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The Best Disco Balls and Lights for Your Next Party

Last updated on December 27, 2023

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Luditek Remote Control Sound Activated Disco Ball Strobe Lamp

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Remote Control Sound Activated Disco Ball Strobe Lamp

Sound activation makes this disco ball easy to use. You can choose from seven different modes, including various color options and multiple speeds. The ball is designed so that it can be installed or put on a desk or tabletop for easy setup. It comes with a user guide and a remote control.

Overall Take

Colorful OptionsWhy stick with basic white when this disco ball offers several different color modes, including one that mixes all the colors together?

 Runner Up

SPOOBOOLA Remote Control Projected Effect Disco Ball Strobe Lamp


Remote Control Projected Effect Disco Ball Strobe Lamp

Multiple modes make this disco ball stand out, with auto and flash options. The lights can be set to change color and speed in tune with the music being played. The ball is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but creates enough light to cover a large area.

Overall Take

Great for PortabilityTake your party on the go with this disco ball, which is lightweight and includes a base that makes it easy to set anywhere.

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KAREZONINE Mirror Disco Ball, 8 Inch


Mirror Disco Ball, 8 Inch

A foam inner core keeps this disco ball lightweight and easy to install. The individual ¼-inch glass squares are securely fastened to the foam core to reduce the risk of injury during use. There are no electronics involved with this option. Simply hang it near a light source and let it naturally rotate.

Overall Take

Classic OptionIf you’re looking for the authentic disco ball experience, check out this option, which is a simple foam inner ball with mirrors to capture light.

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Litake Remote Controlled Party Lights, 2-Pack


Remote Controlled Party Lights, 2-Pack

If you're looking for a party light that is not only easy to use, but also has a few extra features, then this set of lights is for you. This unit comes with seven different light colors and three different sounds, all of which can be controlled remotely. Users will also love the fact that you can place the lights on a tripod or mount it on a wall.

Overall Take

Easy to UseWith these party lights, users can press a button on a remote to change the unit's light and sound settings from anywhere in the room.

Buying Guide

Disco balls are often associated with the 1970s party scene, but they can still be found at parties and in venues across the globe. With a disco ball, it’s not so much about how it looks but the reflection it casts on the surrounding area. Although disco balls aren’t lights in themselves, they reflect light in a way that projects spots on the walls, floors and people that surround them.

A disco ball is simply a large globe that’s typically suspended from the ceiling. It’s made of numerous small mirrors that catch light and reflect it outward. To truly create the effect, a disco ball should be spherical in shape and set to rotate while powered on. It was seen in discos, rollerskating rinks and parties throughout the 1970s, but it actually was around way back in the late 1800s. As described in a trade publication for union workers, this early disco ball was a mirrored ball that reflected light from a nearby carbon arc lamp.

But the disco ball wasn’t patented until 1917, at which point event venues began to take notice. It made its way to dance halls in the 1920s and even made an appearance in the 1942 movie Casablanca. The 1970s saw a surge in popularity, but disco balls remain in use today. They’re a great way to liven up any party, whether you’re dancing, singing karaoke or simply hanging out.

MORE: To really liven up your party, show up in classic disco pants and glasses.

Today’s technology allows for disco balls that create the effect without requiring a separate light source. These balls are simply projectors designed to mimic the effect of their classic mirrored counterparts. This keeps the build lightweight and makes it more versatile, allowing for a variety of colors and patterns.

But you can still find traditional disco balls. Today’s versions are more lightweight and affordable than the disco balls of previous generations. You’ll often find versions with foam cores that keep them lightweight and portable. If you opt for this type of disco ball, check to make sure each mirror is securely fastened.

What to Look For

  • Traditional disco balls don’t require electrical or battery power to operate. They simply hang from the ceiling. This option requires lighting that you can direct at them, though, if you want the full effect.
  • If you’re hanging your disco ball, make sure it’s securely fastened before you allow anyone beneath it. Even a lightweight one can cause injury if it falls directly on someone.
  • You can find plenty of disco balls that set on any flat surface if you’d prefer to skip the mounting process.
  • Disco balls aren’t limited to parties. You can create a party in your vehicle if you choose one with a compatible power source.
  • Some people have sensitivity to strobe lights. If you opt for a light that flashes, keep that in mind and check to ensure none of your guests will have this type of issue.
  • The best thing about opting for a light-based party ball is that you can expand your color range. Instead of merely reflecting white dots across surfaces, these multicolor options project various colors while also letting you change up the patterns of those projections.
  • If you plan to take your disco ball on the go, check to make sure it’s portable. You’ll want something you can set on any surface, whether it’s a table or the ground.
  • Power source is another consideration. If you’ll need to plug in your disco ball, you’ll have to make sure you have an electrical outlet everywhere you go. For outside parties, this can be an impossibility. Battery power can be a convenience, but you’ll need to have spare batteries handy just in case.
  • For disco balls that let you change up the patterns or colors of your lights, make sure you’ll have a remote to ease the process. Some options are set to recognize sound and adjust the patterns of the lights to match. This can take your party to another level.
  • Often, those shopping for disco balls are preparing for a children’s party. If this is your situation, check the age range recommendation on any disco ball you consider to make sure they’re safe for the ages you’ll have at your party.

More to Explore

Disco balls come in a variety of sizes, but one festival holds the record for the largest. A four-day UK music festival called Bestival featured a 33.89-foot diameter disco ball, breaking the previous record of more than 32.7 feet. Bestival broke the record in 2014 and remains in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Largest Disco Ball.” This oversized party decoration was created by UK-based creative studio Newsubstance and took three months to make.

Interestingly, Bestival was also the site of another disco record being broken. In 2022, 598 people danced to win the record for “Largest Disco Dance.” The previous record was held by only 324 disco dancers.

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