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The Best Plastic Tablecloth

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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Exquisite Premium Opaque Round Plastic Tablecloths, 12 Pack

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Premium Opaque Round Plastic Tablecloths, 12 Pack

Available in over 30 colors, these tablecloths fit round tables and are 84 inches long and wide. They're made to be disposable but not so thin that they're transparent. They come in a convenient pack of 12.

Overall Take

Sturdy and ConvenientThis large pack of tablecloths for round tables suits cases where you want a thicker, opaque material.

 Runner Up

Grandipity Premium Disposable Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth, 12 Pack


Premium Disposable Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth, 12 Pack

This set has 12 rectangular tablecloths measuring 108 inches long by 54 inches wide. The 40 colors include rainbow, party and holiday themes alongside patterns and solids. They're made not to easily tear or fade.

Overall Take

Fun Themed StylesIf you're hosting an event and need something unique, this tablecloth set has plenty of fun themes that can fit the occasion.

 We Also Like

Prestee Metallic Dot Disposable Rectangular Plastic Tablecloths, 12 Pack


Metallic Dot Disposable Rectangular Plastic Tablecloths, 12 Pack

Coming in a set of 12, these rectangular tablecloths measure 108 inches long and 54 inches wide. The three color options feature metallic dots. While fine for casual use, these tablecloths especially fit formal occasions.

Overall Take

Suits Formal OccasionsConsider these tablecloths if you need several and want something decorative for a special occasion.

 Strong Contender

Creative Converting Festive Snowflake Swirls Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth

Creative Converting

Festive Snowflake Swirls Rectangular Plastic Tablecloth

Designed for rectangular tables, this individual tablecloth is white with blue and silver snowflakes for a wintry look. It measures 102 inches long by 54 inches wide. It suits both holiday parties and seasonal kitchen use.

Overall Take

Ideal for WinterIf you need something appropriate for a winter occasion, this snowflake tablecloth has a fitting theme.

Buying Guide

A tablecloth dresses up any table and provides a barrier of protection in case of spills or other mishaps that could cause damage. Compared to alternatives like fabric, choosing a plastic one offers a lot of versatility for indoor and outdoor use. Not only can the material hold up to rainy weather and everyday spills, but it’s also easy to clean and usually cost-effective. Plastic tablecloths also suit situations where you need something you can simply use once and toss.

Consider your table’s size and shape so you can find a plastic tablecloth that fits properly. Plastic tablecloths most often come in round and rectangular shapes, as round ones can also fit square tables and rectangular ones can accommodate oval tables. When looking at the tablecloth’s dimensions, take into account both your table’s measurements and the desired drop. If you have a very small table, you can make adjustments for a larger tablecloth to fit.

Plastic tablecloths are often made of vinyl and come in different thicknesses for specific use cases. The thinnest ones often come in large packs and suit situations where you prefer something disposable and don’t mind less durability. But if you want a plastic tablecloth for long-term use, look for thicker tablecloths usually sold individually or in small sets. These sturdier tablecloths can also come in more designs than disposable ones do.

Lastly, get a plastic tablecloth with a look that suits your event or matches your kitchen. You’ll find a huge selection of solid colors that offer versatility. Checkered, floral, dotted and geometric patterns are also popular alongside plastic tablecloths with colorful graphics or scenes. For special occasions or holidays, you might prefer options with fancy embellishments, a shiny appearance or themed patterns.

What to Look For

  • Since plastic tablecloths often come in multiples, you’ll usually have an easy time getting enough for several tables at a party. If you only need a few though, you can look for smaller packs or just keep the extras to use in the future.
  • Check the manufacturer’s description for the plastic tablecloth’s dimensions and the table size it fits. You can plan on needing a tablecloth that is significantly larger than your table to allow for the part that hangs over all the sides. For example, if you have a round table with a 24-inch diameter, the tablecloth may need to have a 36-inch diameter. 
  • Take care if you decide to trim your plastic tablecloth for a better fit. Make sure you use a tape measure to determine the optimal measurements and make markings on the tablecloth so that you cut it properly. 
  • When putting the tablecloth on, make sure the drop is even around all the sides. 
  • You can easily clean your plastic tablecloth with soap and water. Consider using something soft like a sponge to prevent tears during the process.
  • In some cases, you might want to consider alternative tablecloth materials since plastic tablecloths do have some downsides. For example, they can be slippery and tear easily. They can also melt if you put something too hot on them. 
  • If you’re using a plastic tablecloth outside on a windy day, beware of it blowing off. While getting a thicker, heavier tablecloth can help, you should still consider clipping it to the table or using some kind of weights to hold down the sides. Putting down a heavy centerpiece can also work.
  • Having your plastic tablecloth slip around can get annoying, but you can try a few tricks to stop it. Some simple double-sided tape under the tablecloth may do the job as well as placing an anti-slip underlay beneath it.
  • Before storing a used plastic tablecloth, clean it off and dry it fully so that you don’t find mildew or mold on it later. Avoid folding it in a way that will cause inconvenient creases when you get it out again. Additionally, choose a storage location that doesn’t have a lot of moisture or heat.
  • Plastic tablecloths usually can’t go in the recycling bin. You can either throw them away or look into donation options if the tablecloths remain in good condition.

More to Explore

While very convenient, plastic tablecloths can have a reputation for not looking as fancy or stylish as their fabric counterparts. However, there are plenty of ways to dress one up. For example, you could use a complementary table runner, add a fancy centerpiece or place some vases or candle holders on the table. Even some nice tableware can help enhance the look.

Which tablecloth you choose and how you place it will also play a role. You may find that a plain tablecloth in a neutral color such as white makes the plastic look somewhat less noticeable than if you get something flashy. Taking time to straighten out the tablecloth’s creases so that it looks smooth on the table will also give it a better appearance.

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