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The Best Stuffed Bunnies

Last updated on April 30, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Stuffed Bunnies

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Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Bunnies

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Melissa & Doug

Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Bunnies

This traditional-style bunny features natural colors and measures 9 inches tall. The fur gives it a cozy, plush feel, and the soft filling makes it appealing to cuddle. It can hold up to use well too.

Overall Take

Good Comfort ItemConsider this classic bunny if you want something very soft and ideal as a cuddly comfort item.

 Runner Up

Living Nature Cuddly Grey Dutch Lop Eared Stuffed Bunnies

Living Nature

Cuddly Grey Dutch Lop Eared Stuffed Bunnies

With details that make it look like the actual animal, this bunny makes a great addition to a collection. It comes in brown and gray options and measures 10 inches tall. The tag provides facts about the bunny's breed.

Overall Take

Educates and EntertainsAlong with providing comfort and enjoyment, this plushie helps with learning facts about rabbits.

 We Also Like

My OLi Easter Floppy Ear Sitting Stuffed Bunnies

My OLi

Easter Floppy Ear Sitting Stuffed Bunnies

Available in four colors, this bunny has a cartoon-like look with big eyes. Its fur feels soft and fluffy for comfortable cuddling. This cute plushie measures 8.5 inches tall and suits any age.

Overall Take

Fun Color OptionsIf you like cartoon-style bunnies, this huggable option comes in both traditional and fun colors.

 Strong Contender

Bedtime Originals Sasha Wood Plush Stuffed Bunnies

Bedtime Originals

Sasha Wood Plush Stuffed Bunnies

This adorable bunny features soft, white fur and has a 13-inch height. Its unique ears are very long and have polka-dotted bows on them. You can safely wash this plushie in your machine for easy maintenance.

Overall Take

Cute and UniqueIf you'd like a cute and cozy bunny that looks less traditional, this option is a good choice.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your child or someone else, a stuffed bunny makes a cute and versatile gift. A stuffed bunny for a loved one can commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Easter. You can also get one to display or help you build a collection. Plus, stuffed bunnies serve as a cuddly and soft comfort item for all ages. 

Many stuffed bunnies tend to come in natural colors like gray, white or brown. They usually sit up and have floppy ears, but they otherwise don’t contain a lot of detail. Others, however, have intricate details that make them resemble particular breeds. These have the advantage of doubling as educational tools since they may include a booklet or tag with bunny facts.

Less realistic stuffed bunnies come in more creative styles that make them resemble cartoon characters or fantasy creatures. For example, an Easter bunny plushie may have an unnatural color such as blue or pink, cartoonish eyes, and an attached basket, carrot or egg. A Peter Rabbit stuffed bunny would feature the character’s famous jacket and possibly include the book. Some unique cartoon-style bunnies may look more like pillows than typical stuffed animals.

The materials and feel of the stuffed bunny are important considerations. Ideally, you’ll want something durable, washable, hypoallergenic and cuddly. Many stuffed bunnies have soft fur and contain enough stuffing to feel very squeezable and not heavy. But if you prefer something else, you can find knitted stuffed bunnies as well as those made from materials like fabric or leather.

Stuffed bunnies come in many sizes, so consider the user’s age and intended use so you know what to get. Medium-sized options are most popular and versatile since they don’t take up much space, are easy to cuddle and come in a wide selection. But if you need something for a young child, you might opt for a small stuffed bunny instead. On the other hand, a large bunny makes for a fun and memorable gift to display and play with, but it takes up room the recipient may not have.

What to Look For

  • Most stuffed bunnies don’t require batteries, but some have entertaining electronic features you might like. For example, the bunny could light up, move, play sounds or do all of these. If you want a really unique gift, you can find stuffed bunnies that let you record your voice to share a special message with the recipient.
  • Picking the right stuffed bunny for someone else can get tricky. But as long as you don’t plan to surprise them, you could just ask the recipient questions about things such as their favorite color or bunny character. To ensure you don’t buy a duplicate, you could also ask if they already have stuffed bunnies and which types. 
  • If shopping for a child, make sure the stuffed bunny suits their age. Avoid options that have small removable parts, sharp features or strings that could cause an injury or present a choking hazard. And regardless of the recipient’s age, the bunny shouldn’t contain any harmful materials or something they have an allergy to.
  • For safety reasons, avoid letting a child under one year old sleep with a stuffed bunny. 
  • Stuffed bunnies can collect dust easily, so consider putting them away in a toy box or bag when not in use. You can use a vacuum or brush to get the dust off if needed.
  • Check the stuffed bunny’s tag to see the manufacturer’s directions for washing it. If the tag mentions you can use a washing machine, stick with a gentle setting and consider putting the bunny in a pillowcase so that it will experience less wear. Always use a gentle soap if you hand wash or spot clean the stuffed bunny. And in any case, avoid getting electronic components wet. 
  • If you buy an electronic stuffed bunny that doesn’t seem to work, make sure that you’ve turned on any activation button and pulled out any tab placed in the battery compartment. You can try replacing the batteries if these steps don’t work.
  • When buying a stuffed bunny as a gift, consider creative ways to package it. If you don’t mind clueing the recipient in on what you bought, you could get a bunny-themed bag or gift wrap and include a bunny-themed card.  

More to Explore

The idea of a stuffed animal likely dates back to around 2,300 years ago when Romans made their own rag dolls. However, it would take until 1880 when a stuffed elephant would debut as a modern version of the toy. More than two decades later, Peter Rabbit would become the first patented stuffed animal in 1903.

Stuffed animals like rabbits and bears remain extremely popular as Americans spend over $1 billion annually on them. While people often associate stuffed animals with kids, an estimated 43% of adults have them and often even sleep with them. That’s not too surprising considering the comfort, relaxation and companionship that stuffed animals can offer all ages.

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