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The Best Men’s Crewneck Shirt

Last updated on December 30, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Men's Crewneck Shirts

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Hanes FreshIQ Odor Control Men’s Crewneck Shirts, 5-Pack

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FreshIQ Odor Control Men's Crewneck Shirts, 5-Pack

Get a set of classic tagless Hanes T-shirts made from a rayon-polyester blend that’s comfortable, with moisture-wicking, quick-dry and odor-control properties. You’ll get five white T-shirts and can choose from sizes between Small and XX-Large.

Overall Take

Keep-Cool OptionMoisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry while you’re wearing this T-shirt.

 Strong Contender

Liberty Imports Moisture-Wicking Athletic Men’s Crewneck Shirts, 5-Pack

Liberty Imports

Moisture-Wicking Athletic Men's Crewneck Shirts, 5-Pack

Made from a polyester-spandex blend, this crewneck tee is breathable, quick-drying and soft. The material wicks moisture to keep you dry while you’re being active. You'll get a five-pack of different colors and patterns; choose from sizes Small to 5X-Large.

Overall Take

Moves With YouGreat for sports or everyday wear, this sporty shirt builds in spandex for extra stretch.

 Also Great

Lacoste Pima Cotton Jersey Men’s Crewneck Shirt


Pima Cotton Jersey Men's Crewneck Shirt

Made from soft premium jersey fabric, this 100% Pima cotton shirt will keep you comfortable all day. It’s machine washable on cold and features the signature crocodile emblem on the chest. Get it in a variety of colors and sizes from X-Small to 4X-Large.

Overall Take

Classic EleganceThis classic-style crewneck features the brand's signature embroidered crocodile.

Buying Guide

Men’s T-shirts come in a wide variety of styles with a variety of necklines. So, when it comes to differentiating them, you’ll want to check the collar. For example, a V-neck has a distinctive dip, while henleys typically feature a short row of buttons at the center.

But the most classic, and therefore popular, of all T-shirt neckline styles is the crewneck. Featuring a rounded hemline that follows the line of the collarbone, a crewneck shirt is a great everyday wardrobe staple. You should have a few in basic, solid colors that can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires. You may also want crewneck shirts that make a statement about a brand you like, a band you listen to, or a video game you like to play.

Of course, crewnecks work well underneath your favorite knits, sweaters and sweatshirts. They provide an extra layer of warmth but also help cool you down throughout the day by pulling moisture away from your body.

Wearing an undershirt can also help extend the life of your favorite clothing; after all, fabrics have a limited lifespan. How long your favorite shirt will last depends on how often you wear it, how you clean and store it between uses and the unique bacterial makeup of your skin. Putting a layer between your skin and your clothing can help.

For shirts you plan to wear beneath your clothing, appearance isn’t all that critical a factor. In fact, you might want to steer clear of graphic tees or those that include logos or emblems, as those might show through your clothes. The collar, on the other hand, can be important, since it might not be completely covered by certain items of clothing. A crewneck tee might not look as good under your button-down shirts as V-necked tees. For sweaters and other T-shirts, though, it’s the perfect shape.

The material is perhaps the most important feature of an everyday T-shirt. You’ll want a fabric that’s lightweight and breathable while it keeps you dry. There are polyester and cotton fabrics that build in moisture-wicking properties to help with this, although other crewnecks are made of 100% cotton. Also make sure you choose a fabric that’s machine-washable, even if you have to wash it on cold and then line dry.

What to Look For

  • Pay attention to the length of any T-shirt you choose, especially if you’ll be wearing it untucked. If it’s too short, you might be tempted to tug on them throughout the day. If it’s too long, you might feel like it’s getting in the way of your daily activities.
  • Some T-shirts have tags that can irritate you while you’re wearing them. You can remove the tag, but sometimes the stitching remains and continues to annoy. In recent years, manufacturers have begun eliminating the tag completely, printing the essential information on the material itself. Look for tagless T-shirts if you like this feature.
  • Undershirts can typically be purchased more cheaply in sets. These might not be as fancy as a T-shirt you’d wear alone, but they’re great for sleeping and lounging around the house as well as layering in variable weather.
  • Note that common sizes for men start with 30-31 inches at the waist for an XS to 49-52 inches for an XXXL. When buying online you may wish to consult the manufacturer’s measurement chart.
  • Look at the seams on any crewneck shirt you choose. High-quality stitching will ensure it holds up over multiple wears and washings. You want the stitching to be relaxed, round, and not overstretched.
  • Also look at the quality of construction. You want something colorfast and not too thin that won’t pill. Make sure the T-shirt hems (at neck, sleeves and bottom) aren’t twisted.
  • You may see a GSM number on the tag or decription, which refers to the weight of the fabric and indicates durability. For a heavy fabric, 180-200 is preferred, while a medium-weight can get away with 130-160.
  • If you’re buying a shirt that’s 100% cotton, check to see if it’s preshrunk. If not, you may want to get a larger size to allow for shrinking the first time you put it in the wash.
  • If you’re active and want to wear your crewneck shirt for workouts, look for one with at least a little spandex to give you the stretch and comfort you need.
  • Pay attention to the shoulders of any T-shirt you’re considering. The seams should extend to the edge of your shoulder and no farther. This is the sign of a well-fitted tee. You also may want to strike the right balance between too tight and too loose to find that shirt that hangs properly on your frame.

More to Explore

It’s hard to discuss the history of crewnecks without mentioning the history of the T-shirt, since they’re both tied closely together. T-shirts came to the U.S. when the light, cotton undershirts worn by British soldiers caught the attention of their U.S. counterparts during World War I. Early T-shirts were solid and thin in design, existing primarily to soak up sweat and protect the outer garments a person was wearing. The name crewneck came from the crew members who wore them while working on ships.

But the crewneck tee took a larger step toward the mainstream consumer market in 1932 when the University of Southern California reached out to Jockey to develop undergarments for football players. The team needed a shirt that would both absorb sweat and protect their skin from chafing due to the harsh material of their shoulder pads. The result was the crewneck T-shirt. They allegedly became so popular that students started stealing them from athletes, leading the university to start putting “Property of USC” on each shirt — which did not diminish their popularity at all.

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