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The Best Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girls

Last updated on September 8, 2021
Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

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Our Picks For The Top Gifts For 3-Year-Old Girls

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HahaGift Alphabet Learning Gift For 3-Year-Old Girls

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Alphabet Learning Gift For 3-Year-Old Girls

In addition to making a great gift for 3-year-old girls, this toy can also be used in a homeschool setting. Kids will look forward to practicing their letters and learning new words, as this game uses picture cards, letter dice and a game tray. Each set includes 60 pictures cards that teach kids a variety of three and four-letter words.

Overall Take

Makes Learning FunYou'll find this gift for 3-year-old girls is available in a choice of pink or blue.

 For Burgeoning Artists

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Art Gift For 3 Year Old Girls


Scribble Scrubbie Pets Aft Gift For 3 Year Old Girls

This gift for 3-year-old girls includes four washable pet figurines, one scrub tub, one scrub brush, six washable markers and an instruction sheet. The non-toxic washable markers come in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink colors.

Overall Take

Encourages CreativityEncourage your pint-sized Picasso to get creative with this set, which enables them to customize animal figurines.

 Creative Fun

Jewelkeeper Music Making Jewelry Box Gift


Music Making Jewelry Box Gift

With plenty of room to hold necklaces, rings and other children's jewelry, this gift for 3-year-old girls will be a welcome addition to any bedroom. It features a spinning unicorn and a tune, "The Unicorn Song," that activates whenever the lid opens. The outside of the box features a matching unicorn pattern.

Overall Take

Unicorn-Themed Jewelry BoxYour little girl will have a place to store her jewelry just like her parents with this cute unicorn-themed box.

 Great for Practicing Letters

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet Gift For 3-Year-Old Girls


LCD Writing Tablet Gift For 3-Year-Old Girls

Kids love tablets, so why not give this gift for 3-year-old girls to that special little lady in your life. Toddlers can practice their letters and numbers in a variety of colors on the tablet. The screen is even outfitted with eye protection, so you can let your child play without worry.

Overall Take

Educational and FunYou'll find this gift for 3-year-old girls comes in eight different colors, including orange, yellow, blue and pink.

Buying Guide

Three can be a tough age for gifting. It’s an age where children are just starting to know what they like, and it’s also the age where they’ve learned to tell you about it. Further complicating things is the fact that 3-year-olds are still exploring, so what they like one minute may change the next.

But there are some gifts that will not only fascinate 3-year-olds but can also stay interesting for several years afterward. One thing to look for in gifts for 3-year-olds is whether it engages their imaginations or not. They may be just starting to discover their preferred play style, whether it’s dressing up or manipulating building blocks.

For 3-year-old girls, though, interests can vary widely. You might have a girl who loves princesses, but there are plenty of girls who like playing with trains and cars. If possible, get to know the interests of the 3-year-old before you start shopping. You can then tailor your purchase to something she already likes.

In addition to playthings, 3-year-olds are also getting to the age where they like items for their bedrooms. You could buy a jewelry box or a toybox for the corner. As they start to take pride in “their” space, little girls often will love items that dress it up a little more.

What to Look For

  • Pretend play starts to enter a little girl’s world around the age of three. Gifts that help with that, including props and costumes, are sure to be a hit.
  • Learning and growing are priorities for parents when their kids are that age. At three, kids are starting to develop friendships and do things on their own. Gifts that can help them hone their fine motor skills will always be useful. If a 3-year-old has fun while also developing cognitively, everyone benefits.
  • As any parent of a 3-year-old knows, energy seems to be boundless at that age. Anything that can keep a 3-year-old’s mind engaged but also gets them moving is great.
  • At the age of three, girls also see parents carrying items around in laptop bags and purses. They often want a way to take items along with them, too. A backpack made for that age group can offer a handy way to store blankets, toys and more.
  • Choking hazards are still an issue at three years of age. Take a close look at any item you’re considering to make sure there are no removable parts.

More to Explore

A toddler’s brain is developing at a rapid pace, but parents may not realize just how rapid that pace is. By the time a child reaches the age of three, the brain has formed more than 1,000 trillion connections, which is twice the number of connections an adult’s brain has. These connections, or synapses, hit their peak development period between birth until age 10.

Although the brain will naturally do its work, the capacity to learn varies from one person to another. It’s a combination of genetics and environment, so the right stimuli and nutrition can make a big difference.

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