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The Best Free-Standing Punch Bags

Last updated on August 4, 2022

We looked at the top 8 Free-Standing Punch Bags and dug through the reviews from 17 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Free-Standing Punch Bags.

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Our Picks For The Top Free-Standing Punch Bags

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Key Takeaway
 Runner Up

Everlast Air Foam Power Core Free-Standing Punch Bag

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Air Foam Power Core Free-Standing Punch Bag

This adjustable-size bag is just the thing for light to medium workouts. It has a large base, an air-foam chamber, a high-density base and a power-transfer ring to absorb impact. Once it's set up, it stays put through sparring sessions and synthetic fabric resists slippage.

Overall Take

Wide, Stable BaseFill up the base and this bag with a rounded design stays standing.

" Easy to navigate 360 degrees around the target and the power transfer is designed to absorb impact and reduce sliding. When the base is filled with water or sand it weighs 370 lbs."
"It doesn't hold well under pressure."
 We Also Like

Century Wavemaster Extra-Large Free-Standing Punch Bag


Wavemaster Extra-Large Free-Standing Punch Bag

Feel free to put plenty of weight behind your punches. This 18-inch-diamter bag has condensed foam and more under the vinyl, plus a solid base. The cushioning effect of its many layers act as a shock absorber that trainers will appreciate on long sessions.

Overall Take

Takes a PunchThis extra-large and heavy bag can stand up to a lot of punishment.

" This bag is both large and sturdy for kickboxing -boxing hybrid. It has a durable vinyl cover filled with high density foam."
"Those that dont have a ton of floor space or anyone who wants a shorter bag, this is not the bag for it."
 Also Great

PEXMOR Sturdy ABS Base Free-Standing Punch Bag


Sturdy ABS Base Free-Standing Punch Bag

The shock absorbers built into this bag make it both quiet and resilient. The same goes for the base, which incorporates suction cups for extra stability. A small profile makes it a good fit for compact home gyms. It has faux leather outside and a stainless steel tube.

Overall Take

For Smaller SpacesA suction-cupped base keeps this shock-absorbent bag planted.

" Its durable, eco friendly and comes with a stainless steel stand. The bottom has 12 suction grips and TPU absorbers which ensures shock and noise absorption."
"Padding could be thicker ."

Altasonix Inflatable Kids Free-Standing Punch Bag


Inflatable Kids Free-Standing Punch Bag

Overall Take

" This boxing bag is perfect for kids who want to practice their karate, taekwondo or MMA techniqiues. Its durable and has a sturdy base that supports bounce back ability."

Buying Guide

So you’re thinking about buying a punching bag. You can probably already hear that “Rocky” theme music as you imagine your training montage. But before you start swinging, slow down and shop around. Free-standing punching bags may be ideal for a home gym, but they’re not all created equal.

The main appeal of the free-standing bag is its portability. Let’s get one thing clear: If you’re training to be a professional boxer, there’s really no substitute for a traditional heavy bag that hangs from the ceiling. Hanging bags can take a lot more punishment, and the swinging motion provides a natural cushion as well as some movement to work around. Still, not everyone has a reinforced beam in the garage they can hang a heavy bag from. Free-standing bags can be set up and taken down more easily, and they can be used in any room. They come in many shapes, but generally consist of a weighted base and a column that’s built to take your punches.

What’s in the base counts just as much as what’s in the column, if not more. If you’re throwing punches with a lot of force, you need a bag that won’t tip over, and that requires a heavy base. Most free-standing punching bags have a hollow base, and it’s strongly suggested that you fill it with something weighty. Water is one popular choice, but sand or gravel will work better if you can get them. Some prefer to fill the bottom with barbell weights, which isn’t always an option depending on the size of the opening on the base. If your designated workout space has hardwood or some other type of smooth flooring, it’s well worth getting a base that has suction cups for added stability.

Now that your bag is firmly planted, look at the punching surface. If you’re doing a serious workout with plenty of power kicks or body blows, you’re going to want a solid core — stainless steel or high-density foam. Many bags incorporate shock absorbers into the outer layers, and that can help prevent injuries and deliver a more natural feel. For longer workouts, you’ll want something more than just slick vinyl that sweaty blows can slide off of. Go for faux leather or something that can absorb a bit of moisture.

There are many different configurations for a free-standing punching bag, and you should choose the one that’s right for the way you work out. The straightforward “column” bag will do the trick for most, but those practicing precision strikes may want one in the shape of a practice dummy that mimics a human torso. If you’re working on your quick jabs or a little bit of cardio, you might go for a speed bag on a pole that will bounce a bit when you hit it. If you’re buying a bag for kids to practice on, you can get away with something with an inflated core.

Whatever you’re picking, go for durability! Nobody gets better sparring with an opponent whose fabric will tear after a few punches.

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Our experts reviewed the top 8 Free-Standing Punch Bags and also dug through the reviews from 17 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Free-Standing Punch Bags.

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What to Look For

• Make sure you know the size and configuration of the bag you want before you buy. If you want to practice low kicks, for example, you’ll want something lower and longer.
• Keep your free-standing punch bag away from heat and humidity and protect it from the elements.
• If you’re buying for children, you may want a less hard surface. Some extra flex or bounce can provide additional safety for young ones just starting out. Inflatable versions are ideal.
Look for leather bags or ones made from nylon, vinyl, or synthetic leather if you prefer. Note that canvas is the hardest to clean while vinyl should not be placed in direct sunlight. Use a leather conditioner every month or so if you choose that material.
• Make sure to take care of your punching bag properly. Wipe it with a damp cloth after every session. Add non-bleach, non-alcoholic disinfectant once a week.

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Think your workout is tough? Azad Haidarian of Iran currently holds the Guinness World Record for a marathon session with a punching bag, though at least one other Iranian has tried to dethrone him. He kept at it for 55 hours, 10 minutes, and 4 seconds in 2018, and not once did the bag say “uncle.”

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