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The Best Gift Baskets

Last updated on December 7, 2021
Best Gift Baskets

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Wine Country Gift Baskets Snack & Tea Assortment Gift Basket

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Wine Country Gift Baskets

Snack & Tea Assortment Gift Basket

This gift basket is ideal for any occasion, such as anniversaries, congratulations, corporate events, college care packages and more. It is presented beautifully with gourmet food items. The basket can be also personalized with a custom message.

Overall Take

For Any OccasionThis gift basket is perfect for anniversaries, congratulations, corporate events and more.

 Runner Up

DLuxSpa Bath & Spa Treatment Gift Basket, 15-Piece


Bath & Spa Treatment Gift Basket, 15-Piece

This luxurious gift basket is a stunning centerpiece. Packed in a tin basket with ribbons, it contains a variety of spa products. The basket enables the recipient to have a relaxing spa experience at home.

Overall Take

Elegant OptionThis spa gift basket is beautifully packed with ribbons and a metal container.

 We Also Like

LOVERY Scented Beauty Products Gift Basket, 9-Piece


Scented Beauty Products Gift Basket, 9-Piece

Entice loved ones with this beautifully scented basket with products that smell like vanilla and coconut. It contains many bath products for men and women. The products are all 100% paraben free.

Overall Take

Captivating ScentsThis pleasing gift basket smells of vanilla and coconut.

 Strong Contender

CRAVEBOX Snack Sampler Gift Basket, 45-Piece


Snack Sampler Gift Basket, 45-Piece

This gift basket has a large variety with 45 snacks packed inside. It includes crackers, popcorn, chips, chocolate, candy and much more. It’s ideal for college students and children.

Overall Take

Plenty of NoshesThis gift basket contains 45 snacks of all kinds.

Buying Guide

Gift baskets are an excellent way to let someone know you appreciate them. Whether it’s for a holiday like Christmas or a milestone like a birthday, gift baskets are a great way to offer a multitude of gifts presented in a beautiful way with minimal work on your end.

There are many different styles of gift baskets these days, so start by focusing on whom the gift basket is meant for. This will help you determine what kind of items your gift basket should hold. For example, if the receiver of the gift basket loves sweets, you may want to go with one full of assorted chocolates and candies. If they love bath products, opt for a spa-themed gift basket with soaps, creams and perfumes.

If the gift basket will be going to an unknown person, such as if it’s being used as a contest prize, then opt for something that will please most people. In this case, things like teas, coffees, cookies and chocolate are usually appreciated by many different types of people.

Another factor to consider when choosing a gift basket is the variety of items included. Many gift baskets are built on a theme and have different items all connected to that theme. For example, a tea gift basket may include 10 different types of teas along with some specialty sugars and mugs.

However, if variety is better than multiple types of a single item, go with a basket with a broader theme. For example, a snack-themed gift basket includes several different types of snacks, but they may be from a multitude of categories, such as crackers, chocolates, chips and popcorn. For some people, variety is preferred as compared to different types of the same product.

What to Look For

  • Price point is an important factor for many shoppers. Gift baskets can range from tens of dollars to over $100. Align the price of the gift basket to the importance of the occasion and the relationship you have to the receiver.
  • Since many gift baskets have edible items inside, it’s always important to keep food allergies and dietary restrictions in mind. If you don’t know whether the receiver of the gift basket has any allergies or restrictions, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Many people are allergic to nuts and some can’t comfortably eat gluten or dairy, for example. You may want to consider a basket that doesn’t contain those items.
  • Part of the allure of the gift basket is the way it is wrapped. Presentation is highly important when it comes to gifts as people appreciate with their eyes first and foremost. Opt for a gift basket that is wrapped beautifully and includes ribbons or extras like herbs and flowers in the décor.
  • Keep in mind that you can always customize an already-built gift basket. If you want to add some personalized items to the package, carefully open up the wrapping, add in your items and close it back up. This makes the gift basket even more special for the receiver.
  • While gift baskets used to be pretty tame across the board, there are many that now take a more edgy approach and are aimed at younger recipients. For example, you can find many options that pack in items like bottles of liquor and other grown-up delights.

More to Explore

Gift baskets are a common way to express love and caring in the modern world, but they have actually been around for centuries. Throughout history, the baskets themselves have been a critical tool in day-to-day life. Baskets were used for everything from hunting to gathering to gardening. As a result, baskets became a symbol of bounty.

In Germanic culture, the goddess Eostre was representative of fertility and life. Eostre had a basket of young plants which she offered on the sacred holiday of Easter. Similarly, Greek mythology states that Zeus hid in the horn of plenty, which was a woven basket, full of fruit and sweets, when trying to hide from his father. There is also the story of Moses, who was laid in a basket in the river in Egypt.

As you see, baskets carry symbolic meaning in many different parts of the world and are a way to share goods with those we love.

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