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The Best French Fry Cutter

Last updated on March 23, 2023

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Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable & French Fry Cutter With Spiralizer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


All-in-1 Vegetable & French Fry Cutter With Spiralizer

Featuring a convenient container to catch fries and other foods, this cutter gives you five blade options. Simply press on the top; your fingers stay protected. You also get extras, including a brush, gloves, blade organizer, and spiralizer.

Overall Take

Versatile ToolThis tool comes in handy for cutting multiple types of fries as well as cheese and other veggies.

 Runner Up

ONCE FOR ALL Safe Upright French Fry Cutter


Safe Upright French Fry Cutter

Ideal for thin fries, this compact, foldable cutter has controls for shape and thickness. Using it is simple and safe with a press handle, and there's a convenient tray that catches sliced foods. You get four cutting modes without changing the blade.

Overall Take

Portable and ConvenientFor a cutting tool that is simple and won't take up much space, this option can suit your needs.

 We Also Like

Geedel Professional Stainless Steel Blade French Fry Cutter


Professional Stainless Steel Blade French Fry Cutter

This cutter has a stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to cut your potatoes without much force; simply press down on the ergonomic handle Cleaning it is also simple, since this solid, anti-slip item is dishwasher safe.

Overall Take

Sharp and QuickConsider this professional-grade slicing tool for safe and effortless potato-cutting anytime.

 Strong Contender

New Star Foodservice Suction Cup Feet Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

New Star

Foodservice Suction Cup Feet Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

Made of sturdy metal, this cutter is designed for commercial settings and can handle heavy use. You get two different blades and different options for mounting the cutter. The long handle makes the cutting process less demanding.

Overall Take

Ideal for Heavy UseYou'll find this professional slicer handy if you have a restaurant or frequently make fries at home.

Buying Guide

French fries make a great side or a snack — and cooking your own at home is a convenient, less expensive alternative to ordering them a restaurant. While you can always use a regular knife to cut potatoes into slices, a French fry cutter makes creating homemade fries much faster and easier. This kitchen tool can even add versatility by allowing you to cut different types of fries or other vegetables.

French fry cutters come in different styles, but the most common ones are simple and don’t require any electricity. You simply prepare the potato and then place it against the tool’s blade or cutting grid. Use a handle or press down on a cover; this forces the potato through the blade so that it comes out in slices. Depending on the model you choose, there may be a compartment that catches the fries.

Some French fry cutters allow for customization or are designed to create specific types of fries. For example, you might have different settings that you can use to cut fries of different thicknesses or shapes. Some feature a twisting mechanism that creates curly fries.

You’ll want to find the right French fry cutter that is easy and safe to use. Some models require more physical strength than others, so keep that in mind. Make sure the cutter has a sharp stainless steel blade to cut potatoes without too much force. Consider a model that helps protects your fingers. 

Also, choose a model that offers enough durability for your frequency of use. Many at-home models are made to be taken out occasionally; these may contain plastic materials and aren’t necessarily going to hold up under daily use. If you love your French fries and plan to make them often, a commercial model for restaurants and chefs might last a bit longer. 

What to Look For

  • If you plan to make fries from sweet potatoes, keep in mind that some cutters may not have blades that can handle the extra thickness of these tubers. Check the product description and reviews for instructions and warnings.
  • Before you first use the cutter and after every time you use it, you should thoroughly wash it. To make this task easier, look for models that are safe for the dishwasher; otherwise, use water and soap with an appropriate brush. During the cleaning process, be very careful when you’re around the blades to avoid injuring your fingers. 
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly assembling your French fry cutter. Avoid use if the parts don’t seem to fit together or you suspect a safety issue.
  • Many basic French fry cutters only have one blade, and this limits the types of fries you can make. If you want more flexibility, seek versions with multiple blade options.
  • Since your French fry cutter’s blade wears down over time, check before purchasing whether the blade is replaceable. Basic home models are less likely to have replaceable blades than mid-range or professional options. If you can change the blade, make sure you get one that matches the specific model and carefully follow instructions.
  • Place your French fry cutter on a hard, sturdy surface before you begin working. Many models have rubber feet or suction cups that will keep them from moving around.
  • You may need to first slice the potato in half or use smaller ones with a particular cutter for best results.
  • Because of the sharp blade, it’s best to keep the French fry cutter stored away from children.  Don’t let them use it without supervision.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about French fries:

  • Despite their name, French fries likely originated in Belgium rather than France. Legend has it, fries date back to around 1680 in the city of Namur, when the river froze and caused people to turn to frying potatoes rather than frying fish. The French name may be a nod to the preparation method (julienning), rather than the food’s origin.
  • Did you know that French fries come in at least 30 styles? Some of these include well-known cuts such as curly, crinkle-cut, steak, waffle and shoestring fries. However, some unique options you can find include tornado (spiral-cut on a stick), cottage (thick coins), Euro/bistro (twice-fried) and boardwalk fries (long, square cut).
  • French fries are so popular that you’ll find them as a menu item at over half of all restaurants. The total annual consumption in the U.S. is around 4.5 billion pounds and 29 pounds per person on average every year.

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