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The Best Matching Skirt Set for Women

Last updated on December 19, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Matching Skirt Sets for Women

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Angashion Sleeveless Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women

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Sleeveless Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women

Attractive and comfortable, this skirt set is perfect for vacation wear or having lunch with friends. It’s made from a polyester-cotton blend, making it machine washable and lightweight. You can choose from sizes between Small and X-Large, although the sizing runs small, with X-Large classified as Size 8 to 10.

Overall Take

Fun Design OptionsChoose from a variety of fun patterns with this skirt set, including florals and leopard print, for a look that will get attention wherever you go.

 Runner Up

Arjungo Tie Shoulder Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women


Tie Shoulder Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women

The fabric of this skirt set keeps it both soft and breathable, making it great for a hot summer day. It comes in a variety of color options, including a silver-gray color that will bring some sparkle to your evening out. The material is hand-wash only, and you’ll also need to hang it or lay it flat to dry.

Overall Take

Keep-Cool FabricThe lightweight fabric makes this a great warm-day alternative to shorts.

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BEAGIMEG Ruched Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women


Ruched Crop Top & Matching Skirt Set For Women

Ruched fabric keeps this short set cool while also being figure flattering for a great everyday option. The material is polyester with some spandex built in and you can choose from sizes between Small to X-Large, ranging from 2 to 18. It comes in a variety of solid colors, from neutrals to brights.

Overall Take

Bold ColorsMake a statement with this skirt set, which comes in bold, vibrant colors like fluorescent green and orange.

 Strong Contender

Daily Ritual Long Sleeve Sweater & Matching Skirt Set For Women

Daily Ritual

Long Sleeve Sweater & Matching Skirt Set For Women

Keep warm all winter with this skirt set, which includes a long-sleeved, mock-turtleneck top and a knee-length skirt. The fabric is a blend of nylon, acrylic, wool and elastane, making it ideal for late fall and winter wear. The pencil skirt has a high waist and extends to the knee, pairing perfectly with your favorite tights or leggings.

Overall Take

Unique and ComfortableThe soft material and knee-length skirt on this set makes it extra comfortable for wearing to work or around the house.

Buying Guide

Dresses are a longtime classic, dating back centuries. As pants and jeans became popular for women’s wear, it also made sense to split the dress into two parts. Today, skirts fill closets across the country, along with pants, jeans and shorts. With the right skirt, you can switch up blouses and create multiple looks from the same garment.

But there are benefits to matching skirt sets, too. They give the uniform look you’d get from a dress while also allowing you to pull them on separately. You typically won’t have the full-length zippers you’d get with a dress, and you might even find them more comfortable since the skirt and top adjust separately as you move.

Another important benefit of a skirt set is that you can find an option that makes the most of your features. This is especially true of a skirt. If you want your legs to appear slimmer, it’s best to choose a skirt that covers the thicker part of the leg and exposes the thinner part. A tighter skirt that does this will have the added benefit of accentuating your curves.

Appearance isn’t the only factor when choosing a skirt set. You’ll also want to look at comfort. There are benefits to having a casual, lightweight outfit that you can wear when you just want to feel good. But there are also times when you might want to dress up, and a skirt set can be optimal for that. You can dress it up with flats or heels to wear to work or lunch with friends or pair it with sneakers for running errands or lounging around the house.

In addition to comfort, also look at the care instructions of any skirt set you’re considering. Some require hand washing and line drying while others can be machine washed and tumbled dry. If you’ve opted for a fabric that includes cotton, line drying might be the best option anyway, allowing you to reduce the risk of shrinking.

What to Look For


  • When choosing a skirt set, it’s important to consider where you’ll be wearing it. You might need something that will keep you cool and comfortable while you’re traveling. This calls for a different kind of skirt set than one you’ll be wearing for work or a night out on the town.
  • If possible, check the measurements. Some skirts will run extremely small. Compare the measurements to an item in your wardrobe you like.
  • Look at the waistband of a skirt set you’re considering, as well. Some are elastic, giving you a little more comfort but not as much shaping as you might want. Some might even have a belt included to help you adjust the fit.
  • Consider going beyond solid colors to look for a patterned skirt set. This can bring a little fun to your look. Floral patterns can be especially great for wearing on your next vacation.
  • Skirt length can vary widely from one skirt set to another. You’ll find miniskirt options, as well as some that come to the knee. A maxi skirt can give you a little extra comfort while still keeping things cool. If you go with a longer option, check the thickness of the fabric. You might even consider a long skirt with a slit to keep you cool on those extremely hot summer days.
  • Ruching can be a great way to keep a tighter skirt comfortable while also getting a unique look.
  • Summer isn’t the only season for skirt sets. You can find those that are designed for winter wear with long sleeves and thicker material like wool. If you can pair them with some tall boots or choose a maxi skirt, you’ll keep your legs warm. You could also opt for tights or leggings to cover your legs when you’re in a chilly environment.

More to Explore

Skirts have been around throughout history. In fact, the earliest known skirt, discovered in an Armenian cave, dates all the way back to 3900 BC and was made from straw. Paintings from Ancient Egypt show men wearing wraparound-style skirts made from linen woven from flax. Wealthier Egyptians wore these lighter-weight skirts while workers wore cotton loincloths. Women, on the other hand, wore floor-length dresses.

Skirts soon disappeared, making way for the trousers men would wear in the centuries to follow. Women continued to wear dresses until the very late 1800s, when bicycling and walking became popular for women as well as men. At that point, women began wearing skirts separately from their tops, although the skirts still tended to be floor length. This paved the way for the fashion revolution of the 1900s, when skirt lengths began to shorten, eventually rising to the knee and, eventually, the thigh.

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