure your items.
  • You might not need to clean your coat every week or two, but it can still be a pain to drag it to the dry cleaner every time it needs a refresh. Some can be tossed in the washing machine. If you go this route, make sure you follow the care instructions.
  • Look at how your coat closes. Buttons take time to fasten, and you could skip that step when you’re in a hurry. A zipper might be a much better option if you find stopping to button up an inconvenience.
  • If you choose a coat with a hood, check to see if it’s insulated. This will give a little extra protection for your head, whether you’re wearing a hat or not.
  • Look at each coat and consider where air might get in. If your coat is loose at the ends of the sleeves, at the neckline or at the hem, you might not get the insulation you need. This is especially important if you’re wearing your coat in the rain or snow since moisture can get through these entry points.
  • Some coats come with interior pockets as well as those on the exterior. This extra feature can give you a great place for storing small essentials like your driver’s license and credit card holder.
  • Consider length when choosing a coat. If you wear a lot of long sweaters and leggings, you might want a coat that extends to the thigh or beyond.

More to Explore

It took a near-death experience for the down puffer jacket to come into being. Eddie Bauer, an outdoorsman who started the famed Eddie Bauer retail chain still around today, was on a fishing trip with a buddy when he realized the need for a new type of outerwear. He and his friend were trying to make the 200- to 300-feet climb to their vehicle when a combination of sweat and moisture had him near hypothermia. His friend kept him moving, and an idea was born.

Once he returned home, Bauer began coming up with ideas for a jacket that was both warm and breathable. He was inspired by stories his uncle told him growing up about wearing feather-stuffed coats during the war. After sourcing goose down from his existing suppliers, he worked with a local seamstress to come up with the first down puffer jacket. It included cotton of a high thread count and diamond quilting in the torso to hold the down feathers in place. Soon, Bauer’s invention helped take his store to the success it’s known as today.

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