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The Best Ice Cube Molds

Last updated on April 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Ice Cube Molds

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 Top Pick

Excnorm BPA Free Removable Ice Cube Molds With Lids, 3 Pack

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BPA Free Removable Ice Cube Molds With Lids, 3 Pack

These versatile ice cube molds are great for sodas, juices, fruit and more in addition to just water. They come with 100 percent sealable lids so you don’t end up with any spills or leaks. The trays are made from silicone and are bendable and flexible.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThese ice cube molds are great for sodas, juices, fruit and more.

 Runner Up

KooMall 3D Rose Dishwasher Safe Silicone Ice Cube Molds


3D Rose Dishwasher Safe Silicone Ice Cube Molds

This stunning ice cube mold creates large flowers. They keep drinks cool while adding some visual intrigue. The trays can also be used for cake and soap molds.

Overall Take

Stunning ShapeThis ice cube mold makes flower-shaped ice.

 We Also Like

AUSSUA Silicone Hexagonal Ice Cube Molds, 2 Pack


Silicone Hexagonal Ice Cube Molds, 2 Pack

These easy-release ice cube molds are simple to use. There is no banging or bending the tray involved. All you have to do is take the tray out of the freezer and wait a few minutes and the ice will be ready to come out.

Overall Take

Easy ReleaseThese ice cube molds release ice within a few seconds.

 Strong Contender

Glacio 100% Silicone Big Ice Cube & Sphere Molds Combo, 2 Pack


100% Silicone Big Ice Cube & Sphere Molds Combo, 2 Pack

These elegant ice cube molds create visually appealing ice. They are made with 100 percent silicone, which is durable and flexible. The trays create slow-melting ice that is ideal for hard liquor and cocktails.

Overall Take

Elegant DesignThese ice cube molds create visually appealing ice.

Buying Guide

Ice cubes seem like a simple concept – frozen water used to keep your drink cool. However, if you use ice in your drinks frequently, you know it’s about much more than that. The shape and size of the ice cube can actually have a big impact on the temperature and taste of your drink. If they melt down too quickly, you can end up with a diluted beverage that isn’t appealing. Choosing the right ice cube molds ensures you have the perfect shape and size of ice for your drink.

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing an ice cube mold is the material it’s made from. You may remember the ice cube trays in your parents’ freezer as being made from brittle plastic, that required a lot of clanging and banging before the ice cubes were released. While there are still ice cube trays like that today, now you’ll also find great ice cube trays made from silicone and metal. Silicone is a flexible and bendable material, making it simple and easy to get out your ice cubes. Metal trays are strong and durable so they won’t crack like plastic. While they aren’t flexible like silicone, they still make it easy to get out your ice when you run the tray under water.

When it comes to design, opt for an ice cube mold that comes with an adjoining lid where possible. This makes the tray easier to stack in the freezer and also keeps your ice clean and without any odors. The lid should close securely to avoid and spills when moving the tray around.

What to Look For

  • There are so many variations in the shape and size of ice cubes. Which one is best for you? It mostly comes down to your preference – as well as the type of drink you’re having. Large ice cube molds melt the slowest, so they go well with drinks you don’t want to dilute, such as scotch. Ice cubes in creative shapes such as flowers or spheres look great in cocktails and punches. Tiny ice cubes in squares work well in drinks you’re going to consume quickly, such as flavored water or juices.
  • Sometimes ice cube molds can pick up unwelcome scents from your freezer, which can ruin your drink. If this is the case, empty out the ice cube mold and wash it well with soap and water. You can also scrub it with a mixture of baking soda and water to get rid of the smell.
  • If you like the look of clear ice cubes but keep ending up with foggy ones, you’re using the wrong water. For perfectly crystal-clear ice cubes, opt for distilled water instead of tap water.
  • Having trouble getting your ice cubes out of the ice cube mold? Sometimes, all you need is a little time. Let the tray sit out at room temperature for three to five minutes, and the ice should come out with ease. If you don’t have the time, run the tray under room temperature water, which will help to release the cubes. You can also slightly bend the tray from side to side to release the ice.

More to Explore

Is water the only liquid you can use in an ice cube mold? Absolutely not! Many people like to experiment by making ice cubes out of other beverages such as orange juice or fruit puree. These ice cubes not only add coldness to drinks, but also impart flavor and color as they melt. You can also add herbs like mint and thyme to ice cubes which add scent and flavor to drinks while they melt. Just make sure to wash the ice cube molds well if you use anything other than water so that no smells or residue remains.

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