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The Best Sugar Shaker

Last updated on May 15, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Sugar Shakers

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OXO Good Grips BPA-Free Clear Plastic Sugar Shaker

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Good Grips BPA-Free Clear Plastic Sugar Shaker

Having a plastic body and metal cap, this shaker provides the look of glass without the disadvantage of fragility. The cap has a small spout on the side that helps you avoid pouring too much. It holds up to 9 ounces of sugar.

Overall Take

Suits Any KitchenHaving a durable and user-friendly design, this modern shaker is a good option for any kitchen.

 Runner Up

Winco Seamless Stainless Steel Sugar Shaker


Seamless Stainless Steel Sugar Shaker

Featuring a handle that makes it easy to hold, this shaker supports up to 10 ounces of sugar. It's made fully of stainless steel for a shiny look and durability. The lid has many small holes for shaking the sugar out.

Overall Take

Easy to HoldThis shaker can fit your needs if you prefer something with a handle and small holes on the lid.

 We Also Like

Tablecraft Dishwasher Safe Jadeite Glass Sugar Shaker


Dishwasher Safe Jadeite Glass Sugar Shaker

This shaker has a vintage style with a green body with patterns and a metal lid. The lid has a a latch you can pop up to pour sugar out through a small opening. It holds 9 ounces of sugar.

Overall Take

Unique StyleConsider this shaker if you prefer something that looks decorative and has a vintage style.

 Strong Contender

J&M Design Pour Spout Top Sugar Shaker

J&M Design

Pour Spout Top Sugar Shaker

Holding 7.5 ounces of sugar, this shaker has a body made of glass and a top made of metal and plastic. The spout on top makes it easy to pour the amount of sugar you need. The spout also has a flap to help keep moisture out.

Overall Take

Modern and ConvenientThis shaker's modern look suits your home's kitchen just as well as it does a restaurant or cafe.

Buying Guide

Just like the salt and pepper shakers you might already have, a sugar shaker works great for both storing your sugar and making it easy to pour out just the right amount you need. You can use one for everything from adding sugar to your coffee or tea in the morning to sprinkling desserts and cereal. This kitchen essential also works with various types of sugar, whether you want to add plain table sugar or powdered sugar.

Sugar shakers usually have a simple design that makes them easy to use. The main part includes the typically cylindrical container that holds the sugar. There will also be a lid that screws on the top and has some kind of opening for dispensing the sugar. 

Some shakers have a bunch of small holes on top that allow you to shake the sugar out in small amounts. However, others have a spout that may be permanently fixed or pop out from the lid so that you can pour sugar in varying amounts. Considering your plans for using the sugar shaker and ease of use will help you decide which design suits you best.

You should consider your preferences for aesthetics, usability and care as you explore sugar shakers made of different materials. If you want to see how much sugar remains, look for clear plastic or glass shakers but be aware of the breakability of glass. Otherwise, you might prefer stainless steel or ceramic options that usually look more unique. Stainless steel excels in durability and can match stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, while ceramic shakers add an elegant touch and come in plenty of styles.

Make sure you also consider the sugar shaker’s capacity and other potentially important features. You’ll find the capacity stated in ounces, and choosing a larger shaker saves you the hassle of filling it too often. Some notable features to look for include the ability to clean the shaker in the dishwasher and a user-friendly design that makes it easy to hold. Additionally, check whether the shaker makes it easy to dispense the right amount of sugar precisely.

What to Look For

  • Moisture can get into your sugar and make it turn clumpy. While the sugar shaker helps protect the sugar inside it, you’ll want to make sure the sugar you might have remaining in bags or boxes stays dry and in a cool location.
  • Avoid keeping your sugar near things with strong odors since they could get absorbed. This can cause your sugar to both smell and taste bad.
  • To avoid unpleasant surprises later, inspect the sugar carefully before you put it in your shaker. If you’ve had a bag of sugar in a cupboard for a while, it could contain insects or have mold growth. Both of these mean you should toss out that bad sugar and get something new.
  • Whether you use the dishwasher or not, make sure you clean your sugar shaker as needed.
  • Be careful to avoid messes when you fill your sugar shaker. If you need to pour sugar from a big bag, you might find using a funnel a good option.
  • When adding sugar to foods, try shaking out a little at a time so you don’t accidentally use too much. You’ll likely find it much easier to add more later than try to remove excess sugar.
  • If your sugar shaker’s lid or spout closes, be sure to keep it closed. You’ll also want to make sure the lid stays screwed on tightly during use. Taking these precautions will help avoid messes in case the shaker tips over.
  • You may have heard that sugar doesn’t have an expiration date. However, you’ll likely find a “best by” date on the packaging that tells you when the quality should be at a good standard. If you don’t see a specific date, it usually stays good for two years from when you open the sugar.
  • Consider your wellness when you choose to add sugar to foods. Even if you don’t have some condition that requires limiting how much sugar you ingest, you still don’t want to overdo it since the sugar will add calories to your food.

More to Explore

Did you know that people have cultivated sugarcane as far back as over 10,000 years ago in Papua New Guinea? Since then, people around the world have enjoyed various forms of sugar, and it remains a crop in high demand. Brazil and India are the top producers of sugar, and the U.S. takes the fifth place.

If you think you might eat too much sugar, consider some statistics. While guidelines recommend setting a 10% limit for added sugars based on your calorie intake, the average American goes overboard and enjoys 17 teaspoons daily. Additionally, Americans combined consume an estimated 11 million metric tons of it every year.

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