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The Best Women’s Bohemian Dress

Last updated on December 13, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Women's Bohemian Dress

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R.Vivimos Women’s Floral Print Bohemian Midi Dress

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Women's Floral Print Bohemian Midi Dress

The long, wide hemline on this dress leaves plenty of room for twirling. It's a great summer dress, loose around the arms and legs but fitted where it counts. It comes in an impressive variety of styles, all of which are earthy yet bright.

Overall Take

Floral and FlowingThe sunny patterns are perfect for summer strolls.

 Runner Up

UIMLK Women’s Square Neck Floral Midi Bohemian Dress


Women's Square Neck Floral Midi Bohemian Dress

With complex floral patterns and a ruffled top, this dress fits firmly in the bohemian peasant style. A little extra width in the neckline makes it great for showing off jewelry. The fit isn't overly flowy at the bottom, so it's an equally good match for boots or sandals.

Overall Take

Pretty Peasant DressShow off your fun side in this eye-catching garment.

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YESNO Women’s Floral Bohemian Tiered Maxi Swing Dress


Women's Floral Bohemian Tiered Maxi Swing Dress

This airy dress can be worn anywhere, but works best in warmer climes. The fabric is light and works best with a slip, but the feel is very silky. The 100% cotton material holds up well in the wash with a little TLC.

Overall Take

Lightweight, Cozy CottonStep out in comfort with this striking maxi.

 Strong Contender

TEMOFON Women’s Bohemian High Split Maxi Wrap Dress


Women's Bohemian High Split Maxi Wrap Dress

The attached belt makes this easy to throw on as a wrap. Just tie and you're ready for a day on the boardwalk. It's light without being see-through, and is easy to care for.

Overall Take

Beautiful Beach WearGive a flirty edge to your beach outfits with this slit-leg dress.

Buying Guide

Fashion is forever cyclical, but the bohemian look is one that really never goes out of style. And while there are a lot of garments (and a ton of accessories) that you can associate with that style, the centerpiece for ladies has got to be the classic, colorful bohemian dress.

So what exactly is a bohemian dress? The style in general is so free-wheeling that bohemian fashion can be hard to define — but you know it when you see it. We’re talking about a look that’s equally influenced by 1960’s hippies, classic Romani gypsies and 19th century Romantics. When it comes to dresses, the usual bohemian benchmarks are a complex floral or psychedelic print, loose fit and a long, flowing skirt.

You might think that something that colorful wouldn’t be versatile, but more is more when it comes to the bohemian style. Whether you add on a few extra bracelets, your favorite denim jacket or a loose-fitting belt, it’s all about layering. Pick a dress that works with some of your favorite accessories and don’t be afraid to pile them on. If you’ve got a great necklace or three to show off, wider necklines are a great option. Scarves are an eternal staple of boho fashion, and they can do wonders to pep up any outfit.

The great thing about longer dresses is that they can work well in most any kind of weather. That long skirt can be cooling and fun to twirl around in, even if it may not be appropriate for a work setting. If you’re wearing it in summer, go for something in a thinner cotton weave, or polyester if you’re on a budget. If it’s winter, pick something thicker that goes well with a jacket.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pair it up with your footwear. The great thing about longer dresses of any style is that they can complement almost any kind of shoe. If you favor longer boots, try a skirt that goes up to mid-calf or higher so they can be showcased a little more. If you step out in mules or sneakers, longer hemlines are usually a better bet. And while elaborate heels aren’t usually a hallmark of bohemian style, they too can stand out if you get the right color dress.

The great thing about bohemian dresses is that they look just as good on plus-size women as they do on thinner girls. There’s often a fine line between flowy and frumpy, so pick something that fits tighter in the areas you want to accentuate.

What to Look For

Bohemian fashion represents a certain carefree spirit, so it would be ironic to own dresses that you need to be meticulous about cleaning. Luckily, bohemian dresses shouldn’t require a lot more care than any other maxi dress you own. If it’s polyester, denim or even cotton, you should be able to get away with dropping it into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Fading colors can be a concern though, and you certainly don’t want that happening with such a bright dress. To preserve those patterns, consider turning the dress inside out before laundering or even using a laundry bag to keep it separate.

More to Explore

Bohemian style is seen as one of the most timeless of all retro looks, but many wearers don’t know just how “retro” it is. The word “bohemian” began to appear in print around the mid-1800’s and referred to an artist who consciously rejects conventional thought and style. The style has its roots in pre-Raphaelites who adopted the cheap but radiant clothing of Romani gypsies. In fact, the original French word “bohémien” was a term for the Romanis. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the style was revived by a hippie counterculture that rejected the grungier look of the beatniks for a more expressive wardrobe.

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