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Last updated on May 16, 2023

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ORBLUE Ergonomic Design Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer

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Ergonomic Design Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer

Coming with 4 handle color options, this option has a traditional design with handles. It's made of stainless steel so that is lasts a long time and doesn't rust. You get a brush and peeler as accessories.

Overall Take

Made to LastConsider this mincer if you want a classic handled tool that is made to last you a long time.

 Runner Up

Zulay Kitchen Rust-Resistant Squeeze Design Garlic Mincer

Zulay Kitchen

Rust-Resistant Squeeze Design Garlic Mincer

This metal mincer has rubber grips on the handles to help prevent slippage during use. It's sturdy enough to handle seeds alongside softer foods. It includes a peeler and brush, and you can pick from 5 color options.

Overall Take

Convenient GripsYou'll find that the handle grips make this mincer easier for you to hold.

 We Also Like

Mempedont Easy Clean Detachable Press Mincer


Easy Clean Detachable Press Mincer

Available in small, medium and large sizes, this option is ideal if you want options for how much food you can mince at once. It's made of stainless steel for performance and durability. The included accessories are a brush and peeler.

Overall Take

Multiple Size OptionsThis mincer offers flexibility with three size options to fit your needs.

 Strong Contender

OTOTO Gracula Plastic Twist Top Garlic Mincer


Gracula Plastic Twist Top Garlic Mincer

Made completely of plastic, this mincer has a cute vampire design. It has two parts including a bottom where you place the food and a top that you press down and twist. It's sturdy and comfortable to use.

Overall Take

Character ThemedIf you'd like a manual mincer with a unique character theme, this simple plastic option is a good choice.

Buying Guide

Most often used with garlic and other herbs, a mincer is a kitchen tool that cuts up your food into very fine pieces so you can easily add it to your dishes. It provides an easier solution than using a knife to do the cutting manually. Additionally, a mincer has a safety advantage over a knife since there’s a lower risk your fingers come in contact with sharp blades that could cut you. 

Simplemost Media

Usually made of metal, a timeless and popular type of mincer is the garlic press. It features a hinged design with a top compartment with a chamber to load the herb and a crushing plate that pushes it through small holes. After closing the top, you simply squeeze a pair of handles to mince your food. With this type of mincer, you’ll want something that is easy to grip and doesn’t require too much effort to squeeze.

Simplemost Media

If you prefer a more compact and less messy option, you can consider a two-part mincer that looks like a small plastic container with a cover.  You usually put the food you want to mince in the bottom compartment and secure the top cover which has the blades attached. Depending on the model, you may simply press down or twist the cover to mince the food, or there may be a string you pull as needed to make the blades spin with less effort. 

While basic mincers are manual, electric versions are available that offer more convenience and take away much of the work. Using them involves simply putting your food in the bottom cup, securing the cover and pressing a button for quick cutting results. Electric mincers usually have very sharp blades and enough power to chop various foods like meats, fruits, nuts and veggies. They may have a power cord you plug into the wall or a rechargeable battery for cordless use.

What to Look For

  • Durability is important since you’ll want a mincer that has blades that will last a long time and a build that won’t fall apart easily. Stainless steel blades are ideal whether you buy a mincer made of plastic or metal since they’ll be sharp enough for good results. If you do buy something with plastic blades, consider the types of food you’ll mince since the blades will be duller and likely limit your options.
  • If your mincer doesn’t have a container to catch the cut food, prepare your work area with a bowl or cutting board for a less messy experience.
  • If you get an electric mincer, look for a safety feature that helps lock the cover to the bottom compartment with a magnet so you can avoid dangerous mishaps during use.
  • Make sure that the mincer you buy can accommodate the size or amount of food you plan to cut. Especially with garlic presses, you may have to cut the food into smaller parts first for it to fit in the compartment, but some products do offer multiple capacity options. You’ll get the most space if you buy a model with a separate bottom compartment.
  • Make sure to clean out any remaining food from your mincer after each use. A toothpick comes in handy if your model has small holes that food can easily get stuck in. You can then hand wash the mincer or follow your manufacturer’s instructions for dishwasher-safe models. If you have an electric model, avoid soaking any electric parts in water.
  • Always read your mincer’s instructions before you use it the first time. They’ll explain any specifics for setting up and using the mincer along with any safety precautions to follow. 
  • When preparing, using or cleaning your mincer, keep your fingers away from the sharp blades.
  • If you buy a rechargeable electric mincer, it will typically use a USB cable for flexible charging either through a wall charger or another gadget like a computer or power bank. 
  • You may need to peel the skin off your food before you put it in the mincer. While you can do this by hand, some products include a handy plastic accessory that does the peeling. This is especially useful for garlic since it helps avoid getting the strong odor on your hands.

More to Explore

Did you know that the hinged garlic press dates back to 1950? A Swiss bike mechanic named Karl Zysset gets the credit for this invention which he made out of aluminum. Interestingly, he used his knowledge of bicycle brakes to help him design this kitchen tool for which he won a Swiss award in 1952.

He went on to make a company called Zyliss and produce various kitchen items, including citrus juicers and onion choppers. Although he eventually sold the business, Zyliss continues to make aluminum garlic pressers today. It has also expanded to offer food containers, pans, baking accessories and cutlery alongside kitchen gadgets.

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