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The Best Gloves For Arthritis

Last updated on October 19, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Gloves For Arthritis

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Copper Compression Copper Infused Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis

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Copper Compression

Copper Infused Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis

These fingerless gloves have copper infused right into the fabric fibers, providing a full range of motion without pain from tendonitis, stiff muscles or joints. They're made with stretchy, moisture-wicking material that has a low profile.

Overall Take

Protects from Hand PainWear these copper compression gloves every day for high-performance pain relief.

 Runner Up

Duerer Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis


Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis

Made from a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex, these open-finger arthritis gloves reduce stress on your hand's pressure points and are just the right length for mobility. They retain heat, compress gently and have minimal stitching.

Overall Take

Comfortable All DayWith these lightweight, breathable gloves, you can go back to performing all your daily tasks.

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DISUPPO Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis


Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis

Disuppo's breathable and stretchy cotton, polyester and spandex compression gloves have an open-finger design. They provide mild compression and enough warmth to increase oxygen flow to the joints and muscles while decreasing swelling.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThese comfy, warm gloves are designed for a perfect, elastic fit and extra hand support.

 Strong Contender

ComfyBrace Wicking Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis


Wicking Compression Fingerless Gloves For Arthritis

This pair of open-fingered compression gloves has a unisex design and a contoured fit that hugs your hands and wrists. These moisture-wicking, breathable gloves include almost-seamless stitching to keep you comfortable and pain-free.

Overall Take

Here's Instant ReliefYou'll appreciate the moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your hands at the right temperature.

Buying Guide

Arthritis is a category of joint disease affecting people of all ages and walks of life; there are more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. Common symptoms can range from mild to severe and include pain, stiffness and swelling with a decreased range of motion. When it impacts the wrists, hands and fingers, completing ordinary tasks like typing, cooking and bathing can become difficult.

Experts say that half of all women and a quarter of all men will experience the stiffness and pain of osteoarthritis in their hands by the time they are 85. This naturally leads some to search for relief from products like arthritis gloves.

Arthritis gloves use warmth and compression to decrease pain, reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. While the science does not yet support the use of arthritis gloves and many recommend the use of regular, loose-fitting gloves instead, some medical professionals and occupational therapists have anecdotally concluded that these products can help arthritis sufferers.

Although arthritis gloves do not cure the disease, they can provide temporary relief so users can continue doing the daily tasks that are a part of regular life. Prices start at under $20 and can go up to more than $35; they are usually sold in pairs and come in different sizes. Some are made from cotton and nylon, blends designed to be lightweight and breathable. Since they are made from less durable materials, though, they will need to be replaced more often.

Copper compression arthritis gloves have copper fibers woven into the fabric in order to improve blood circulation. However, no medical studies support the claim that these are effective. Some people with arthritis like them, though, saying that the added copper provides more wrist stabilization.

Fit is more important than with regular gloves. Your arthritis gloves should fit snugly but not be too tight. If they get in the way of your everyday routines when they’re on, you will want to try another style. If you type a lot, the material might be annoying if it goes up too far past your knuckles. It’s a good idea to check the sizing charts before ordering.

What to Look For

  • Some arthritis gloves can also work to ease carpal tunnel pain and vice versa, but be careful, as some features won’t work for both conditions. For example, many say carpal tunnel syndrome users should not use compression gloves.
  • Arthritis gloves are usually designed for an 8-hour wear time. If you wear your arthritis gloves all night, take them off in the morning and leave them off for a few hours.
  • Gloves made with cotton fabrics will prevent your hands from getting too sweaty.
  • Longer arthritis gloves extending past the wrists can be easier to put on and take off.
  • You should clean arthritis gloves often to prevent bacteria buildup. Most arthritis gloves can only be hand-washed and air-dried.
  • Seek the advice of a doctor before purchasing any products to treat a medical condition such as arthritis.

More to Explore

If you are looking for relief from arthritis, you may wish to turn to natural solutions. However, you should be cautious, since some research shows that certain methods, like many dietary approaches, simply don’t work, or only work due to the placebo effect. Other types of remedies show promise, but more research needs to be done to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Among the promising possibilities: ingesting ginger and turmeric (which has curcumin) can offer relief from symptoms.  Capsaicin, a food product found in red chili peppers, can reduce pain and tenderness. Some anecdotal evidence also supports the use of acupuncture for arthritis relief, but the jury is still out on this one.

Before starting any new treatment, whether natural or not, please consult your doctor for recommendations and correct dosage.

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