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The Best Sugar And Creamer Set

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Sugar And Creamer Sets

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Sweejar Fluted Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece

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Fluted Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece

This white and gold vintage three-piece sugar and creamer collection will complement any dining set. Made from ceramic, it’s ideal for serving coffee or tea to guests or even in a commercial setting.

Overall Take

British Royal StyleAdd sophistication with this ceramic British royal sugar and creamer set with a spoon.

 Runner Up

Kook Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece


Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece

Serve tea or coffee with this elegant and well-made sugar and creamer set, which comes with a spoon and sweetener holder. Made from ceramic, this compact collection is dishwasher safe for ease of clean-up.

Overall Take

Simple, Sleek and DurableServe everything that accompanies coffee or tea with this understated and durable sugar and creamer set that’s sold with a sweetener holder.

 We Also Like

BPFY Modern Style Porcelain Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece


Modern Style Porcelain Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece

Made from porcelain ceramic, this cream-colored creamer and sugar bowl with a spoon is modern and understated, without any gaudy embellishments. The set is safe in the dishwasher and microwave, making food prep and clean-up a snap.

Overall Take

Lovely and VersatileThis modern, porcelain sugar and creamer set is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, as well as eco-friendly, thanks to its porcelain construction.

 Strong Contender

FUYU Drip-Free Spout Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece


Drip-Free Spout Ceramic Sugar And Creamer Set, 3-Piece

These sets of bright sugar bowls and creamers are available in several vibrant colors so you can coordinate with any style in your home. Made from durable ceramic, they’re microwave and dishwasher-safe, have a comfortable handle and an easy-pour spout.

Overall Take

Match Any StyleNo matter the style of your existing dinnerware or serve ware, these vibrant sugar and creamer sets will make an excellent accompaniment.

Buying Guide

When choosing a sugar and creamer set, you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice. Fortunately, there are a number of decisions you’ll need to make before you home in on what you’ll buy, which eases the process a bit.

Some of the most crucial things to consider are the footprint and capacity of the containers. If you routinely entertain large groups or are buying sets for use in a commercial setting, you need something larger. On the other hand, small sets are easier to store and can help prevent waste.

Another aspect is durability. Some people may want a thicker glass or less delicate material, while others might prefer something dainty even though it is more prone to breakage. Most sugar and creamer sets are made from porcelain or ceramic. Both of these can break if dropped. If that’s a concern, look for something that’s specifically durable or made from silicone or plastic.

In addition, think about how often you’ll use, and need to clean, your sugar and creamer set. Some sets can be washed in the dishwasher while others need to be cleaned by hand.

Most sets come with more pieces than just the sugar bowl and creamer. Several come with lids and spoons for the sugar bowl, lids for the creamer, and even specially sized ramekins as holders for sweeteners. Get everything you need, but don’t pay more for items you won’t use. If your set doesn’t come with a spoon, you’ll need to use one of your own to scoop the sugar when you serve.

You may want your set to match or complement your decor. Many items on the market are sold in neutral colors, such as white or cream. But others come in brighter shades or have flourishes or details that match certain styles better than others.

What to Look For

  • Before purchasing, carefully compare the volume and dimensions of the sugar and creamer sets you’re considering to ensure you get the size you want and need.
  • Read the care instructions for your sugar and creamer set before using a particular detergent or putting it in the dishwasher.
  • Fill the creamer slowly so you don’t spill any liquid.
  • You can use your sugar and creamer set for other purposes, like holding toppings for an ice cream or pancake bar. The creamer is perfect for hot fudge or syrup!

More to Explore

Adding cold creamer to a steaming cup of coffee can cool it off initially, but adding cream to coffee actually helps it stay warm longer. It makes the drink thicker, which helps the heat evaporate more slowly.

Sugar changes coffee on a molecular level. That’s how it helps block the bitter taste. The sugar, coffee and water interact to bring out the more subtle flavors of the bean. Keep in mind that only real sugar can do this; other sweeteners do not have the same chemical composition and work differently.

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