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The Best Coffee Station Organizer

Last updated on May 20, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Coffee Station Organizers

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Mind Reader Multi-Compartment Upright Breakroom Coffee Station Organizer

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Mind Reader

Multi-Compartment Upright Breakroom Coffee Station Organizer

This coffee station organizer doesn’t require any assembly and comes ready to use. It features three large compartments on the top shelf and three smaller ones on the bottom shelf. The organizer is lightweight and durable.

Overall Take

No Assembly RequiredThis coffee station organizer comes ready to use.

 Runner Up

Lzhevsk 2-Tier Wood & Metal Coffee Station Organizer


2-Tier Wood & Metal Coffee Station Organizer

This versatile coffee station organizer can also be used in other areas of the home or office. It features shelves of two different sizes. The organizer has a lovely wooden finish.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThis coffee station organizer can also be used in other areas of the home or office.

 We Also Like

Giikin Rustic Countertop Tiered Coffee Station Organizer


Rustic Countertop Tiered Coffee Station Organizer

This vintage-inspired coffee station organizer has rustic appeal. It is a large size with ample capacity. The organizer can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen, office and other spaces.

Overall Take

Vintage LookThis coffee station organizer has rustic appeal.

 Strong Contender

Smart Design Cupboard Storage Rack

Smart Design

Cupboard Storage Rack

This steel metal wire shelf rack can double your pantry, countertop and cabinet areas by adding vertical space for stacking. It's perfect for plates and mugs. You can also use it to stack soup cans and other food items.

Overall Take

Increase Your Available SpaceThis useful and budget-friendly organization tool makes it easy to straighten up your entire kitchen.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re a caffeine addict or like to enjoy a small cup of java every now and then, having a coffee station in your kitchen is a great idea. It helps you keep all of your coffee (and sometimes tea) things organized and neat, such as the coffee maker, kettle, coffee beans, grounds or pods, as well as spoons, sugar, creamer and milk. However, most people only have a small space, usually a part of their counter, dedicated to their coffee station, so it’s important to use the little area you have wisely. A coffee station organizer is a great kitchen tool to help you keep everything tidy and easily accessible.

There are many different types of coffee station organizers to choose from, so consider what your specific needs are. A common type of coffee station organizer is one that holds specific items, such as coffee pods, disposable cups and lids, and sweetener packets. These organizers have sections that are sized specifically for these items. Sometimes these types of coffee station organizers have shelves or drawers with compartments. While they offer less flexibility because the spaces in the organizer can only accommodate certain things, they are a great option if you’re looking to organizer those items for your coffee station.

For those that want more flexibility, consider getting an open shelf coffee station organizer. These are versatile pieces that are designed for multiple purposes. You can use them anywhere for organization because they have empty shelves or drawer space without set sections. They work well for those who have a number of different items they want to organize in a small amount of space.

What to Look For

  • Visual aesthetic is an important factor for many shoppers, so consider what kind of décor you’re going with when selecting your coffee station organizer. The style you choose may also depend on where the coffee station is. For example, in an office setting, you may want to go with a more modern and plain coffee organizer that is just black. At home, however, you may decide to choose a coffee station organizer that has a rustic or country vibe.
  • Cleaning out your coffee station organizer on a regular basis is essential as it is likely to end up covered in coffee splatters, coffee grounds, milk and creamer droplets, sugar and more. When cleaning it out, be sure to remove all of the items first and then wipe down the organizer with a damp cloth. In some cases, it may be necessary to wash the organizer with soap and water. Be sure to wait till the organizer is fully dry before putting all of the items back on it.
  • Keep in mind that some things you need for coffee, such as milk or creamer, cannot stay out on the counter at room temperature. Remember to put them back in the refrigerator once you’re done using them. If there are many people using the coffee station throughout the day and you need to make the milk and creamer accessible to them on the counter, pour them in insulated bottles or cups to keep them cold. You can also purchase individual single-serving packages of milk and creamer that are shelf stable for this purpose.

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While it is not clear how or when coffee was discovered, it is clear that people have been enjoying this beverage for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  One legend about the discovery of coffee takes place in the forests of Ethiopia. A goat herder named Kaldi noticed that his goats became very hyper and energetic when eating the berries off a certain type of tree. The goats didn’t sleep all night after their meal. Kaldi went to the local monastery to discuss his findings, and the abbot there made a drink from the berries. Of course, it kept him up all night as well. And thus, coffee was discovered.

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