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The Best Thermal Underwear for Men

Last updated on January 6, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Thermals For Men

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Thermajohn Lightweight Tagless Thermals Set

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Lightweight Tagless Thermals Set

These thermals are made of premium fleece fabric that keeps you warm, dry and fresh. They have strong seams that won't rip. The thermals are flexible and stretchy for full mobility.

Overall Take

Premium FabricThese thermals prevent the spread of odors and wick away moisture.

 Top Pick

Fruit of the Loom Premium Long Johns Thermal Underwear

Fruit of the Loom

Premium Long Johns Thermal Underwear

These thermal underwear bottoms work just as well as pajamas as they do a base layer when working outdoors in the winter. They have an eco-friendly construction and are reinforced at the seams for added durability. As an added bonus, the bottoms are also moisture-wicking and quick to dry.

Overall Take

An Abundance of Size OptionsYou'll find these thermal underwear bottoms come in sizes ranging from a small to a 5X.

 Runner Up

WEERTI Base-Layer Thermal Underwear Set For Men


Base-Layer Thermal Underwear Set For Men

This moisture wicking thermal underwear set for men keeps you dry. You will never get the clammy feeling. This set is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle.

Overall Take

Moisture WickingThis thermal underwear set for men keeps you dry.

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Rocky Long-Johns Thermal Underwear Set For Men


Long-Johns Thermal Underwear Set For Men

This thermal underwear set for men is lined with fleece. The fabric is lightweight so it doesn’t give you that bulky feeling. The set works well in extreme cold conditions.

Overall Take

Fleece LinedThis thermal underwear set for men is perfect for extreme cold.

Buying Guide

Whether you live in a cold climate or love doing cold-weather activities, then you know the importance of staying warm. Getting a thermal underwear set for men is a good way to protect yourself from the cold while ensuring you have a good time in the frigid weather. Can you just wear an extra layer of regular clothes instead of thermal underwear? You can, but it may not be as effective as thermal underwear. It is designed to keep your body heat close to your body instead of letting it escape. This happens as a result of the thermal underwear being tight fitting – which kind of makes it work through the process of convection. The snug design, and warm materials, keep the body heat in instead of letting it circulate.

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While a tight fit is essential to warm thermal underwear, the material it’s made from also matters. Wool is a popular option and has been used in thermal clothing for generations. It is affordable, widely available, and has excellent thermal qualities. Plus, it doesn’t lose any heat when it gets wet unlike other materials. A downside to wool is that some varieties can be itchy for some people.

Thermal underwear made from synthetic materials is also a good choice because this type of fabric is good at wicking away moisture, such as from sweat. It’s affordable and easy to maintain. However, some synthetic materials don’t hide body odor well, so you have to make sure you wash them often. Silk may seem like an odd choice for thermal underwear, but it’s actually quite comfortable. Silk is also more attractive then wool, though wool is definitely the warmer choice.

Some people choose thermal underwear made from cotton because it is affordable, comfortable and soft against the skin. However, it’s important to remember that cotton doesn’t hold up well when wet and loses warmth. Plus, some types of cotton shrink after washing.

What to Look For

  • Getting the fit right is very important when choosing a thermal underwear set for men. If it’s too loose, the underwear will not keep you warm. If it’s too tight, it may feel uncomfortable. You want the underwear to fit snugly against your skin, but not restrict your movements in any way.
  • There are some good options for materials when it comes to thermal underwear, such as different types of wool and synthetic fabrics. Regardless of which type you choose, opt for one where the outer surface of the material is slick and without texture, so that your clothes won’t stick too it and bunch up.
  • In addition to choosing the right fabric, you can choose its weight. Ultralightweight fabric is ideal for mild to cool conditions. It’s also sometimes called microweight. Lightweight fabric should be worn for cool to moderately cold weather. It’s a good choice if you’re involved in activities outside and will be exerting yourself. Midweight is good for moderately cold to cold weather. This type of material is versatile and can be used for sports and recreational activities. If you’re out in extremely gold temperatures, then you need heavyweight fabric. You can also wear these fabrics if you’re taking part in sports in the snow.
  • One piece or two piece – that is the question. Some people prefer one-piece thermal underwear that covers the whole body. However, these can be restricting, especially if you need to use the washroom. Two-piece thermal underwear sets include a shirt and pants, offering you more flexibility. For example, some people may just wear one part of the set depending on how cold it is and what else they are wearing.

More to Explore

Thermal underwear and a base layer aren’t the same thing. While they have similar benefits, they are slightly different. Base layers are supposed to be worn directly next to your skin. This is when they are most effective for keeping your body warm. Thermal underwear, while they can be worn next to your skin, can also be worn on top of a base layer. Thermal underwear still works effectively if it is worn over clothes, as long as it has a snug fit.

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