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The Best Minimalist Desk

Last updated on May 31, 2022

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Lufeiya Side Storage Bag & Waterproof Particle Board Minimalist Desk

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Side Storage Bag & Waterproof Particle Board Minimalist Desk

A white desktop with a black base makes this desk a great fit for a wide variety of décor styles. An attached storage bag gives you a handy place for keeping paperwork and user manuals. It also has a hook for hanging your headphones or bags.

Overall Take

Great for Small SpacesWith a desktop measuring only 39.4” x 19.7”, this desk is great for tucking into corners when space is at a premium.

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Bestier Under Desk Shelves L-Shaped Minimalist Desk


Under Desk Shelves L-Shaped Minimalist Desk

You’ll have everything within arm’s reach with this L-shaped desk, which is ideal for storing in a corner. Two shelves give you storage underneath the short side of the desk, and a 47.2” x 23.6” surface on the long side gives you room for a monitor and laptop, as well as a mouse, keyboard and a couple of pictures.

Overall Take

Compact and ConvenientMeasuring only 47.2" x 23.6", this desk has multiple shelves for extra storage.

Buying Guide

Working from home has accelerated, with about half of workers saying they have more flexibility than they did before the pandemic. But if you’re working remotely, you now need a comfortable, designated place. In fact, productivity experts recommend setting an area of your home aside for work because it creates a separation between work and playtime.

But for many remote workers, dedicating an entire room to a home office isn’t an option. At best, you may be able to set aside part of your bedroom for a desk, chair and some bookshelves. A compact desk can not only help you make the most of a small area, but it also will blend easily when you have guests.

You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for space, though. There are desks that maximize each square inch of space, even including extra storage. Some have attached baskets on the sides or underneath for storing supplies and paperwork, while others use shelving to give you that storage.

But if you just need a table that you use as a desk, a small, simple desk might be an option. These desks can double as decorative tables when you’re expecting company. If you go for this option, though, make sure there’s enough leg room for scooting up to it with a chair. Some are wide and shallow, making them tough to use as desks.

The workspace a desk provides is also an important consideration. You’ll want enough room for your monitor or laptop, as well as space for a keyboard and mouse. You probably will also want to keep your phone close, which means you’ll need a way to charge it while you work. Also consider where you’ll set your coffee or other beverage, as well as whether you’ll have enough to space to jot down notes or read paper documents.

What to Look For

  • Before shopping for a desk, measure the space and determine exactly the dimensions you have available. Pay attention not only to width and length, but also to height. You’ll want to make sure the desk sits at a level that’s comfortable when you’re seated. This will help prevent the frustration that comes with fully assembling a piece of furniture, only to find it doesn’t work in the space.
  • Consider storage when you’re looking for a desk. If your chosen solution doesn’t have built-in storage, is there somewhere else you can keep items you need handy, like paperwork and books?
  • Durability is important in a desk. It’s especially crucial to find a desk built to hold the weight of the items you’ll be placing on it. Some larger monitors can be heavy, and you may sometimes pile books on top of your desk, stressing the desk’s capacity.
  • The surface of the desktop is also important. Some are made from less durable wood that might not withstand years of use, particularly if you have an occasional spill. Investing in higher-quality wood will be worth it if the desk offers multiple years of use.
  • If you only work from home occasionally, or you like to make your desk look more like a table when you have guests, you can find desks that can perform double duty as decorative tables.
  • Steel frames can show wear over time. Look for one that’s powder coated for extra protection over the years you’ll own it.
  • You’ll likely have to assemble your table once you get it home. Make sure assembly is fairly easy and that instructions are included. Also check to see if you’ll need special tools to put it together and that all hardware is included.
  • Check leg room on any desk you buy. You’ll want it to set far enough away from the wall that you can comfortably reach your keyboard while seated at it.

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He may be best known for his theory of evolution, but Charles Darwin made an important contribution to the office as we know it today. In the early 1840s, Darwin was working in his office chair when he got the idea to add wheels to it. He grabbed cast-iron bed legs that already had wheels attached and added them to a desk chair. The innovation allowed him to freely move around, examining various specimens without having to stand.

Darwin’s invention can be seen in offices all over the world. But his original chair with wheels is still on display in his study. He had long legs, so the cast-iron legs not only allowed him to roll around easily, but it also helped make the chair more comfortable for his frame.

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