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The Best Steering Wheel Cover

Last updated on July 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Steering Wheel Covers

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ChuLian Diamond Leather Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover

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Diamond Leather Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover

Available in 14 color options, this cover is made of a faux leather and has rhinestones around the entire circumference. It comes in both standard and large sizes for flexibility.

Overall Take

Eye-Catching LookIf you'd like a fun and unique cover, this one catches the eye with its glitzy rhinestones.

 Runner Up

KAFEEK Universal Fit Microfiber Leather Viscose Anti-Slip Steering Wheel Cover


Universal Fit Microfiber Leather Viscose Anti-Slip Steering Wheel Cover

This cover comes in one size and features a mix of mesh and faux leather materials. It's designed to allow for a good grip and help keep your hands comfortable regardless of the temperature. You can choose from four color options.

Overall Take

Comfortable to UseYou'll find this option comfortable for the temperature control and solid grip it offers.

 We Also Like

SEG Direct Two-Toned Faux Leather Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover

SEG Direct

Two-Toned Faux Leather Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover

Coming in six two-toned styles, this wheel has three size options that fit wheels with diameters ranging from 14 to 16 inches. The imitation leather material helps you keep a good grip and offers a good aesthetic.

Overall Take

Multiple Size OptionsConsider this option if you need something with flexible sizes that accommodate small to large wheels.

 Also Great

AOTOMIO Baja Textured Flax Cloth Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover


Baja Textured Flax Cloth Universal Fit Steering Wheel Cover

Designed to look stylish in your car, this cover features nine colorful pattern options. It's made of rubber with a fabric cover. You can get it in one size accommodating 14.5- to 15-inch diameters.

Overall Take

Interesting PatternsYou'll find this cover a good choice if you like interesting patterns that can complement your car's interior.

Buying Guide

A steering wheel cover offers many benefits that can improve the driving experience and keep your steering wheel looking good. For example, the cover helps keep your hands more comfortable in varying temperatures and makes it easier to grip the wheel. In addition, the cover protects your steering wheel from wear and dirt and can add style to your car’s interior when you choose an aesthetic design. 

You should start by choosing a steering wheel cover that provides a good fit. You don’t want something that fits too loosely and makes your hands slip or something that is too small to even get on the wheel. To make sizing easier, many manufacturers offer universal options that accommodate steering wheels with common diameters of around 14.5 to 15 inches. However, your steering wheel’s size could vary, so you may need to shop around for specifically sized options.

Steering wheel covers can consist of many materials such as real and faux leathers, plastic, sheepskin and microfiber. The material matters a lot since it affects the comfort, grip, durability, appearance and feel of the cover. Plus, some materials are better for temperature control than others.

A leather cover looks fancy and is easy to grip, but it adds weight that can make the steering experience feel different. Faux leather provides a similar appearance and grip but is lighter. Microfiber cloth, on the other hand, looks more casual, is lightweight and still provides a good grip, while sheepskin has a unique fluffy look and excels with temperature control. Lastly, plastic can be an economical choice but doesn’t always provide the best aesthetic and can be slippery. 

You can expect to have no shortage of styles and colors of steering wheel covers to pick from. You might go with something that matches your vehicle’s interior such as a classic black cover, or you could pick a two-toned cover that also takes into consideration your car’s exterior color. More fun options also exist including steering wheel covers with patterns like camouflage and galaxy prints or themes such as animals, flowers or famous characters.

What to Look For

  • To make sure you get the right fit, find a tape measure that is flexible and measure your steering wheel. At the very least, you should measure the diameter by going straight across the center of the steering wheel. In some cases, you’ll also want to measure the grip circumference; keep in mind this measurement may vary slightly at different places on the wheel.
  • Before putting on your new cover, take some time to thoroughly clean your steering wheel. You should use a microfiber cloth along with a cleaning solution appropriate for your steering wheel’s material. For example, a leather steering wheel would need a leather cleaner, while you could use a general interior spray for plastic or faux leather steering wheels. Be sure the steering wheel fully dries before you proceed with covering it.
  • The installation process should be rather simple. You’ll want to start putting the cover on the top of the wheel before you move down to the sides and lastly finish at the bottom. Be prepared to stretch the cover as you’re working it on to the wheel. Note that you may need to put extra effort into getting it positioned on the bottom. 
  • If you have difficulties putting on or removing the steering wheel cover, consider using some heat since this will make the material more flexible. A blow dryer is a good tool for this, and you can aim it at the problematic area of the cover. This technique is best for covers that stretch.
  • To get a longer lifespan out of your steering wheel cover, choose one that resists wear. If you choose a lighter color that can easily show stains, you should also consider looking for one made of a stain-resistant material.
  • If you have concerns about your steering wheel feeling too hot or cold, consider specialized cover options. For example, you can find steering wheel covers that contain areas filled with a cooling gel for those hot months. During the winter, a high-tech heated steering wheel cover that uses power from your car’s power outlet can improve your comfort while driving.

More to Explore

The invention of automobiles dates back to Germany in the late 1800s. However, the idea of a steering wheel cover just dates back to just 1948 when an Ohioan named Ralph R. Oberlin filed a patent that would get approved in 1952. He proposed a cover that looked like a sheet made of a material like plastic or cloth, and it used elastic to secure the cover to the wheel.

He saw the steering wheel cover as a way to keep the wheel clean while a mechanic provided services. Therefore, he believed service stations would get continued business when customers noticed the clean condition when they picked up their vehicles. Oberlin also considered that the cover could be made cheaply, which could boost the popularity further.

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