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The Best Silk Scrunchie

Last updated on October 3, 2022

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BeeVines Multicolor Silk Scrunchies, 60 Count

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Multicolor Silk Scrunchies, 60 Count

Made of shiny satin, these scrunchies come in a pack of 60. You get a color selection with every colors of the rainbow alongside neutral colors. There are also some extras like a storage bag plus ponytail creator tool.

Overall Take

Huge Selection and ExtrasConsider this pack of scrunchies if you'd like the convenience of a huge color selection and extras.

 Also Great

Ivyu Vsco Girl Silk Scrunchies, 4 Count


Vsco Girl Silk Scrunchies, 4 Count

There are four scrunchies made of satin with each box set, and the band inside them is designed to be flexible yet allow for a good hold. You can choose from 11 color combinations for variety.

Overall Take

Good for StabilityThese packs of scrunchies can offer style, comfort and a secure hold.

Pengxiaomei Skinny Silk Scrunchies, 12 Count


Skinny Silk Scrunchies, 12 Count

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Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a way to wear your hair up, a silk scrunchie is a fancier alternative to a simple hair tie. Unlike a basic hair elastic that can easily pull on your hair, this accessory is covered with silk fabric for improved comfort and less stress on your hair. Silk scrunchies have also made a comeback to the fashion scene, so you can use one to add some fun to your look if you’d rather not get something more discrete.

When shopping for silk scrunchies, you’ll find that some are made of real silk while others are made of a satin material. Both options can work fine for holding your hair up, but they do have some different pros and cons. Real silk scrunchies offer the most luxurious feel and are usually the most comfortable and protective option, though they’re often pricier. Satin scrunchies, on the other hand, can offer a similar look at a more economical price, but some may not be as comfortable or protective as real silk ones.

You can find silk scrunchies in different sizes to accommodate specific hair types, lengths, and thicknesses. If you’ve got short hair or only want to tie up a small amount of hair, mini silk scrunchies with a diameter of a few inches can be a good choice. If you’ve got hair of medium thickness, you might prefer a small- or medium-size scrunchie with a diameter of around 4 to 5.5 inches. Larger scrunchies are a good choice if you have thick or coarse hair, but they are not ideal for thin hair.

Silk scrunchies most often come in packs that include anywhere from a few to several dozen. This means you’ll usually have many color options to fit your tastes and wardrobe. If you prefer neutral colors, you could get a set with white, brown, gray and black scrunchies. On the other hand, you could get a large pack with many shades of bright colors for the most variety.

What to Look For

  • Silk scrunchies are a good choice if you have damaged hair or are prone to breakage. That’s because the fabric is very smooth, so you don’t have to worry about much friction that can both harm your hair and cause you pain from hair pulling. They also don’t cause annoying creases in your hair, so you’ll be able to change your hairstyle easily without hassle.
  • While wearing your hair up to sleep in general can help prevent tangles, silk scrunchies especially handle the job well by protecting your hair so you can avoid the damage you might experience with other hair tie options.
  • A very popular hairstyle is wearing a silk scrunchie with a simple high or low ponytail, but you have many more options. For example, you can easily wrap the scrunchie around a full or half bun or even use multiple scrunchies on a long ponytail for a creative look. Space buns are another fun hairstyle made easy with silk scrunchies, while you can also use one to dress up a simple braid.
  • You’ll usually wrap your silk scrunchie two or three times around your hair. If you prefer to wrap it more times, you should consider getting a larger size than you normally would.
  • Be sure to take proper care of your silk scrunchies per the manufacturer’s directions. You might be able to use a special detergent or regular shampoo for this, and you’ll wash them by hand in cool water. You’ll need to leave your scrunchies out to dry since using a machine isn’t recommended.
  • You may find that silk scrunchies are more slippery and don’t offer as much grip as stronger hair ties do. This could cause issues with the scrunchie sliding down throughout the day, especially if you’re active. You can try using hairspray to keep your hair better in place.

More to Explore

Have you ever wondered how the scrunchie came about? While hair ties covered with fabric have existed since the 1950s, it wasn’t until 1986 that the modern scrunchie got patented.

It was a nightclub singer named Rommy Revson who created the accessory and actually named it after her dog Scrunchie. Like many people today, she wanted something that could hold her hair up without pulling on it and causing damage. After looking at how her pajama waistband worked, she crafted a gold and black scrunchie using some elastic and fabric.

The scrunchie lasted as a major fashion trend through the 1980s and 1990s. It has regained popularity in recent years thanks to nostalgia.

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