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The Best Outdoor Wall Decor

Last updated on September 15, 2022

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Bellaa Lightweight Metal Tree Of Life Outdoor Wall Decor

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Lightweight Metal Tree Of Life Outdoor Wall Decor

You'll find this outdoor wall décor comes in a host of stunning images, including a "Tree of Life," world map with compass and a family of bears. Although the pieces are laser cut from metal, they're actually lightweight and easy to hang.

Overall Take

Multiple Images to Choose FromThis outdoor wall décor looks great over a doorway, on a garden shed or in a workshop.

 Strong Contender

Old River Outdoors Cooper Celtic Tree Of Life Wall Decor

Old River Outdoors

Cooper Celtic Tree Of Life Wall Decor

The eye-catching copper and verdigris finish of this wall decoration will beautify your patio, porch or other outdoor area. It measures only 11-5/8”, so it can be combined with other wall hangings or hung alone in a small space. A metal hanger on the back makes it easy to hang.

Overall Take

Great for Small SpacesIf you’re short on space, this 11 5/8 silver outdoor wall décor could be just what you need.

 Also Great

Riverside Designs Abstract Sun Outdoor Wall Decor

Riverside Designs

Abstract Sun Outdoor Wall Decor

The whimsical design of this outdoor wall décor will liven up any outdoor space. The material is coated metal to endure the rigors of ongoing exposure to weather conditions. The back has strategically placed mounting holes to make it easy to attach to your favorite outdoor wall.

Overall Take

Long-Lasting OptionMade from sturdy metal and clear coating, this wall decoration is built to hold up through many years of turbulent weather.

YEAHOME Handmade Mexican Geckos Outdoor Wall Decor, 4-Piece


Handmade Mexican Geckos Outdoor Wall Decor, 4-Piece

Brighten up any wall with this set of four colorful, hand-painted geckos that have fun details to bring a smile to your face. Each gecko measures 7.4” x 4.3” x 0.8” and is made from cut and bent sheet metal to give them a three-dimensional appearance. The paint is designed to weather exposure to sunlight and rain, with a lightweight build tha...

Overall Take

Fun and ColorfulThe whimsical, colorful look of these geckos will liven up any outdoor space.

Buying Guide

Your outdoor spaces can provide a much-needed escape from the stresses of the day. In fact, natural environments have been proven to offer health benefits, which means all that landscaping could be good for you.

But landscaping doesn’t apply just to ground level. Vertical spaces like fences and walls can use some decorating, too. Plants and wall sconces are great wall décor, but you aren’t limited to those options. Metal wall décor comes in a variety of styles and colors to add unique visual appeal to your home’s exterior.

Before choosing wall décor, though, it’s important to consider the material you’ll be attaching it to. You can’t exactly hammer a nail into stucco or brick, although you can drill a hole. You might instead want to look into a super-strong adhesive designed for outdoor use. This will keep you from making a permanent hole in one of your exterior walls.

For wood, though, installation can be easy. A nail should do the trick. But before you choose décor for hanging on a nail or hook, make sure the décor has a hole in the back for this sort of hanging. Some décor even comes with mounting hardware to make things a little easier for you.

The material of the décor is also essential. Some metals can tarnish with constant exposure to the elements, so you’ll want to go with a durable steel or a metal that’s coated for water protection and fade resistance. If your décor is painted, you’ll also need to ensure it won’t fade over time, particularly if it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Lastly, there’s the look of your outdoor wall décor. The color scheme of your space will play into the items you choose. You can’t go wrong with unpainted metals, but you can get a big pop of color by going with painted décor. Personal taste will often drive those decisions.

What to Look For

  • Before decorating your outdoor spaces, check with your HOA. There might be restrictions on what you can have on display. This could only apply to areas of your house visible to the road, such as your front porch or street-facing walls. But before you invest in décor, it’s worth checking the rules or even asking someone on the HOA board.
  • Outdoor wall décor can range from vibrant and whimsical to traditional and serious. Decide the mood you’re going for before you start shopping to easily narrow down the options.
  • If you’ll be mounting your décor to the wall using nails or screws, make sure there are mounting holes on the back to allow it. Also check to see if mounting hardware is included. If not, you’ll need to make sure you have the right screws or nails on hand, as well as the tools to do the work.
  • Your outdoor décor will be exposed not just to sunlight and rain, but also to windy conditions. Make sure you buy one that’s sturdy enough to withstand the heaviest winds your area experiences, and that you mount it in a way that it won’t detach from the wall.
  • Pay close attention to the dimensions of the wall décor you choose. They can vary widely in size and looks can be deceiving. Measure the wall space to come up with your ideal size and keep that in mind while you’re shopping.
  • You don’t have to go with just one large piece of metal for your wall space. Multiple smaller items can make an even better statement. Consider options that work well together to create an overall look.
  • If your wall décor features paint, make sure the paint is fade-resistant or coated in a way that protects it so it doesn’t lose its luster over time.

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