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The Best Edible Mermaid Cake Decorations

Last updated on May 24, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Edible Mermaid Cake Decorations

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CakeSupplyShop Sugar Seashells Mermaid Cake Decorations, 12-Pack

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Sugar Seashells Mermaid Cake Decorations, 12-Pack

This set of 12 sea-themed decorations are both tasty and nice to look at it. The decorations can be added to your baked treats with no extra work required on your part. Each piece is made from finely granulated sugar and painted with edible food colors for an option that isn’t just beautiful, but tasty.

Overall Take

Vibrant ColorsThese sugar decorations come in vivid pastels, giving you bright colors to liven up your party.

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Elfkitwang Non-Stick Fondant Molds Mermaid Cake Decorations, 6-Pack


Non-Stick Fondant Molds Mermaid Cake Decorations, 6-Pack

Food-grade silicone makes this mold safe for dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and even freezers. The bright pink color will make these molds popular with kids, who can use them to make candies, jellies or even non-food items like soap. The material is nonstick and dishwasher-safe to make it both easy to use and clean.

Overall Take

Easy to MaintainA silicone build makes this mold both durable and easy to clean, giving you a low-maintenance option.

 Strong Contender

CakeSupplyShop Sugar Sea Animals Mermaid Cake Decorations, 12-Pack


Sugar Sea Animals Mermaid Cake Decorations, 12-Pack

Customize your party with this set, which includes 12 edible decorations and 12 stickers. You can use these decorations with a wide range of foods, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops. The included stickers thank your attendees for coming to your event.

Overall Take

Classy and ElegantThis set of 12 decorations with stickers comes in pastels for a classy addition to any party.

Buying Guide

Mermaids may not be real, but that hasn’t kept humankind from an endless fascination with them. Our interest in mermaids has been traced all the way back to the Stone Age, with cave paintings depicting the mythical creatures. That was during a time when humans are believed to have first started heading out onto the sea in boats.

For children, mermaids represent something magical and fantastical. They might dress as a mermaid for Halloween or choose mermaid decorations for their bedroom. For parents, that also means a mermaid theme can be a great option for birthday parties and other big gatherings. The right decorations can turn an ordinary kids’ party into one that brings a smile to the face of every child in attendance.

One place to really ramp up your mermaid theme is with the cake that serves as the centerpiece of any party. Simply add some matching napkins, plates and cups, and you have an instant party. But you don’t have to pay a fortune for a specially designed cake to achieve a mermaid look. You can either bake your own or buy a regular birthday cake, then set your theme using decorations.

For your mermaid-themed parties, there are multiple options. You can choose molds that let you create larger accents for cakes or to be eaten separately as candy. There are also smaller molds to add a sea theme to your cupcakes and cookies, as well as your cakes. With these molds, you simply insert fondant, chocolate or other types of moldable treats and wait for it to set.

If you’d like something that’s ready to go, look for fully formed candies. These can be used right out of the box for a quick solution. Since you aren’t making your own in this case, you’ll have to pay close attention to flavors. There are also sprinkles with mermaid shapes included that provide a quick, easy solution.

What to Look For

  • Mermaid themes don’t have to stay limited to mermaids. Once you’ve set up your larger mermaid items, you can accentuate the theme with sea creatures, shells and other things from the sea.
  • If you’re concerned about safety, look for molds made from food-grade materials. With plastics, you’ll often see “BPA free” as a selling point, which refers to a lack of the chemical bisphenol A. When buying candies or sprinkles to use that are already made, you’ll need to look closely to ensure that the dyes used in the coloring process are safe for consumption.
  • Those who plan to use mermaid molds on a regular basis will want to look for one built to hold up over time.
  • Mermaid decorations usually follow a pastel theme. If you want to involve your kids in the process, search for a mold built-in fun pastel colors to match.
  • Some candy molds aren’t limited to confectionery uses. Your kids can use them for crafts like clay and soap making.
  • You’ll need to clean your molds between uses. It can come in handy to find one that’s dishwasher safe, but if you’re only using it for one occasion, this might not be as important a consideration.
  • For molds, a nonstick surface is essential. Test your mold out before the big day to make sure you’ve chosen one that doesn’t stick.
  • When you’re planning a mermaid party, don’t forget the sparkle. One of the best things about mermaid decorations is that no amount of glitter is too much. You can choose sparkly sprinkles or add a little edible glitter.
  • A fun way to further set the scene is to let your little ones dress up in mermaid costumes. You can also find sea-themed crowns and accessories that will bring a little extra joy to any occasion.

More to Explore

Although it’s fairly well established that mermaids are fictional, there have been some reported sightings of them over the years. Those sightings began with Christopher Columbus’ 1492 exploration. After setting sail, Columbus thought he saw a mermaid, but it turned out to be a manatee. This was notable as the first recorded sighting of a manatee, but it wasn’t the last time the sea cow was mistaken for a mermaid. It’s actually happened many times over the years.

In fact, the scientific name for manatees is sirenia, which pays tribute to sirens, the singing mermaids found in mythology.

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