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10 Best Garlic Peelers

Last updated on October 4, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Garlic Peelers

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Maxracy Silicone Tube Garlic Peelers, 2-Piece

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Silicone Tube Garlic Peelers, 2-Piece

Savor every meal with the help of this silicone tube garlic peeler. It can easily handle any sized clove. This tube simplifies clean-up and avoids pungent odors on your hands and in the cooking area.

Overall Take

Create Perfectly Seasoned DishesAvailable in multiple color combinations, this tube cuts time and effort from meal prep, leaving you more time to enjoy the food.

 Runner Up

OTOTO Vampire Shaped Silicone Tube Garlic Peeler


Vampire Shaped Silicone Tube Garlic Peeler

If you want to add some Halloween flair to your kitchen, you’ll love this festive and fun vampire-shaped garlic skin remover. It is made from silicone and works similarly to a long roller. Simply roll the unpeeled cloves of garlic back and forth inside the vampire’s shell, and it will remove the skins.

Overall Take

Festive Fun for CookingElevate your time in the kitchen with this whimsical vampire garlic peeler that is also very effective at its job.

 We Also Like

OXO Good Grips Storage Case & Silicone Garlic Peeler


Good Grips Storage Case & Silicone Garlic Peeler

This silicone garlic peeler comes with a convenient vented plastic storage case that keeps your instrument safe and clean when it’s not in use. Garlic has a particular smell, and its oils tend to linger on kitchen instruments even after they’re washed. The case that comes with this peeler helps prevent that smell from spreading.

Overall Take

Store Your Instrument SafelyKeep your garlic peeled and the peeler itself stored safely with this tool from home cook favorite OXO.

 Strong Contender

Sinnsally BPA-Free Silicone Roller Garlic Peelers, 3-Piece


BPA-Free Silicone Roller Garlic Peelers, 3-Piece

Chefs who cook with a lot of garlic will appreciate this three-pack set of silicone garlic peelers. They come in three different colors, so you can peel multiple cloves of garlic at a time and easily tell which is still clean. They contain no BPAs and are dishwasher safe.

Overall Take

Multi-Pack of ToolsYou’ll love having a garlic peeler at the ready at all times, thanks to this handy set.

Buying Guide

As with any kitchen tool or utensil, the material a garlic peeler is made of is very important. Not all materials are dishwasher safe or BPA-free. Many of the peelers in this category are made from silicone, however, and most silicone is dishwasher safe. Just check the manufacturer instructions to be sure.

Typically, garlic peelers have small ridges on the inside of their tubes that gently remove the garlic skins from the cloves without having to handle the garlic. Proper cleaning is critical to keep bits of garlic from accumulating in the tube.

Another factor to consider when purchasing a garlic peeler is how much you’ll need to handle the garlic cloves themselves. Garlic tastes delicious, but it is very strong. It will leave some of its aromas on your fingers and even underneath your fingernails. If you touch your eyes soon after handling, you could irritate them. Most tube peelers do a decent job of preventing garlic oils from getting on your fingers.

You should also consider the size of the garlic peeler and how much garlic you can peel at one time. If you cook professionally, you may need a more efficient tool. On the other hand, consider how you’ll store your peeler. Some come with cases while you’ll have to carefully wash others.

Finally, understand why garlic peelers are essential kitchen tools. Although pungent, garlic cloves are tender and contain flavorful juices. If you crush them or peel them improperly, they can be damaged. Then, not all the garlic juices end up in your food and you lose flavor.

What to Look For

  • Always clean your silicone garlic peeler immediately after using it. Otherwise, the garlic skins could dry and stick to the inside walls of the tool.
  • To clean, empty the skins into the trash. Then, use gentle soap and water to clean out remaining juices and skins. Allow to dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Store all kitchen tools properly, including silicone garlic peelers. Don’t crush them or they could lose their shape and effectiveness.
  • Although canned garlic is convenient, nothing beats the taste of fresh garlic. Peel it properly to maximize your flavor.
  • Always supervise children in the kitchen. Although garlic is safe to eat raw, the strong flavor could make children sick.

More to Explore

Garlic is a very useful plant, and it has a long history as a food. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to eat large amounts of garlic before battle or athletic competition. The Romans believed that doing so gave them strength and courage. They would even sometimes plant garlic on the fields after a battle took place.

Garlic also has many health benefits. It has antiviral, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties in it. It also has been known to help fight certain types of cancer and lower your blood pressure.

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