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The Best Hair Removal Device

Last updated on July 30, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hair Removal Devices

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Finishing Touch Battery Powered Electric Hair Removal Device

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Finishing Touch

Battery Powered Electric Hair Removal Device

This hair-removal device works instantly and painlessly. It is ideal for removing hair from the lip, chin, cheeks and other areas on the face. The device doesn’t irritate the skin.

Overall Take

Instant and PainlessThis hair-removal device doesn’t nick or irritate the skin.

 Best IPL

XSOUL IPL Laser Hair Removal Device & Safety Glasses


IPL Laser Hair Removal Device & Safety Glasses

Get salon-quality hair removal at home with this hair-removal device. It offers over 500,000 flashes of capacity for years of use. The device can be used with auto or manual modes.

Overall Take

Professional QualityThis laser hair-removal device brings you the professionalism of a beauty salon.

 Strong Contender

VG VOGCREST USB Charging Trimmer Hair Removal Device


USB Charging Trimmer Hair Removal Device

This hair-removal device is gentle and doesn’t irritate skin. It is great for shaving the face, neck, arms and other body parts. The device is compact and easily portable.

Overall Take

Gentle ChoiceThis hair-removal device is painless and doesn’t irritate skin.

 We Also Like

Philips Satinelle Electric Epilator Hair Removal Device


Satinelle Electric Epilator Hair Removal Device

This hair-removal device pulls out hair at the roots so you have smooth skin for weeks. It has two speeds for thin and thick hair. The device can be washed for easy cleaning.

Overall Take

Smoothness for WeeksThis top-rated epilator offers long-lasting results.

Buying Guide

When it comes to removing body hair, everyone has their own unique preferences. Some people prefer to remove the hair from their legs while leaving it on their arms and underarms, while others prefer to get rid of it all, for example. No matter what your preferences are, keep in mind that you have many options when it comes to choosing a hair-removal device.

A common hair-removal device many people start with is the traditional razor blade. It’s relatively easy to use, and can be done while you’re in the shower. The downside with shaving is that you have to do it frequently to keep your skin feeling smooth. Electric shavers are a similar hair removal device to the traditional razor except that they don’t provide as close a shave. However, electric shavers are less messy because they don’t require you to use shaving cream. For those who shy away from shaving altogether, you can try depilatories. These are creams that you apply to the skin and they dissolve the hair below the skin level. All you have to do is simply wipe away the cream, along with the hair, after a few minutes. Keep in mind that some depilatories can be quite odorous, while others can be painful on sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for longer-lasting results, a good hair-removal device to choose is the epilator. This electric gadget pulls out your hair at the root, so your skin stays hair-free for longer than shaving or using a depilatory. Some people find epilators to be quite painful, however. Many people prefer waxing as their hair removal method of choice because it pulls out hair at the roots. While it can be messy, waxing results in your hair being gone for a few weeks at a time. Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicles using heat. While you typically have to go to a salon to receive this treatment, there are at-home gadgets on the market that work similarly.

What to Look For

  • Choosing a hair-removal device may require some experimentation, as everyone’s skin and hair reacts differently to each method. For example, while you may prefer to shave, it could leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Similarly, you might think you want to wax but find the procedure too painful. The best way to know how your skin and hair will react is to try out the device on a small patch of skin on your forearm. If your trial goes well, you can expand to other areas of your body.
  • Consider how often you want to remove your body hair. If you don’t mind shaving every couple of days, then using a razor or electric shaver may be a good choice for you. If you want to wait several weeks in between removing body hair, then go with an epilator or wax kit. However, if you want to permanently alter hair growth on your body, then laser may be the best choice for you.
  • Budget is always a valid concern to keep in mind. Some hair-removal devices are wallet friendly, such as razors or depilatories. However, high-tech ones, like epilators and laser hair-removal devices, cost more. Consider how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind you will only likely need to buy one epilator but may have to purchase dozens of disposable razors over time.

More to Explore

While we may think of body hair removal as a relatively modern concept, it has, in fact, been around for centuries. As far back as the days of cavemen, it’s likely that people removed hair from their faces, some body parts and their heads in order to prevent insects from nesting there. However, they obviously didn’t have special tools designed to remove hair properly, so it’s likely they used a sharp rock or seashell to scrape the hair off in the earliest days. This would have been quite a painful procedure.

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