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The Best Grey Fur Blanket

Last updated on May 24, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Grey Fur Blankets

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Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Grey Faux Fur Blanket

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Sherpa Fleece Grey Faux Fur Blanket

Sink into mink with this faux fur fleece blanket that has fur on one side and Sherpa on the other. The grey tie-dye inspired pattern makes it perfect for showing off on your bed. The material is both fade- and stain-resistant, with 100% polyester microfiber for durability.

Overall Take

Super LuxuriousSink into luxury with this faux mink blanket that keeps you warm and comfy.

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Bedsure Long Plush Pile Grey Faux Fur Blanket


Long Plush Pile Grey Faux Fur Blanket

This gray faux fur blanket design features 1.5-inch thick faux fur on one side and smooth fleece on the other. It resists shedding and won't leave lint behind. When it needs cleaning, simply drop it in the washing machine on cold and tumble-dry on low.

Overall Take

Durable BuildThis plush blanket resists shedding and leaving lint behind even with daily use.

 Strong Contender

FY FIBER HOUSE Lightweight Grey Faux Leopard Fur Blanket


Lightweight Grey Faux Leopard Fur Blanket

High-grade ultra-soft flannel made from microfiber polyester makes this blanket both comfortable and durable without adding weight. The leopard print gives it a unique yet classy look. Its plush material softens up with each wash for a long-lasting option.

Overall Take

Fun PatternThis blanket's leopard print pattern livens up your space while keeping it classy.

 Also Great

Madison Park Zuri Polyester Grey Faux Mink Fur Blanket

Madison Park

Zuri Polyester Grey Faux Mink Fur Blanket

The striped pattern on this faux fur blanket sets it apart while also being subtle. The soft material is polyester on one side and tip-dyed faux mink on the other. It's an easy-care item you can use all year long as a throw or even as a lightweight comforter for your bed.

Overall Take

Simple DesignThis grey faux fur blanket has a subtle design that makes it simple but attractive!

Buying Guide

Winter can be rough for those who prefer warmer temperatures. But summer can feel just as uncomfortable, especially if you live in households where family members blast the air conditioning or if the nights are chilly where you live.

One study found that the mean temperature in households is 70 degrees F during cold months and 75 degrees F during hot summer months, but these numbers vary by regional climate, by floor and even by room. What’s more, men tend to be comfortable at a lower thermostat setting than women, so some places (including offices) might be kept too cold for them.

But you can enjoy the benefits of a soft blanket anytime, even if your temperature is fine. A good throw can help you feel cozy and comfortable after a long day. Simply drape it on the back of your sofa or a chair, and it will always be handy when you want it — either for a guest or for yourself.

A faux fur blanket feels immensely soft and luxurious to many people, with good reason. Today’s faux fur is typically made from polyester and designed with a pile effect to give that plushness consumers expect.

These blankets are often made with a two-sided design. You’ll get soft faux fur on one side and another, less plush material on the other. This allows you to enjoy the feel of fur if you want. But if you’d prefer a typical blanket experience, you can flip it over and use the flatter side. This two-sided design also makes folding it up for storage a little easier, since it reduces its bulkiness.

Weight is an important consideration when you’re looking at a faux fur blanket. Some manufacturers design their blankets in a way that adds weight, but you might prefer a more lightweight option. Consider the weight and thickness of the blanket before you order.

What to Look For

  • Even if you’re looking specifically for gray fur blankets, you’ll find a variety of shades and patterns. Shop around and compare to find the look that matches your own preferences and home décor.
  • Pay attention to not only the furry side of the blanket, but the material on the reverse side. You can find ones featuring fur on both sides, but you’ll also find blankets with Sherpa-style fleece or polyester material on the flip side.
  • Consider how you’ll use your blanket and where you’ll be keeping it between uses. If you plan to fold it up and store it on the back of your sofa or a chair, you might prefer a different size or style than one that gets laid on top of your bed.
  • If you’re using a gray fur blanket in your living room, look for one that resists stains to ensure its longevity. If you do get a stain on it, treat it as soon as possible and wash following the instructions on the label.
  • Some blankets can be tossed in the washer for cleaning. These can often even be tumble-dried. If yours is machine-washable, always wash in cold water and tumble-dry on the lowest heat setting.
  • Fade resistance is another handy feature, particularly if you’ll be laundering your faux fur blanket via machine or placing it in a sunny spot.
  • If you have pets, you’ll probably want to share your blanket with your favorite furry household member. Look for one that can hold up to claws and nails, especially if your pet likes to pat down a spot before taking a nap.
  • Blankets can vary in size. Make sure you take measurements and know the size you’re getting before you buy.

More to Explore

Animal furs were once used for warmth out of necessity, with ancient people donning them as long as 170,000 years ago. Eventually, they became luxury items in cultures like the China of 3,500 years ago, along with the Greek and Roman civilizations.

In the 11th century, though, fur clothing became a status symbol, making it popular among the wealthy. In fact, starting in the 14th century, “sumptuary” laws were enacted in England that outlined which furs could be worn by which social classes. For example, high-ranking clergymen could wear furs, but ermine, sable, marten and genet were reserved for nobles. Common people were allowed lambskin, rabbit and cat.

In the 1950s, celebrities popularized animal fur as a status symbol, often wearing furs in movies and on red carpets. As fur became more affordable to the masses in the 1960s, more consumers began wearing fur coats and jackets. Then, in the 1980s and ’90s, animal rights organizations and others started campaigning against fur coats, starting the decline of the industry. This led consumers to seek out alternatives that provided the same warmth and comfort without harming animals.

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