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The Best Eyebrow Definer

Last updated on August 24, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Eyebrow Definers

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L’Oreal Paris Mechanical Pencil & Spoolie Eyebrow Definer

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L'Oreal Paris

Mechanical Pencil & Spoolie Eyebrow Definer

This eyebrow definer gives you a flawless and natural look by drawing in ultra-fine brow hairs. It is waterproof and ophthalmologist tested, so it is designed to be safe to wear even for those with sensitive eyes.

Overall Take

Flawless LookThis eyebrow definer draws ultra-fine brow hairs.

 Runner Up

Anastasia Beverly Hills Retractable Pencil & Spoolie Eyebrow Definer

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Retractable Pencil & Spoolie Eyebrow Definer

This unique eyebrow definer has three different-sized edges for versatility. It can be used to define the brows, add inner details and fill in sparse areas. The product only requires light pressure to work.

Overall Take

Unique DesignThis eyebrow definer is in a triangular shape for versatility.

 We Also Like

Angiehaie Reusable Stamp Stencil Eyebrow Definer Kit, 24-Piece


Reusable Stamp Stencil Eyebrow Definer Kit, 24-Piece

You can choose the brow shape you want from 24 stencils in this eyebrow definer kit. The kit also includes a brow stamp and sponge for the perfect coverage. The ink is waterproof and sweatproof.

Overall Take

Removes GuessworkThis eyebrow definer comes with 24 brow stencils.

 Strong Contender

Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Pencil Eyebrow Definer


Total Temptation Waterproof Pencil Eyebrow Definer

This eyebrow definer has a teardrop tip, which is perfect for shaping and blending in your brow. It can be used for both a natural or dramatic look. The eyebrow definer comes off with a gentle makeup remover.

Overall Take

Teardrop TipThis eyebrow definer shapes and blends your eyebrow.

Buying Guide

The eyebrows are often forgotten when it comes to most people’s make-up regimens. While many people wear mascara and eyeshadow, they fall short of enhancing their eyebrows. This facial feature can be incredibly expressive and eye-catching (a common saying for good reason!), so it’s important to have the right products to make your eyebrows look their best.

When it comes to eyebrow definer, there are several different types. However, many of them do the same thing, which is fill, darken and shape the eyebrows in a way that enhances the rest of your facial features. A common type of eyebrow definer is the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pen. These tools come in different shades, colors and consistencies. The medium offers a lot of control, so it’s easy to draw in or fill in the exact areas you want on your brow.

Another type of eyebrow definer is eyebrow wax, which you can put on your eyebrow area using a small brush. This is a better choice when you want to define the entire brow instead of filling in just a small area. The wax also seems to have a more natural look than the eyebrow pencil or pen. A similar product is eyebrow powder, which has similar qualities to the wax. In the same family is the liquid eyebrow tint, which is applied to the eyebrow using a brush that is similar to a mascara wand. While the wax and powder can be used on sparse areas or bare skin, the eyebrow tint can only be applied to actual eyebrow hair. It helps to make the hairs look fuller and thicker, much like what mascara does for eyelashes.

What to Look For

  • If you don’t want to have to maintain your eyebrows every day using an eyebrow definer, did you know there are semi-permanent and permanent options as well? For example, you can work with a professional beautician to dye your eyebrow hair, which helps it look dark and luscious. If you want to take the fully permanent route, you can even get your eyebrows tattooed. This way, you never have to use eyebrow makeup again.
  • If you’re having trouble choosing the right color of eyebrow definer for yourself, consider going a shade lighter than your natural hair color. The reasoning is that eyebrows are not full and thick like the hair on your head. If you choose the same color as your hair, it may look unnatural and too full and dark. However, if you go a shade lighter, it will match the natural thickness of your eyebrows.
  • Once you’ve filled in your brows using your eyebrow definer, it’s important to brush your eyebrow hair. Many eyebrow definer tools come with a little brush on the end for this purpose. Brush your eyebrow hair gently so that all of the strands are going in the same direction — upwards and to the sides of your face. This will make them look nice and neat. If you don’t brush them, your eyebrows can look messy and haphazard, which defeats the purpose of defining them.

More to Explore

The first step to using eyebrow definer is to contour. Use your tool to fill in any sparse areas on your eyebrow in an upward motion, working out from the middle of your face to the sides. Next, it’s time to blend in the color and set the hairs. An eyebrow brush is the right tool for this. Not only will it help to make all the hairs go in the same direction, it will also blend the color you’ve applied so that it looks more natural. Once you’re done brushing, take another look to make sure there are no sparse areas. If there are, just repeat adding the definer and blending and brushing it in. Then you’re good to go.

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