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The Best Pins For Sewing

Last updated on May 31, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Pins For Sewing

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Sunenlyst Assorted Colors Ball Glass Head Pins For Sewing, 500-Count

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Assorted Colors Ball Glass Head Pins For Sewing, 500-Count

These pins for sewing are made from high-quality materials that are sturdy and durable. The pins have glass ball heads in different colors. They can also be used for crafting and decoration in addition to sewing.

Overall Take

High QualityThese glass ball head pins are sturdy and sharp.

 Runner Up

Phinus Easy Store Flat Head Straight Pins For Sewing, 1000-Count


Easy Store Flat Head Straight Pins For Sewing, 1000-Count

You’ll have plenty of pins for sewing with this set of 1,000. They are made from high-quality stainless steel and are strong and durable. The pins can easily pierce medium thick fabric.

Overall Take

Large QuantityThis set comes with 1,000 sewing pins.

 Strong Contender

Pengxiaomei Flower-Shaped Crafting Pins For Sewing, 200-Count


Flower-Shaped Crafting Pins For Sewing, 200-Count

Included in this set of pins for sewing are 200 pins and a handy storage case. You can get the pins with either butterfly or flower heads, all of which come in an assortment of bright colors. Use the pins when making a shirt, creating a piece of jewelry or decorating a craft project.

Overall Take

Unique DesignThese pins for sewing are made using a steel wire that is extremely reliable.

 Also Great

Dritz Alloy Steel Ball Head Pins For Sewing, 200-Count


Alloy Steel Ball Head Pins For Sewing, 200-Count

The heads of these pins for sewing resemble shiny pearls. There are 100 pins in the set, with each pin measuring 1 1/2 inches in length. Crafters will appreciate the high-quality of the pins, which have an attractive nickel plating.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickThis pack of pins for sewing has an affordable price tag.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re just learning to sew or have been honing your skills for years, it helps to have pins for sewing in your kit. These are helpful for holding pieces of fabric together before you sew them in place, as well as when you’re cutting patterns. Those who sew know that it’s important to use the right pins so they are easy and quick to remove as you sew with the machine.

There are many different pins for sewing, in different lengths and thicknesses and with different pinheads. The type you need will depending on what you are sewing. If you’re a dressmaker and frequently sew various types of clothes, then you will need to choose delicate pins that are thin so they don’t leave any holes in the fabric. The type of pinhead the pins will need will depend on whether you have to press the clothes with an iron or not.

Standard flathead sewing pins are great for dressmakers; some prefer to use round-headed pins with colorful heads so they are easy to spot on the fabric. If you want to iron over the pins, it’s best to go with glass-headed ones which won’t melt with heat. For those who sew knits, it’s important to use ballpoint pins with rounded tips so they don’t tear the knit weave. For silk and other delicate fabrics, it’s best so go with extra-fine pins. They won’t slip out of the fabric and won’t snag or tear the materials. For those working on expensive gowns and bridal wear, go with rust-free brass pins as they won’t leave any marks in the material. Fork pins with double heads are good for slippery material often used in lining. They stay in place and give you perfectly matched seams.

What to Look For

  • What kind of pins will you need? It all depends on the type of sewing you plan to do, the kind of fabrics you’re using and whether you’re sewing by hand or machine. Note that if you work on a number of different types of sewing projects, then it’s best to have a variety of sewing pins on hand.
  • Have trouble organizing your sewing pins? A good way to keep your pins separated is in small clear plastic containers with lids. You can find these online or at a dollar store. Be sure to label the containers with what kind of pins are inside, including their measurements. This way, you can easily find what you need. Some people also buy small plastic drawer sets to keep their sewing supplies in, and this is another good option to store pins for sewing. Some sets of sewing pins actually come in their own storage boxes, which makes things a lot easier on your end.
  • You can find pins for sewing in many different quantities, ranging from 100 to 1,000. How many will you need? If you sew large projects, then it’s likely you can go through tens or more at a time. Keep in mind that pins don’t expire or go bad, so it’s okay if you have a lot leftover. You can just store them safely for the next time you need them.

More to Explore

There are many different pins for sewing which are for special uses. For example, if you’re a quilter, you may like flower-head pins, which are good for pinning seams together. These pins lie completely flat so you can stitch close to them without having to remove them. there are tiny sewing pins which are ideal for those who do applique work. These are good for pinning materials with curved seams. If you’re pinning fabric through buttonholes, then you will need t-shaped pins. They are good at going through small spaces as well as through touch fabric such as for upholstery.

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