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The Best High-Waisted Denim Skirt

Last updated on November 23, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top High-Waisted Denim Skirts

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Skirt BL High-Waisted Denim Maxi Pencil Skirt

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Skirt BL

High-Waisted Denim Maxi Pencil Skirt

This versatile high-waisted denim skirt is easy to dress up or down. It goes well with a pair of high-heeled boots or flats. The skirt is made from high-quality cotton.

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Versatile ChoiceThis high-waisted denim skirt can be dressed up or down.

 Strong Contender

ELSTAROA High-Waisted Button-Up Denim Midi Skirt


High-Waisted Button-Up Denim Midi Skirt

This high-waisted denim skirt is versatile. Wear it many different ways by choosing how many buttons to open and close along the full-length slit. The skirt is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly.

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Many Ways to WearThis high-waisted denim skirt features a full button-down slit.

Floerns High-Waisted Split Hem Denim Mini Skort


High-Waisted Split Hem Denim Mini Skort

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Buying Guide

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, go with a high-waisted skirt. This style of skirt is classy and sophisticated, no matter the cut, material or color. It immediately creates an elegant silhouette that looks great with heels and a fitted top, though you can also wear high-waisted skirts with flats and blouses as well. High-waisted denim skirts are a stunning wardrobe item that is eye-catching not only because of the cut but because of the fabric. Denim has a casual feel to it, and when paired with an elegant style such as the high-wasted skirt, it looks classy and interesting.

What type of high-waisted denim skirt will you choose? There are many different types to choose from. If you prefer a skirt that hugs your curves, then go with the bodycon style or the pencil skirt style. These are fitted closely to the body from the waist to the hem, ending around the knees. If you prefer something longer, a high-waisted maxi denim skirt will be eye-catching. You can also find shorter high-waisted denim skirts that are pleated with a full skirt, having a fun and casual look.

The beauty of denim is that it comes in different washes, giving you a lot of variety. A dark wash denim typically has a more elevated look, so it’s best for a pencil-cut high-waisted skirt that is one the more formal end. Lighter washes look more casual, so they are ideal for high-waisted minis or midi skirts. You can also choose a more distressed denim for an edgy look.

What to Look For

  • No matter what kind of top you’re wearing with a high-waisted denim skirt, it’s best to tuck it in. This is because a tucked-in shirt and a high-waisted cut create the look of a cinched waistline, highlighting the smallest part of your torso and giving you an hourglass look. Go with a shirt made from a thin fabric so that it doesn’t bunch up when tucked into the skirt.
  • Don’t like the look of tucked-in shirts? Considering pairing your high-waisted denim skirt with a crop top instead. Ending at your midriff, these tops don’t need to be tucked in because they aren’t long enough to come to your waist.
  • What kind of shoes should you wear with a high-waisted denim skirt? It depends on the look you’re going for. If you want to create long and lean lines and opt for an elegant look, then pair your skirt with heels. However, if you’re wearing a short and fluffy high-waisted skirt, it will look great with flats or tennis shoes for a casual look.
  • If your high-waisted denim skirt is short and you want to create a more conservative look, pair it with dark opaque tights underneath. This not only adds warmth, but can be more comfortable for those who want to show less skin.
  • Want to accentuate your waist even further? Consider adding a belt in an eye-catching color. This helps to pull attention to your waist and also helps to make your outfit look more put together. You can also wear a belt in a neutral color for a similar effect.

More to Explore

The history of the skirt goes back all the way to ancient Egypt. While skirts nowadays are typically worn by women, then it was a wardrobe staple for men. At the time, the skirt was a wraparound garment which was secured at the waist with a belt. Made from local linen, it was breathable and lightweight, perfect for the dessert climate. Women in ancient Egypt didn’t wear skirts at all. Instead, they wore dresses, which were typically floor-length and made from white linen. People of high social status had thinner fabric while laborers and people of lower social classes had a thick and rough fabric.

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