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The Best Cotton T-Shirt

Last updated on December 11, 2022

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Gildan G2000 Tear-Away Label Men’s Cotton T-Shirts, 2-Pack

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G2000 Tear-Away Label Men's Cotton T-Shirts, 2-Pack

Available in a large variety of neutral, bold and classic colors, these t-shirts come in a pack of two and offer a loose fit. You can easily tear off the label for comfort. Choose from small to 5XL sizes.

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Many Options AvailableConsider these basic t-shirts if you'd like a very wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.

Kingsted Classic Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Men’s Cotton T-Shirts, 4-Pack


Classic Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Men's Cotton T-Shirts, 4-Pack

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KLIEGOU Long Drop Tail Men’s Cotton T-Shirt


Long Drop Tail Men's Cotton T-Shirt

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Buying Guide

If you want something casual and comfortable to wear, you can’t go wrong with a cotton t-shirt. This basic clothing item suits wearers of all ages and is versatile enough to wear on its own or as an undershirt. T-shirts made of cotton specifically offer benefits such as keeping you cool in warm weather, lasting a long time and being hypoallergenic. The material also makes your t-shirt easy to maintain at home.

You’ll come across countless styles of cotton t-shirts. You can always go for something in a solid color to make your wardrobe more flexible. On the other hand, you can find plenty of t-shirts with logos or pictures. For example, you can find a t-shirt displaying your favorite sport team’s logo, an entertaining saying or pictures of characters or places that interest you. If you want something fancier, you can opt for t-shirts that have embellishments such as beads, gems or foil designs.

Cotton t-shirts are available with different sleeve lengths, so you’ll want to think about what will keep you the most comfortable. Short-sleeve t-shirts come in handy for workouts and everyday wear during the warmer months, while long-sleeve t-shirts best suit the cooler months. You can also consider t-shirts with three-quarter sleeves as a compromise for mild climates.

You can choose from numerous neck styles to suit your t-shirt style preferences. The most common type of cotton t-shirt has a round crew neck, while v-neck shirts are another popular stylish choice. If you prefer something with a lower cut, you might opt for a t-shirt with a scoop or cowl neck, while off-the-shoulder styles provide a unique look. You’ll also find button-up t-shirts in the polo or henley style.

Don’t forget to consider the cotton t-shirt’s fit as well. As an alternative to regular-fit options, you might get a slim-fit cotton t-shirt to emphasize your upper body or an oversized t-shirt that offers a very loose fit. You can also choose a crop-style cotton t-shirt for warm weather or a long one that could double as a sleep shirt.

What to Look For

  • Cotton t-shirts can shrink if you don’t wash and dry them properly. You’ll specifically want to stick to using cold water to wash your t-shirt and dry it with only low heat. You could hand wash your cotton t-shirt – or at least let it air-dry – if you want to be more cautious.
  • Cotton t-shirts can feature either single or double stitching. The latter is the most popular today since it’s quicker to make, but vintage t-shirts often use single stitching that looks more discrete and can offer improved durability.
  • If you’d like extra comfort, consider a ribbed cotton t-shirt that stretches more easily and offers improved durability. You’ll see visible vertical lines on such shirts versus non-ribbed ones.
  • Especially if you’re shopping for cotton t-shirts to wear as undershirts, consider opting for multipacks. That way, you can have multiple t-shirts handy and possibly get different colors to switch between conveniently. You might also save some money this way.
  • Whether you’re shopping for a child or adult, be aware that cotton t-shirt sizing can widely vary. So, it helps to know the wearer’s chest size since what might be a small size in one brand could be a medium size in another. Always look at the manufacturer’s size chart and consider sizing up if the measurement falls right between two sizes.
  • Some cotton t-shirts have an SPF protection feature that makes them a good choice for outdoor activities. You can also find cotton t-shirts designed to particularly wick away moisture when you sweat.
  • Cotton t-shirts can easily wrinkle. While you could just use an iron to smooth them out, you can also take preventative steps such as hanging up your t-shirts after you wash and dry them rather than stuffing them in a drawer.
  • If you don’t like the feeling of a scratchy tag on your neck, look for t-shirts that either have printed labels on the fabric or feature thin tags that easily tear off without scissors. You’ll often see the latter t-shirts marketed as having “tear-away” labels.
  • While cotton t-shirts are casual clothing, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your outfit. For example, you might pair your t-shirt with a blazer or button-down shirt or wear a nice skirt or dress pants with it.

More to Explore

Check out these interesting facts about cotton t-shirts:

  • T-shirts are so popular in the U.S. that they bring in nearly $5 billion a year in annual revenue – a number that’s expected to keep growing. Plus, the majority of Americans have 10 or more t-shirts on hand.
  • Did you know that the cotton often used to make t-shirts dates back to around 5000 BCE? Much of this cotton used comes from India and China.
  • T-shirts became widely available to the general public in the early 1900s thanks to Fruit of the Loom. Before then, t-shirts had their place in the labor and military sectors as an underwear item rather than a standalone top.
  • Plain cotton t-shirts make a great choice for customization. Individuals can have fun creating t-shirts for holidays, parties or special occasions, while businesses can use custom t-shirts to promote their products and services.

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