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The Best Tie-Dye Bikini

Last updated on December 13, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Tie-Dye Bikinis

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Tempt Me Scoop Neck Removable Bra Tie Dye Bikini Set

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Tempt Me

Scoop Neck Removable Bra Tie Dye Bikini Set

Coming with a high-waisted bottom and a cropped top, this bikini offers comfort and coverage along with style. The tie-dye options include vibrant colorful patterns. You can get this option in extra-extra-small to 22-plus sizes.

Overall Take

Fun and Bright PatternsThis bikini stands out with its vibrant tie-dye pattern options including a rainbow theme.

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Adisputent Removable Chest Pad Tie Dye Bikini Set


Removable Chest Pad Tie Dye Bikini Set

Featuring both subtle and bright tie-dye style options, this bikini offers good coverage with a high-waisted bottom and crop top. The top features padding for shaping. You can get the bikini in small to extra-extra-large sizes.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsConsider this bikini if you prefer a lot of coverage and multiple tie-dye color options.

Buying Guide

If you’d like some fun, colorful swimwear with a retro look, consider getting a tie-dye bikini. You can find these swimsuits in a range of tie-dye patterns whether you prefer something subtle with a few similar colors or you want a rainbow style that stands out. Going with a tie-dye bikini also offers benefits over a one-piece since you have many top and bottom combinations to consider and the two-piece is more convenient to put on and take off.

As you’re looking for tie-dye bikini options, it helps to think about your body type and specific needs. That way, you can find something that feels comfortable to wear and offers the coverage, support, style and versatility you desire.

You might look for underwire or padded bikini top options if you have a larger bust, while you might prefer a simple shelf bra style if you need less support. Getting a bikini top with straps is a good idea if you’re concerned about support, while a strapless top offers more flexibility. As for the style, you can choose a traditional triangle design that offers less coverage or look for something less revealing such as a scoop, tankini or bandeau design.

Tie-dye bikini bottoms come in different cuts and styles that you might prefer. If you’re looking for something with tummy control, you might get a high-waist bottom with a lot of coverage on the front and back. A string bikini offers much less coverage but makes it easier to adjust the swimwear. You can also consider low-rise options if you prefer a hip-hugging style, while mid-waist options offer both comfort and moderate coverage.

Keep the tie-dye bikini’s fabric in mind since it will affect the stretch and ultimately your comfort and movability in the water. Bikinis most often feature polyester and nylon materials that allow for stretchiness and a secure fit. You’ll want to make sure your chosen bikini has thick enough fabric to hold up during use. You might also opt for fabric with built-in protection from the sun’s rays.

Lastly, make sure you get the right size. Since swimwear fits the body tightly, you may feel tempted to order a size up. However, you should avoid this since you risk your tie-dye bikini fitting too loosely, especially as the fabric stretches once you get in the water. Instead, look at the manufacturer’s size charts and order the size that matches your bust, waist and hip measurements.

What to Look For

  • Typically, you can expect your tie-dye bikini  to last for up to a year of regular use, but you have control over its lifespan. You should avoid rubbing against rough surfaces to avoid creating scuffs and holes in the fabric. You can also exercise proper care including following the appropriate measures for storing, washing and drying your bikini.
  • After you remove your bikini, you should rinse it off, squeeze out the excess water and then let it lay on something flat to dry. Alternatively, you can hop in a shower with the bikini still on and rinse it off that way. Afterward, you should avoid stuffing your wet bikini in a bag since this allows mold to grow and ruin your swimwear.
  • If possible, hand-wash your tie-dye bikini to avoid the stress on the fabric that your washer can cause. First, turn the swimsuit inside out and then use some cold water and mild detergent to soak and clean it. Once you’ve finished washing the bikini, squeeze out the excess water and place it somewhere flat to air dry. Avoid the dryer since this reduces your bikini’s lifespan and weakens the fabric’s elasticity.
  • If you don’t plan to wear your tie-dye bikini for an extended time, follow some specific storage procedures. Make sure you’ve washed the bikini and dried it fully. Consider putting it in a special garment bag and storing it somewhere dry and cool until the next use.
  • You’ll want to keep the tie-dye colors looking vibrant as long as possible. One tip is to not let the bikini dry out in the sun since this can cause fading. You might also consider pretreating the swimwear before the first use. This involves soaking your swimsuit in cold water and vinegar to help the color stay in better.
  • If you get a small tear or hole in your tie-dye bikini, you can likely fix it at home. Just find some thread that closely matches the distressed area and sew up the tear or hole using a small needle.
  • Don’t forget about some other swimming accessories you may need. You might prefer a coverup to wear when you’re not in the water as well as some flip-flops and a pair of sunglasses. You’ll also want to protect yourself with some good sunscreen and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

More to Explore

Did you know that a designer named Louis Réard invented the bikini back in 1946 in Paris? This version had a triangle top and was known for being very small, and the name “bikini” had actually come from the Bikini Atoll atomic test site at that time. Two-piece swimsuits had existed in Europe before Louis Réard’s creation. However, women wore shorts and halter tops rather than the more revealing bikini bottoms and tops available today.

Tie-dye styles, on the other hand, originated in the sixth century in Asia. People would use natural materials along with hot water to create dyes and would then dip sectioned-off parts of the fabric in the colored mixture. The tie-dye trend would enter the U.S. during the 1920s before it became very popular during the 1960s.

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