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Last updated on May 24, 2022

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HD Round Woven Seagrass Table Basket

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Round Woven Seagrass Table Basket

Store produce, napkins, remotes or anything else you need nearby with this table basket, which is almost 12 inches in diameter. The basket is handmade using seagrass fiber on a metal frame base. Choose a smaller size or buy in sets of two.

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Attractive DesignAn intricate pattern gives this handmade basket a unique look to freshen up any space.

Goodpick Machine Washable Cotton Rope Table Baskets, 3-Pack


Machine Washable Cotton Rope Table Baskets, 3-Pack

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Buying Guide

Keeping your home clutter-free can feel like a never-ending battle. No matter how many items you shove into drawers and cabinets, there always seems to be something that needs to be put away.

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But managing clutter is key to getting things done. Studies have shown that multiple items in your view at one time compete for your attention, making it tough to focus. Reducing clutter also helps improve your self-esteem and your mood. The right table basket can help with that, giving you an attractive place to store valuables or supplies.

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Perhaps the most well-known use for table baskets is on dining tables. Some households use them for holding napkins, salt and pepper shakers and other items they need when eating at that table. But there are plenty of other places table baskets can be useful. You could set one on your coffee table, for instance, to hold all those remotes every modern household seems to need. A table basket near the front door can serve as a handy place for storing keys and sunglasses. You could even set a table basket in a room of your house for everyone to keep their phones during family time.

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Traditionally, table baskets have been made of wood or plant fibers like bamboo and willow, along with vines, oak, reeds and honeysuckle. Some baskets even contain grasses. Although these can be manufactured, you’ll still find plenty of hand-woven baskets on the market. These bring a natural feel to your home while also being sustainable and durable.

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You might prefer a wire basket to hand-woven ones, though. The biggest benefit of this type is convenience. Wire baskets are often more stackable, making them easier to store. If you have multiples, you can often stack the ones you aren’t using and store them until you need them. Also, they look more uniform when placed side by side on your counter or another place where people might see them.

What to Look For

  • Table baskets vary in size, so check both the width and the depth before you buy.
  • If you’re looking for a handmade basket, check carefully to make sure you’re getting one that is truly made by hand, not by machine.
  • As handy as woven baskets are, they may not be as durable as some other products used for storage. However, those that feature handwoven fibers over a durable metal frame could give you the years of reliable use that you want.
  • Although most hand-woven baskets can endure a little water, they aren’t designed to remain near areas where moisture is typically an issue, such as countertops near a kitchen sink. A wire basket might be a better option for bathrooms and kitchen countertops.
  • Some table baskets are sold in sets, which will give you matching baskets for the same area.
  • Even woven baskets vary in patterns. Look at various options and find one that best suits your own personal style and room décor.
  • The quality of materials used to put a basket together can vary. Higher-quality materials will hold up longer and provide more support as they hold your items.
  • If you plan to use your table basket to cart items around the house, look for one that’s lightweight. Many also come with handles, making them even more portable.
  • Some baskets are designed to be stackable, so you can easily store them when you aren’t using them. If this feature matters to you, make sure your baskets stack before you buy.
  • You can find baskets made from sustainably sourced materials if environmental consciousness is a concern. Look for baskets made from biodegradable materials that can help clean forests rather than clearing them. Branches, twigs and shoots don’t require trees to be damaged or removed in order to cultivate them.

More to Explore

The art of turning wood and plant fibers into receptacles likely dates as far back as man has been on Earth. In fact, traces of early baskets have been found in the pyramids in Egypt, and depictions of baskets were found on pottery shards in Kenya dating to before 8,000 B.C.E. Basket-weaving predates pottery-making and stone carving, though baskets are made from biodegradable elements that don’t necessarily stand the test of time.

The earliest use of baskets is thought to have been as containers for holding and transporting items. Explorers spread baskets to other areas of the world, trading items in them once they arrived at their destinations. As locals in these areas took a look at the baskets various civilizations were using, they copied those concepts, leading certain techniques to appear across the globe. Asia’s hexagonal weaves were adopted in Europe, for instance, and those European designs eventually made their way to the Americas.

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