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The Best Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Father

Last updated on October 28, 2021
Best Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Father

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WUSUANED Winged Angel Memorial Bracelet

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Winged Angel Memorial Bracelet

This memorial bracelet is made from lead- and nickel-free stainless steel for a lasting, hypoallergenic option. It features three engraved charms: one with angel wings, one with the word "Dad" and one with a quote. Different styles and colors are available.

Overall Take

Great PresentThis bracelet comes in a velvet bag, providing everything you need to gift it to a bereaved friend or coworker.

Dulaya Memories In Art Sympathy Angel Stone & Resin Statue

Dulaya Memories

In Art Sympathy Angel Stone & Resin Statue

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Willow Tree Sculpted Daughter & Father Figure

Willow Tree

Sculpted Daughter & Father Figure

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Buying Guide

Losing a parent is never easy. When it happens to someone you know, you might be at a loss for what to say or do.

The right condolence gift can make a big difference. Sure, you could send flowers or a plant, but survivors are often overwhelmed with those sorts of gifts in the days following a death. Instead, consider a keepsake gift that will serve as a memorial to the lost loved one.

The key to a successful memorial gift is personalization. Picture frames and plaques that can include a photo of the departed loved one are especially popular. Often these keepsakes have quotes engraved on them that convey an appropriate sentiment. It’s a great way for someone to remember a loved one at home or in the office.

Jewelry is another way to commemorate someone special who has recently passed. A cuff or charm bracelet can help someone remember a departed loved one throughout the day, wherever they go. But jewelry can be a somewhat personal gift, so this might be an option for a close friend or relative.

If you’re opting for a personalized gift, keep in mind that custom engraving can take time. You often won’t have months of notice that someone is about to lose a parent. Fortunately, you can find already-personalized gifts that may work just as well. Often, these gifts offer messages that say everything you feel.

Whatever you choose, look at the materials used to craft it. A high-quality piece of jewelry or photo frame will hold up longer than one that’s made of less expensive materials. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that the recipient will have something that will last for a long while.

What to Look For

  • Often with condolences, it truly is the thought that counts. Simply knowing someone took the time to send a gift can give a small boost to the spirits of someone grieving. Don’t agonize over the decision. Instead, choose something that matches the style of the recipient.
  • Food gifts can be a great choice for someone who’s lost a loved one. A person who is grieving won’t necessarily have time to cook and might also be dealing with visiting relatives and friends. Taking over a casserole or a container filled with cookies can be a welcome way to show that you care.
  • If you can’t cook for someone, sending a food basket that you order online isn’t a bad idea. You also could purchase a restaurant e-gift card and send it with a note that you want to give the person a night off from cooking. This may be especially valuable for someone who has children.
  • A photo frame can be a great gift, but if you don’t know whether the recipient will want to hang it or set it on a countertop or table, look for a frame that offers both options. Many frames come with both an easel that works as a stand and a sawtooth hanger on the back.
  • Consider giving the gift of nature. Some survivors choose to plant a tree in honor of a departed loved one. The tree will live on long after even the recipient is gone, serving as a memory. A gift of seeds can seem like a simple thing, but it might pay off for years.
  • Wind chimes also make a good gift that takes advantage of nature. Every time the wind blows and the chimes make their pleasing music, the recipient will think about the lost parent.

More to Explore

The act of sending sympathy flowers actually has a not-so-pleasant history. Keep in mind that the embalming process took many years to perfect, and bodies tend to emit a noxious odor as they decay. At one time, flowers were used to cover the odor and make paying those final respects a little more bearable.

However, funeral flowers have an even deeper symbolism. Many believe they symbolize the circle of life. White lilies are particularly popular during funeral services for their ability to symbolize the purity of the recently departed soul. But if you’re sending flowers to mourners in Asia, make sure you’re timely. In some Asian countries, flowers that arrive after the funeral warn that someone else in the family will die soon.

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