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The Best Tailgate Light Strip

Last updated on May 19, 2022

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Nilight Brake & Turn Signal Functions Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch

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Brake & Turn Signal Functions Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch

No drilling is required to install this great 60-inch-long LED tailgate light; its rigid adhesive backing stays put and can be mounted anywhere with a 12V power source. It also features IP67-sealed housing to keep it safe from inclement weather.

Overall Take

Use the Right IndicatorThese fabulous lights also shine 35% brighter than standard LED chips, so you're getting a great value with this product.

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MustWin Triple Row LED Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch


Triple Row LED Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch

At just the right price, this 60-inch tailgate light strip is a bit wider than comparable ones and has a triple row of waterproof red, white and amber lights to show others when you're braking, turning to the right or left and reversing or if you need to use the emergency lights.

Overall Take

Super Bright; Full FunctionUse this quality lighting accessory to alert everyone nearby and farther away about your next move.

 Strong Contender

Mega Racer Rust-Resistant Aluminum Body Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch

Mega Racer

Rust-Resistant Aluminum Body Tailgate Light Strip, 60-Inch

Made with 270 colored 2935 SMD diode chips and IP67 waterproof-rated silicone, this powerful LED tailgate light bar weighs only 9.6 ounces, sticks securely to surfaces and makes your truck much safer to drive. You won't need to worry about it falling off or breaking, either.

Overall Take

Premium Quality, Easy InstallationThis well-made auto accessory is durable enough to last as long as your truck does!

Buying Guide

Tailgate light bars enhance the visibility of tail lights and rear turn signals, brake lights, emergency lights and reverse and running lights. And not only do they improve safety on the road, but these waterproof accessories also upgrade the appearance of trucks and other vehicles. The less costly models have adhesive strips on the back; all you need to do is peel off the backings and stick them onto the tailgate. Others are made into frames that you have to drill into. The frames add to the weight, but the light strips are still lightweight and shouldn’t be more than 3 pounds.

Most of these are sold in 60-inch lengths, appropriate for most pickup trucks. If you want a smaller size, you can find ones that are 48 inches, but keep in mind that the length must be shorter than the truck bed’s width.

They have from one to three rows of lights, usually red and white; others also have amber and perform more features. Some are thinner than others; wider ones can be seen from farther distances. And if you want upgrades like sequential turn signaling, you’ll have to pay more; the higher-end ones cost more than $100.

To install a tailgate light strip, you’ll first need to clean the area where you plan to put it. It’s also important to measure carefully and make marks because you don’t want the light strip to be crooked. You have to hardwire these accessories into the truck’s wiring, so you’ll need to perform minor electrical work. If you’re not comfortable with this, take it to a licensed mechanic or electrician.

What to Look For

  • Some LED tailgate light strips are much brighter than others, which could be troublesome for drivers who are too close (this can prevent tailgating, though!).
  • The strips are usually sold in rolls, and you should never fold or bend them after rolling them out.
  • You can also use tailgate light strips as awning lights, tent lighting, step bars, side doors and other uses as long as you can wire them in.
  • These light strips are also suitable for heavy traffic, especially at night.

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