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The Best Wine Bar

Last updated on December 18, 2022

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FATORRI Mesh Metal & Wood Cabinet Wine Bar

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Mesh Metal & Wood Cabinet Wine Bar

This statement piece is far more than just a wine bar. Thanks to the long top and eye-catching central area, it can be used as a buffet, liquor cabinet and coffee station. Even so, the profile is narrow enough to easily fit into hallways or foyers.

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Sturdy, Spacious CabinetKeep wine, liquor and more in this lovely deluxe unit.

X-cosrack Detachable Bottle Rack Wine Bar


Detachable Bottle Rack Wine Bar

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Unikito Adjustable Bottle Rack Metal Frame Wine Bar


Adjustable Bottle Rack Metal Frame Wine Bar

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Buying Guide

When it comes to most beverages, we don’t think too hard about how they look or where we should store them . As long as your beer or milk or lemonade bottles are cold and taste good, they don’t really have to spark joy when you open the fridge to survey its contents

This isn’t the case with wine, of course. Nice countertops and plants might make a kitchen feel welcoming, but no home furnishing invites you to relax quite so much as a nice wine bar. It’s a storage solution first and foremost, but it’s also a way for wine lovers to show off their latest vintages and make guests feel at home.

With that in mind, you’ll want to consider decor heavily before picking a wine bar. Wooden racks can evoke a rustic feel, but they may be at odds with white marble surroundings. A sprawling, industrial metal cabinet may hold all your best bottles, but it might look out of place against a soft pastel color scheme.

You’ll also want to think about space. Avoid rookie mistakes first and measure the space you want the wine bar to fill. Of all the pieces of furniture in your home, this is the one you don’t want people to bump into while they’re trying to squeeze past. Bear in mind also that your wine bar doesn’t necessarily need to go into the kitchen. If you entertain often in other spaces of your home, larger living rooms or even the foyer can be a great spot for wine storage.

Now, about the actual wine bar. Most have racks where the bottles lie horizontally, though more spacious ones might have shelving areas where you can display them upright. If you’re buying one with a rack, make sure you check the dimensions of the holders. Some bottles are thicker or longer than others, and even the most elegant wine bar won’t be much good if it can’t hold any of your actual wine.

The same goes for your glassware. A functional wine bar should be able to hold both your favorite bottles and the glasses you’ll drink them in. In most cases, glasses will be hung by their stems from overhead racks. Again, make sure the racks are spaced far enough apart to accommodate any oversized glassware.

If you’ve got the space for it, a wine bar can be used for much more than wine. Cabinet areas can store liquor bottles, while drawers can hold wine openers, aerators or other accessories. Any extra shelves can be used for decorative items, like plants. Mini-bookshelves are a great complement to wine bottles as well. Got a nice wide countertop? That wine bar can even double as a coffee nook. It’s all about tailoring the unit to fit your lifestyle.

What to Look For

Metal wine racks might be more efficient, but for some decor there’s just no substitute for real wood. There’s undeniably a homey feel to wooden wine racks, but they do come with their own concerns. For one thing, they’re not as easy to clean as smoother surfaces like metal or marble. Wine bars don’t tend to accumulate a lot of stains — unless, of course, there’s a spill. If you do find a red wine stain on your hardwood, it’s always best to act fast. Wet down the spot and rub in salt and lemon to scrub it out gradually.

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You’ve probably heard plenty about the health benefits of drinking wine, such as lowering your risk of heart disease (in moderation, of course), but did you know it could help your brain stay healthy as well? Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in the skin of many grapes used to make red wine, especially malbec varietals. This compound helps prevent blood clot formation, which can in turn keep the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

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