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The Best Spice Jars

Last updated on April 6, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Spice Jars

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AOZITA Snap-On Shaker Lids Spice Jars, 24-Piece

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Snap-On Shaker Lids Spice Jars, 24-Piece

This 24-piece spice jar kit comes with circular chalkboard labels for the cap and clear PVC labels for the jar. A collapsible funnel is included with the kit, making it easier to fill each jar.

Overall Take

Traditional, Clean and Organized These spice jars provide everything you need to keep your spices organized and looking great.

 Runner Up

Simple Houseware Labels & Clear Glass Spice Jars, 12-Pack

Simple Houseware

Labels & Clear Glass Spice Jars, 12-Pack

These spice jars come in a 12-pack with waterproof stickers for easy identification. With a smaller count than other spice jar packs, these are best for those with smaller spice collections.

Overall Take

Containers for Small CollectionsEquipped with all you need, these spice jars are ideal for the casual cook looking to spruce up their spice collection.

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CycleMore Silicone Funnel & Metal Caps Spice Jars, 30-Pack


Silicone Funnel & Metal Caps Spice Jars, 30-Pack

This spice jar set includes 30 jars and blank decals, making it perfect for those with an array of spices that might not be included on pre-printed labels. It even comes with a small brush to make cleaning easier.

Overall Take

At-Home Chef OptionsThese spice jars are ideal for anyone who requires flexibility and enjoys building out their selection of spices.

 Strong Contender

Encheng Hinged Airtight Lids Spice Jars, 30-Pack


Hinged Airtight Lids Spice Jars, 30-Pack

Storing whole spices has never looked better than with these time-honored mason jars. With an air-tight seal, your spices will stay fresh and tidy.

Overall Take

When Pre-Ground Isn’t EnoughIf pre-ground spices are not your preference, these mason jar-style spice jars will keep your spices in order while sprucing up your kitchen.

Buying Guide

Spice jars are typically 4-ounce glass jars equipped with caps and sifters that streamline cooking. Because many pre-packaged spices vary in size, shape and labels, spice collections can appear disorganized, no matter how neatly you place them in your cabinet.

Many people prefer to store their spices in uniform and neatly labeled spice jars to improve the appearance of spice collections. This helps spices appear organized and easier to sort through when cooking.

Most spice jar sets come with pre-printed and blank labels, while other sets include an additional funnel for easy filling, a brush for cleaning and a white pen for blank labels.

Spice jar kits come with multiple jars, typically ranging from 12 to 30. This makes transferring your collection to new spice jars more cost-effective.

Spice jars come in a wide variety of styles including square jars, spherical jars or mason jars, making it easy to find the right set for your taste. There is a wide variety of caps as well, from snap caps, to twist off caps, and metal and plastic caps.

You can also store a range of spices, as spice jars can hold ground spices or whole spices — whichever you prefer. Just keep in mind that if you wish to store whole spices, the jar’s mouth should be wide enough to add or remove the spices easily.

Spice jars can help keep you organized without causing an eyesore. With all the options available you’ll have no problem finding a set that best suits your needs.

What to Look For

  • It’s helpful to take inventory of your spices before purchasing so you know you will have enough jars.
  • Clean spice jars with warm, soapy water before and between uses to remove any contaminants.
  • Place labels on the spice jar caps if you plan on storing them in a drawer for easier organization.
  • Store spice jars in a cool, dry place to ensure your spices remain in top condition.
  • If storing whole spices, ensure the spice jars are wide enough for easy use.
  • Use a funnel to cut down on mess when filling the jars.

More to Explore

Spice jars can be traced back millions of years to when early humans utilized spices for their many health benefits. Spices are deeply woven into human history for both culinary or medicinal purposes.

Some primitive spice jars were made from wood. However glass jars are the preferred vessel for spices today for many reasons — especially when used for culinary purposes.

Glass jars equipped with an air-tight seal prevent moisture build-up. This is especially helpful for dry spices that can absorb moisture, potentially leading to mold when stored in warm environments.

Glass spice jars are also reusable, extending their lifespan and making them a more sustainable option than plastic containers.

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