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The Best Pink Ball

Last updated on May 12, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Pink Balls

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Melissa & Doug Butterfly Design Pink Kickball

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Melissa & Doug

Butterfly Design Pink Kickball

The Melissa & Doug "Cutie Pie" pink durable rubber ball lives up to its name, with an appealing pattern of butterflies, hearts and flowers in deeper pink, bright green and pastel blue. It's BPA-free and measures 9.75 inches in diameter.

Overall Take

Bouncy, Fluttery and FunThis classically made toy is designed for ages two and up and fosters a love of fun outdoor games like catch and kickball.

 Runner Up

adidas Starlancer Butyl Bladder Pink Soccer Ball


Starlancer Butyl Bladder Pink Soccer Ball

Perfect for age 12 and up, this shocking pink Adidas soccer ball has an appealing white "X" pattern, features machine-stitched construction, a butyl interior bladder and is coated with 100% thermoplastic polyurethane panels.

Overall Take

Size 5 for KidsThey'll never lose sight of the ball when it's this bright, and playing the game will be much more enjoyable!

 We Also Like

4KOR Fitness Textured Surface Pink Massage Ball

4KOR Fitness

Textured Surface Pink Massage Ball

With a textured grip exterior and 5-inch high-density foam, this hot pink massage ball is the right tool for targeting sore muscles and stretching them out; use it on the quads, IT band, calves and hamstrings.

Overall Take

A Soothing ToolFitness fans and anyone who needs to work out the kinks and relax a little bit will love this great little massage ball.

 Strong Contender

Vizuioer Non-Slip Mini Pink Pilates Ball


Non-Slip Mini Pink Pilates Ball

Vizuioer's 9-inch diameter mini-exercise ball comes in nine different colors. You can use it for Pilates moves, working on your core, chest, back, hips, arms and legs, and various balancing exercises.

Overall Take

Add it to WorkoutsOrder this ball in pink plus a few other colors for variety, and you'll be in great shape in no time flat!

Buying Guide

The color pink is thought to be calming, and many people associate it with femininity, love and kindness. But when the shade is bold, bright or shocking, it gives off excitement and vibrancy.

Traditional rubber kickballs are the same pinkish color as pencil erasers, and companies often make them more interesting for children by adding graphics like stars, swirls and butterflies. Besides kickballs, other round sporting balls are made for soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, pickleball, golf and more.

As for the excellent news, balls don’t have sharp edges or small parts, so unless they’re very small, these toys are generally safe for the youngest players. Kickballs are made from rubber and are pressured with internal air. The diameter ranges from 8 to 16 inches, but you should stick to the smaller sizes if young kids will be playing with them.

Soccer balls have internal bladders that hold the air, covered with linings and outer shells usually made from polyurethane-coated synthetic leather panels. Like kickballs and soccer balls, beachballs have inflation valves; these summertime toys are made from thin-walled plastic.

You can also buy pink exercise and massage balls. These come in a variety of different sizes for specific purposes. Inflatable large ones are used to do sit-ups and other exercises, while you can use smaller ones for Pilates moves. Finally, massage balls are dense with textured surfaces and are rolled along body parts to stretch out muscles and relieve soreness.

What to Look For

  • Some inflatable balls come with small pumps, while others don’t. The correct pressure for a kickball is 1.5 pounds per square inch (PSI); for soccer balls, it’s between 8.5 and 15.6 PSI.
  • Kids need their exercise, and play balls are great motivation for this.
  • Don’t let your pets play with balls that aren’t specifically designed for dogs and cats.
  • If you can’t find your pump, you may be able to inflate the ball with a fast food straw.
  • If buying a pink ball for a child, read the product description to see if it’s age-appropriate.
  • You can use mini exercise balls during regular exercises to increase the intensity. One example is to squeeze one with your legs just above the knees to engage the inner thighs.

More to Explore

The game of kickball was invented around 1917 by Nicholas C. Seuss (no relation to Dr. Seuss), who was a supervisor at Cincinnati Park Playgrounds. His creation was first called “kick baseball,” and he explained the game’s rules in “The Playground Book,” which he wrote.

Not long after that, the game was incorporated into the education curriculums at countless schools by physical education teachers, and it became wildly popular. Kickball serves as an introduction to baseball and is still played at schools, parks and playgrounds worldwide.

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