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The Best Rings For Men

Last updated on September 29, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Rings For Men

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ThunderFit Breathable Silicone Wedding Rings For Men

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Breathable Silicone Wedding Rings For Men

Crafted from hypoallergenic, flexible high-grade silicone, these wedding bands can be worn in place to protect the actual one from scratches. The durable, flexible silicone is great for wearing when participating in sports or at work.

Overall Take

Designed For Athletic LifestylesSome people prefer these rings more than traditional bands, keeping them on all the time!

 Runner Up

Egnaro Inner Arc Silicone Wedding Rings For Men


Inner Arc Silicone Wedding Rings For Men

Egnaro's 0.39-inch wide, 0.098-inch thick silicone rings come in various sizes (including half sizes) and colors. They are ergonomically designed with an internal groove and diamond pattern design to add comfort and keep moisture out.

Overall Take

A Handsome, Unique LookThese lightweight, stylish rings are smooth, and you will be, too, whenever you wear them.

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AIDSOTOU Adjustable Goth Rings for Men, 16 Pieces


Adjustable Goth Rings for Men, 16 Pieces

Here's a set of 16 metal alloy open-style rings with gothic-inspired designs like snakes, skulls, claws, moons, evil eyes and more. They're adjustable, so one size fits all, and each has a vintage silver tone. You'll never need to worry about these high-quality rings turning your fingers green.

Overall Take

Sixteen for Your FingersYou can wear these rings one at a time or one per finger. They also look good stacked.

 Strong Contender

Groove Life Comfort Fit Silicone Rings For Men

Groove Life

Comfort Fit Silicone Rings For Men

Groove Life's comfortable men's rings have a patented design made from 100% medical-grade silicone that fits snugly at first and then stretches enough to accommodate your finger. They are made in Tennessee and designed by an Alaskan adventure guide. You'll appreciate the interior of these rings.

Overall Take

Conforms to Your DigitsThese rings are rounded, with breathable material that wicks away moisture.

Buying Guide

A wedding band lets other people know that the wearer is “off the market” and can be basic without decorations, subtle designs or attention-seeking features. Traditional gold and silver bands will likely never go out of style but can require more of an investment. For this reason, many people leave their bands at home when they go to work or play sports, reserving them for special occasions.

This is why silicone rings have become so popular as of late. Silicone bands are great for people who travel, perform manual labor or enjoy athletic activities like playing basketball and hiking. They are made from flexible, durable rubber and are found in various textures, sizes and colors. These rings are usually priced at under $50, but remember that the material will not last as long as gold, silver or platinum; silicone breaks down over time.

Since these rings are made from a flexible material, they often come in half sizes and can feel slightly tight initially. They stretch out somewhat to conform to the finger size and often have grooves. Those wick away moisture and can also make the fit much more comfortable. Other kinds of rings with open ends can also provide more customized fits.

If you need to get a gold, silver or platinum wedding band, there are plenty to choose from, including matching sets that fit together like puzzle pieces. Check the sizing charts before ordering your rings to get the best fit. If you choose to do this online, see if the manufacturer offers an exchange policy, just in case.

What to Look For

  • If you are getting married, order your bands well before the wedding date as you may have to exchange them if they don’t fit.
  • You can wash silicone rings with gentle dishwashing soap, then air dry.
  • Don’t wear silicone rings in the shower because bacteria can form between the ring and your skin.
  • Wedding bands are usually worn on the fourth (ring) finger, but you can wear other rings on your other digits.
  • Most people wear their wedding bands on their left hand, but there are no set rules.
  • If you switch between your actual wedding band and a silicone one, store the real thing in the same place every time so it won’t get lost.
  • Men’s rings don’t need to only be worn by men!

More to Explore

Historians believe the first wedding rings appeared in ancient Egypt when pharaohs wore them. The circle shape represented eternity to them, and Egyptians built their culture on the belief that the soul lives on after the body is deceased.

They also felt that the fourth finger on the left hand contained a vein that ran right into the heart: the vena amoris, or “vein of love.” Though scientists later proved this theory false, the notion that eternal love goes on forever persists to this day.

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